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I have enjoyed my school and the teachers. The teachers get to know you and really work with you to help you understand the subject that you are studying. I have had a lot of great memories at Ashdown Schools. The school offers many activities, football, baseball, volleyball, basketball and band. There is several different clubs that are available to join. Overall this is a great school to attend!
The school overall isn't as bad as they say it is. Although it seems the administration flips over petty things and ignores big deals like harassment or bullying. The academics aren't bad, but 9th grade algebra 1 doesn't have enough books for students to take home. There is great week round math tutoring though. The sports teams are excellent. The clubs though there aren't many. School culture I don't know.
I have been a part of Ashdown High for four years and it has been a success. There is numerous of good and friendly people that goes to school with me. The teachers that are present is very helping and considerate of you and you family. There is really nothing I would try to change about thus school.
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So far I like my experience here. The classes are great and I learn more and more each day.The teachers are always willing to help. The students get treated with equality.
I love everything about this school!
Our school has some pretty amazing activities. We have choir, band, knitting club, skills USA, and many, many more. Its not difficult for newcomers at our school to find a club to their liking since we have so many to choose from.
I would choose this school again because they have been ranked in the top 10% of most academically challenging. Everyone is super nice and it's really easy for new people to fit in.
The teachers at my school are very friendly and make sure you feel comfortable in their classroom. If you are having a bad day the teacher will offer for you to chat with them about what's bothering you. Our school is rather small so there is a really good teacher to student ratio. Everybody knows everybody I guess would be the right phrase.
I would have to say that it is very okay. The student involvement is very great we have a lot of students that are involved with a club here at Ashdown High School.
The academics that are offered here at Ashdown are very great! The teachers, curriculum and scheduling process are great.
The health and safety policies are very great over here at Ashdown High School. Bullying is NOT tolerated at all.
The clubs that we have here at school are

Skills USA


Knitting Club



Drama (Theater)


Special Olympics (Volunteer)


And they are very well involved with a lot of students, that take the club very serious.
My favorite experience at Ashdown High School has been me bonding with the teachers and getting to know there and were they came from. They all encourage the students here to do their best no matter what. Every teacher here has inspired me in a way. What makes this school a unique school is the people, student, Janitors, Coaches, Principles and Vice Principles. They all play a big part in everything that we do and I couldn't be any more proud.

And the reason why I would choose this school all over again is because its a great school and my experience here has been nothing but great.
The teachers at Ashdown High School go above and beyond for their students. Ashdown's saying is 'No child left behind' and its always been like that. The teachers communication skills with students has always been great! They all make sure that you understand the concept and their point of view. They grade you like a teacher is suppose to do. No, they do not grade you based on who you are, were you came from. They grade you based on what you know and how hard you work. I have been attending Ashdown's school district for 14 years and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
We have a variety of clubs and organizations at this school that all students could participate in and have fun doing it.
I have had a really great four years at Ashdown High School, I feel like the teachers have really gotten me prepared for college I would stay at this school for at least one more year if I could.
Most of the teachers I can understand the way they teach, they are most of the time really good at explaining the concept of what will are learning in class.
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There are many great opportunities for students to take a challenging class. It helps ready them for college.
Is is all as any school would be. yes, there are some times you may hear of someone being bullied or being a victim of peer pressure or anything in that nature, but it happens every where you go.
There are many different clubs or school activities available for all students.
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