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In my years spent at Ashe County High School I have met many new people and watched them and myself change and mature. The classes are very involved and insightful. The teachers want all their students to succeed and to be ready to graduate. The administration is ready to help with every problem and to assist a student in any way possible. The athletic department is very engaging and involved with the rest of the student body.
So far the experience has been awesome. Love the fact that we can have dual enrollment with the Wilkes Community College.
Also, looking forward to the power lunch which will be introduced in 2017/2018 academic year.
As a becoming senior, I am excited for the special occasions set aside for seniors to enjoy an aspect that doesn't deal with stressful schoolwork, but a safe environment to be with friends and experience your last year of high school with memories you are bound to keep. Adding Smart Lunch into the schedule is going to add a new effect to the aura of responsibility: being involved in clubs, doing homework in a timely manner, or using this as a relaxing time so you can concentrate easier in classes.
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This school has a lot of really good teachers that care about your education. Most of the administration in the office is great too. The main complaint that I have about the school is that the principal hates to see change happen. When anyone wants to attempt a change to make the school better, he argues against it.
A small town school. Not too many students but most of the teachers were great. They pushed you to work hard, were supportive and easy to talk to, and really had a passion for teaching.
1. Not enough student representation. Student council has little to no say. They organize and clean up dances. Thats about it.
2. Not enough class diversity. Not alot of specialized classes seen in other schools. You have your basic art and other electives but nothing extra or super interesting. The most specific class Ive taken is History or Rock N Roll.
3. Not enough diversity in general. Basically its all white kids here.
4. Lunch is horrible. On average I probably get 8 minutes to eat.

Now the things I love

1. The teachers are the best. Its easy to learn from the teachers because they really know what they are talking about and will always tutor you or help you out if they see you are really trying. Favorites: Zach Russ, Sarah Beckworth, Becky Wells, Fulbright & Hilda Baker
2. We have pretty good school spirit
3. We strive to be better. We are very centralized on doing good in school.
ACHS is a great school with great teachers. I feel that it has strong academics and the variety of classes offered helps students to find an area of study that they like. The option to take classes at the community college gives students a great chance to get ahead on college or to bridge the gap between high school and a four year college/university.
Ashe County High School is home to some of the most influential and compassionate teachers in the the state of North Carolina. The faculty is devoted to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to take full advantage of all potential resources. Their main goal is to ensure the success of the student in and out of high-school. They provide encouragement and all to each pupil in order to make possible the academic success of everyone. Their are many clubs and activities to be involved in at Ashe County High School and if there is not already a club that fits your interests , administration can assist you in creating one.
As a student of Ashe County High School I rate the school an overall score of 4 because while we do have good academics and teachers, administration is slightly lacking. Students have tried to compromise with and convince administration regarding many issues and have made no progress. For example, some students have requested that we be allowed to decorate our graduation caps with no success. I am not complaining that we cant decorate our caps but that administration doesn't even attempt to compromise or see things from our perspective. Ashe County High school is a great school but could use an administration that is more understanding of students.
My overall high school experience was great. I made many lifelong friends and had teachers who taught me a lot and made an effort to bond with their students. The only reason I give ACHS a 4 instead of a 5 is that there some things I believe administration has to work on such as making school events more enjoyable and age appropriate.
It is easy to schedule classes. It is difficult to get in with counsellors during senior year. Counsellors seem overwhelmed. Son tried to find a particular scholarship but there were no applications left.
There are policies in place designed to keep students safe. Safety regulation is adequate.
Many sports and some clubs are avalible for students to join. The struggle for students to find a club sponsor and get approval from administration makes creating new clubs very difficult.
As I said earlier, many teachers of occupational, higher level and social studies courses are wonderful. Many go above and beyond to help students prepare for their future and succeed. However, many do not.
Ashe County High School has many assets such as great AP teachers including Rachel Shepherd, Zach Russ, Sarah Beckworth, Josh Beckworth and others. To the same extent, it has many teachers that are not as wonderful. The small minded Southern community makes expressing views and being different difficult for many students. The academic setting is good, but not great. Several higher level courses (AP/duel enrollment), occupational courses, and CTE classes are offered, however, other schools offer many more.
Math teachers need to be improved. When almost every student fails a class..that signifies an issue!
Not a lot of violence because of rural area. Bullying is still a major issue and schools really do nothing about it.
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There are no other viable options in this area for a high school. There is no real help for struggling students and if a student isn't doing well parents are not notified until report card time. No real teacher/parent relationships/support. Counsellors are overwhelmed by sheer number of students trying to do scholarships and get into college.
There are few people who are openly gay/bi/lesbian. There is not a great ethnic diversity; the students are either white or Mexican American for the most part. I do not many challenges in ethnic diversity. Acceptance LGBT students is very good; they are all well liked people. Peer pressure, I do not see much of it.
There are some really great teachers, who love their job, care for their students, and are good teacher. There are also bad teachers who do not care, do not teach, give out handouts and you are on your own. The workload is either very large or there is none. The scheduling process, you really do not know what you are signing up for until you are in the classroom. Biology, English (depending on the teacher), Psychology, World History and American History I and II (depends on the teacher) are popular classes.
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