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My experience was great. The teachers were kind and the counselors go beyond to make sure students succeed.
At Asheboro High School I believe that (MOST) teachers are very motivated to see everyone succeed. The higher level classes such as AP Calculus and AP Chemistry are definitely most challenging, and should be taken only if you are up for the rigor.
AHS is a good school with many great teachers. The new administration is great, and as a student I feel more welcome to be able to sit and talk to them about anything.
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Campus Culture is off. There has been multiple teacher and student sexual relationships over the years. They dont wind up in the news because the board keeps it "under the bus" since safety is there #1 priority. Teen life is disgusting here, little focus on education school pumps all its cash into sports,clubs,etc.
As a Successful Online Ecommerce Entrepreneur/Investor, I have very displeased with what this school has become. It was once something great, But know it is just a
The unique, diverse environment allows students to learn in multiple aspects. Being a student here has opened my eyes to many great opportunities, and I feel as if this school has truly helped me prepare for college.
From going to Asheboro High School I have felt safe and encouraged to keep moving forward towards a dream I want to accomplish. With that dream I have tremendous support from teachers who know me and who don't know me, which is very exciting. The food provided for the students isn't the best food but they do what they can to provide for the students to have.
Asheboro high school was a good experience for me. Taught me so many different things. One class I took taught me how to write checks and finance money and budget money. I loved that a lot.
My experience was good but some things they could fix is some opportunities they offer. another thing is I like the fact that they offer internship which helps us as students with the fact to see if they would like to peruse that career ! I think that the safety at asheboro high school is one of the best support things they have because it's good that when I go in there everyday I know that I am safe and secure and that I can make it the whole day without having to look and watch my back ! Far as academics it is very good and have a lot of opportunities !!!!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend this school to anybody !!!!!!!!
This high school has always been a safe place for me, where I learned to grow and become the person I am today. Asheboro High School is a safe environment where people strive to be their best, helping us to achieve our goals. If it wasn't for the help of this school, I wouldn't be where I am today.
The school is a public school with a little something special; it mostly comes from the teachers and the few students that actually care about and enjoy what they do. It may not be a private school, or rich, or racially homogeneous, however, that's what makes it special. It's astounding what students and teachers can accomplish without all of the fanciest or newest equipment or latest technologies. It's the people that count, and at Asheboro High School, there are some wonderful people; from the Physics/Chemistry Department, to the Theatre/Drama clubs, to the Band/Choral Department. These people care, and love what they do, and they deserve the very best; especially the Zoo School program, which is one of the true gems of this school, as it offers an experience that is purely unique. The graduates from this school, if they take the limited opportunities that are presented to them, can excel and accomplish great things, thanks to these wonderful people.
Popular classes include APUSH, AP Language and Lit, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and all prerequisite classes.
Just as any high school, there are problems with peer pressure, and acceptance among teens, but that does not reflect the school as a whole.
There is some bias in after school sports, but other than that all clubs are excellent at Asheboro.
My experience at Asheboro High School has prepared me for the best way possible, for my future. I've learned many life lessons that I doubt I would learn at any other school. I am very thankful for the relationships I've built, and my education at Asheboro High School
The teachers at Asheboro High School, with very few exceptions, want the best for all students, and try their hardest to prepare students for exams and their futures. The teachers are very efficient in incorporating technology into everyday classes, and the school aids in technology use by providing each student with a Chrome Book throughout the school year. Asheboro High School, as a whole, wants the best for all students, and wants to help students figure out the best path for their future.
Student's safety is the number one concern.
There's always something for everyone, even new ones.
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The parents do their best to be involved in school
A majority of the teachers do their best with the changing technology presented to them and try to make the material that they teach their students fun and entertaining while teaching at the same time.
There are so many different clubs about almost anything you can imagine that compete at district, regional, state and even national level. DECA is probably the biggest club, there are clubs such as Student Council, National Honors Society, HOSA, Health Science Academy. There are then the students clubs that are more laid bad such as the Spanish club, French club, Art club, Anime and Manga club, LGBTQ club, And Book club to mention a few. Most are student run that is just overseen by a teacher but the students decided what maily goes on. There are different activities to be involved in, tutoring, blood drives, doge ball tournaments, talent shows, plays, band ( different types of bands are offered such as jazz band, marching band and more) and chorus concerts and many many more opportunities are offered.
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