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Ash Grove High School is a small school that has been struggling to maintain a positive school culture. Through recent events the past few years, the school's reputation has been hit hard. Throughout my experience at Ash Grove I was fortunate enough to make some of my closest friends, some that I even consider family. However, that is one of the only positive things that came from my high school experience. The environment at the school is in need of drastic change, and it is my sincere hope that it comes for the sake of the students and the staff that truly cares.
As a senior at Ash Grove, I have been through many changes and advancements. I have attended this district since Kindergarten! Throughout the last few years, I have seen many opportunities that they school has started to offer to get us prepared for college. I love that! I know that I am going to be more prepared for college because of the teachers who have pushed for a classroom that mocks colleges more. I love how small the school is, so you know everyone and everyone knows you. The teachers, for the most part, care personally about your education and your overall well being. Also, Ash Grove's sports program is pretty good! I have watched many teams throughout the years have successful seasons and programs being built up. I am blessed that I grew up in this small town with this tight-knit school district.
It is a small school which is good and bad in many ways. It is good because it has a family feel and the teachers really try and connect with each student. It is bad because it either hit or miss with the teachers. I had some of the best teachers Missouri has to offer and also the absoloute worse. Athletics is also a big deal so to gain friends, one must join one sport or another. The counselors are amazing at their job and really help students reach their goals and even help them realize and plan for even bigger goals. There are not many opportunities for gifted students. The Special Education program, however, is outstanding. I personally left content and not terribly scarred from my Jr. High/ High School experience.
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I really have nothing to say for this section. It isn't that bad
Racist white people are a majority of the school. if you are not a white christian its hard to do anything
most of its good there is only a couple down falls which include the easy classes being on the same GPA standard however there really isn't much diversity in classes you can take. ( only one language) and also its really easy to pass classes if your an athlete
what clubs its all about athletics
Nothing good to eat Lunch is 2 choices between meat substitute and meat substitute then salad bar with meat substitute. there is no snacks and no accommodations unless you bring your lunch
There is only a few teachers in the school that actually teach in what they majored in, in college a majority of the others have Phys. Ed. degrees. the styles are decent and a couple of the teachers are good at teaching however the amount that don't is to high. the interest in students is low if you are out side of sport i was basically shunned by several teachers that coach football when I quit it. The grading here is messed up all the teachers grade differently and the scale is non-wieghted so the kids that took easy classes have a higher GPA than the rest.
Its an old school the newest part is the gym and the weight room. There is barely any college prep courses and well a majority of the opportunities are in the sports department( which really isn't great) and well there is no tutoring by any teacher the students have to and a majority of the time they don't care enough to teach you .
Ash Grove is a decent school. I like a majority of my teachers, and I am a good student, so my academic success at Ash Grove has been good. I know that if I have a question, I can go to a teacher during seminar, and they will be there to help me. Teacher do not really reach out to students that are struggling though.

There is a ton of drama here. Being a small school, everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows everything about everyone else. The drama is something that made my experience bad. There are too many cliques.

My favorite experience throughout high school at Ash Grove was being a cheer leader, my junior year. I only did it for one year, but it was the best year, by far. Being a part of something through the school was an empowering thing. I felt needed and wanted by not only my cheer family, but the school as a whole.

If I had the opportunity to go to school here, I don't think I would take it. I know that I do not want my kids going to school here, in the future.
For being a small school, I believe that there are plenty of clubs and activities to get involved in. There is FCCLA, FBLA, Young Leaders, FFA, Academic Team, and sports, which include football, basketball, softball, track, golf and cheer leading.

How committed are those coaches and leaders? I would say it all depends on the teacher. Football, for example, super dedicated. Football is what this tiny town lives through. FCCLA on the other hand, I am personally a member, and have not done a single thing all year to contribute, but I am still noticed as a member, and there are no consequences for not being involved.

I am not one hundred percent sure what is meant by "after school activities", and I am not even sure that we have those. I have a job, though, so if we do, I personally do not participate.
I do not know of any health and safety policies that this school has. If we have them, I have never heard of them.

This is a small school, so "bullying" is not as prevalent as it would be in a large school, I think.

If you need to visit the nurse, you have to sign out and go to the elementary. This woman knows how to take your temperature, and give you sprite and crackers, that is it.

With this being such a small school, we do not have police on camps nor do we have security guards, I don not think they are needed, either.

I think the school is a safe place, simply because we live in such a small town, with over half of the population being old farmers. No gang related actions going on here.
It is a typical school. There is always going to be peer pressure. It is not that bad though, because people are generally accepting of each other and everyone sort of has a place in the school.
The principal is very supportive and active with all events. The guidance counselors probably can't get any better than they already are. They are very on top of any problems that face the school.
The athletic part of the school make it the best. If you are involved on a team and give your best effort then you will have a great time. The facilities and coaches are excellent. Each team is like a family and that is what makes it great.
I love this school, because its a small town school. You know everybody and you have grown up with these people. As long as you put in effort to having a good experience then you will have a good high school experience.
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The building is in very good condition. The technology is everything we need to go about our classes. Our guidance counselors are the best around and care about every students future. They help prep students for college really well.
Each of the teachers care about the student's grades. They will almost always provide extra help if a student is in need. All of them have a good understanding of their courses as well.
There are a lot of teachers that like to get the students involved. There are also a lot of students that help lead the clubs and get other students involved as well.
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