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Ash Fork High School Reviews

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We have a very well teaching staff. They are always there to help us with homework. The care about how far we go in the future.
The health and safety is alright. It could be better. We are a small school so its alright .
we try to keep all kids drug and alcohol free.
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there are good coaches and hard working players.
there is always something different for lunch.
they do more then they need to for their students.
there is only sports and student council.
everyone is different but they still accept others
During my time at the school there were only 100 high school students out of 300 total students because the school is K-12. High school is upstairs, whilst K-8 is down stairs, both shop and art class for High school students is downstairs. The school was pretty easy going, but had no honor or excelled classes, and very limited options for college preparatory classes.
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