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Ascension has made a tremendous impact on me as a student, athlete, and person. I have attended the school for a very short period of time (nearly a year) but I can say with confidence that it's been the best year of my life so far. I have been surrounded by a community of loving and accepting peers and teachers alike. When I first came to Ascension, people treated me as if we'd been friends forever. There was no hesitation in their kindness. Not only have the students been amazing, but my teachers have as well. Every teacher I've had has encouraged me to do my best and always helped me helped me when they saw that I was struggling. I never had to ask for help because they all care so much for their students that it is easy for them to tell when one of us is slipping up. I admire the dedication that Ascension's staff has for their jobs and their kindness has never gone unnoticed.
This school provided me with what I needed in order to successfully apply to college and recieve a good education.
Chill atmosphere, large variety of mindsets and challenging classes. Problem is keeping good teachers at ascension and making sure that they don't leave to other schools. Often, good, new teachers come and stay for around 2 years, and leave for another school.
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I like the freedom that Ascension Episcopal School allows each student to have. Unlike many schools, AES provides a safe environment for individuality to grow, while also building relationships with God and others.
I love Ascension. It feels like a big family. The teachers are so helpful and loving. I like that every student in grades 1st-12th are given their own iPad to use daily. I also like that students don't have to tryout for a sport that they are interested in. Ascension welcomes everyone.
My experience at Ascension has been life changing. Before I came to this school I was an anti social kid with lots of issues and no friends. When I came to this school, the students and faculty just accepted me and taught that its ok to be who you truly are because you are no one else but yourself. That's something to be proud of! Within a year my entire life had shifted, I had gone from this shy kid to this super outgoing and social guy who loved to preform in front of people and make new friends and meet new people. Ascension is definitely one memory that i will keep with me forever. The only thing I would change about Ascension is that I wish the curriculum was a little bit harder so that it could have challenged me more and prepared me more, but honestly I think I'm just fine. I love this place.
Facilities are great. Safety is good. Heath could be better, but it's great considering the small size of the school.
Very involved in school, easy to get involved in clubs.
There is a diversity of people who have differing experiences, so they might answer these questions differently. As for me, the academics are flexible and challenging, but it is easily adaptable to those who don't really care for the challenge. So there are those whose classes are incredibly easy, and those whose classes are incredibly hard. I think it has something to offer everyone. It is quite small for my taste, but most like the close-knit family that results. They prepare students for college exceptionally well.
Love the faculty at AES, they are great to work with and help the students.
There are many opportunties for getting involved and the administration is great about working with the students if they have an idea for a club or group.
This school has something like 30 clubs with only around 300 students and almost all of them have more than 15 members
The everyday student life is generally quite good, but the daily chapel and twice a month Eucharist can be draining.
The teachers are deeply invested in their students, often knowing their day to day proceedings and knowing when a student is having a bad day simply by minor changes in body language.
I would choose this school again and again because the Holy Spirit is invited to preside in meetings, to help make decisions and to guide in teaching the students.
Ascension recently hired nurses to dispense medications, etc. and have made changes to secure our academic buildings and gyms.
From the Green Peace club to the Frisbee club, there is a club for everyone!
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The teachers here go beyond the call of their duty without any complaints, ever!
AES has a nurse on campus, and has safety policies in place.
All of the clubs and sports are outstanding considering the schools small size
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