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Ashbrook has taught me about diversity. I have made many friends. The teachers are always willing to help and want every student to be successful.

Happy to be a Greenwave
Ashbrook is a great middle ground school. As a sophomore I have already seen what this schools capabilities are and to say them in the politest terms they are 100% average. Go Greenwave!
It was great best teachers!! Thanks to them I’m go far thanks to them. And my future university is western and hope I can get in :)
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I had an average experience at Ashbrook. Nothing good or bad happened to me there and I believe that the student to student relationships were relatively enjoyable. Some of the classes offered are rigorous and demanding, but they ultimately teach you how to be a better student.
Ashbrook Senior High has many teachers that make valiant efforts at creating an invigorating environment to learn in. The teachers truly make the school.
I like the amount of student involvement within the school. Every student has an immense amount of pride for the school and uses every resource that the school has available to them. Their sports programs are also very impressive compared to schools in the area and their academia is incredible.
Ashbrook Senior High School is the largest and probably most diverse school in all of Gaston County Schools. In my four years at Ashbrook, I have been exposed to such a large amount of cultures that it amazes me even to this day. Yes, it's not the most cleanly of schools, even though it some how manages to keep a 100 sanitation record, and the administration isn't the nicest to the students, but if you want a majority of teachers who genuinely care for a student's well being, Ashbrook is the definite place for you.
I would like to see more clubs for students to join. There are some clubs that are awesome. I feel that there aren't enough that appeals to every student. I think if there was more clubs that could possibly catch each student's attention. that has a different outlook on things instead of clubs that some feel they don't fit in. I think having a club to join, is an awesome way to socialize and meet new friends. As well as get to know the people in your school.
Ashbrook is a great school to go to. There are many opportunities for the students to take at Ashbrook as long as they have the drive to do well in school.
My experience at Ashbrook was awesome! I loved the people there and the teachers! I have learned a lot and I plan on using the knowledge I have learned in the real world. The only downfall would be the food! Please get better food!!!!
Its okay but other then that i wish they had better food and had better facilities and more involvement with the students .
Great school and atmosphere however needs more diversity with extra curricular activities. School spirit is very important to students and staff. Counseling office should be more involved with upcoming seniors to help with difficult decisions related to college and life after high school.
Ashbrook is a very diverse school with a lot of friendships. What I like most about ashbrook is the asbshbrook greenwave family, not only am is student but I'm a son to the staff
Ashbrook has alot of school spirt which was one of the bests parts about high school. The teacher are amazing and always willing to help you learn new things.
I really appreciated how my teachers helped me throughout my years and always expected the best of me. My favorite part about my school is the school-spirit that everybody always shows.
I have had a great four years while attending Ashbrook High School. I like the way the teachers have a passion for what they do, and they care for the students. They always have the students best interest all of the time.
my overall experience at ashbrook high school has been amazing i like the staff and teachers they are very nice and helpful and they care about your feelings. the most thing i like to see change is on the way the students act they need a little more discipline
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I like this school because everyone is very welcoming and i love the environment.
I like most of my teachers. I like the teachers that are organized and can control the students.
Ashbrook Highschool offers many varieties of clubs, this school has a club for all students!
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