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Asher High School Reviews

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Asher is a great small school, smaller classes enable more 1 on 1 time. They have a great softball program and the coach does a great job teaching the game but also character.
They have many clubs like BPA and ASA that have the students really involved.
The parents sit back in a good way and watch us succeed in the best way we can. They are always there for us and they agree with what the school has to do.
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Asher has a great school system going on. They work hard to provide the best for their students and their faculty.There very involved with student life and make sure everything is going great for us, especially the seniors.
Our facilities aren't the best but they do. Our fields for softball and baseball are in excellent shape.
The food is not very appetizing sometimes but mostly it is very tasty and there is always good portions. There is also a salad bar with plenty of extras and fruit.
There are only a few clubs other than sports. There is an after school program for younger students but not much else. Although, the clubs we do have are very helpful and well attended.
We have a police officer that comes to school everyday and just hangs out. He makes all the students feel comfortable and safe. There are rarely any problems. Students keep to themselves and don't bother anyone.
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