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I like the environment and the opportunities presented at Ascension Christian High School. I think that the school shows tremendous growth and gives hope to all of its students who plan on having successful futures. I would like to have a larger music program with more equipment, and new equipment to be used at Chapel (which happens weekly).
The teachers are horrible (With the exception of 2 of them), bullying is a horrible issue, and NOT christ-like.
I had a great time at Ascension Christian being the only black kid in my grade I felt very accepted the lunch was amazing and even though I caused ALOT of trouble I had a overall great experience.
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I love the school I attend, although many people dislike it because of the christian environment I find that it brings out a new style of thinking. The things that could change is the teachers. Some teachers are incredible while others do just enough to get by without getting fired. The administration need to watch the teachers and make sure they are doing there job to the best of there ability.
Overall, I felt safe at school. Although we had a pretty small school, we had a police officer there at least once a week just to monitor and make sure everything was going well. I don't recall any major bullying.
Speaking of sports, everyone likes to play them, but ACH is still working their way towards some wins. Sports teams are fun to play on, and everyone is very hard working. I loved playing soccer for this school! As for clubs, the few clubs we had, everyone enjoyed being a part of.
I miss high school so much. Everyone was so close. You could always find someone to fit in with. The unique thing about ACH was the relationships between students and teachers. While staying professional, the relationships were also very close knit. You could always receive help. The food was also amazing. I loved lunch at my school, and I would still go eat lunch there to this day. I miss soccer games. I helped with the petition to start the soccer team at our school, and I was the first senior to graduate on the team. One thing I wish was different is the school spirit. people didn't take spirit week very serious and it honestly really aggravated me. Other than that, I loved my high school.
All teachers I had were more than willing to help. They would try their best to help in any way possible. Sometimes the teacher didn't explain it in a way that I could understand, but if I asked them to, they would try to their best to interpret.
There are only two clubs in the entire school. BETA and NHS.
This experience was worse than public middle school.
Only a few of the teachers at this school deserved a degree.
Administration is strict but very nice and the policies are set in firm.
I thoroughly enjoyed my high school experience at Ascension Christian High. I came from 11 years of homeschooling so my cultural shock mostly happened at this school. I took a semester off after graduation to save up for college. When college finally began, I was mostly able to breeze into the system. During my first semester of college I worked two part time jobs along with my full load of classes. That was difficult considering I was learning one new job as well as how college works. I am now going into my second semester of being a sophomore and I am very excited about my career path. I am currently applying at colleges for a BSN in nursing,
The resources at this school are okay. Not as good as a bigger school.
Everyone is friendly. The education is okay. There are no ridiculous rules.
We had a variety of foreign exchange students. and diffrent cultures represented
Some classes were good, While others did not teach the required amount of materials for a good education.
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we had a wide range of sports to choose from, but not any academic or club-like extracurricular options.
while I received an average High school education, I was not well prepared for rigorous college material.
For high school, it was a good place that kept my head on my shoulders, but now that I am in college, I wish they would have exposed us more to the real world.
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