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Ascension Catholic Diocesan Regional School Reviews

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Family like atmosphere. Teachers and staff genuinely care about the child's well being. Great place to send your child.
The buildings are really old. There is a good lab. The gym is also the auditorium. Everything is just old.
We didn't have a health department but the school doesn't seem dangerous.
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When I was there they used to have Ace Teachers and those teachers were the best but the school stopped accepting the program since then. Without that program there aren't many good teachers
Good coaches, average equipment and competitive but the students have good sportsmanship. We didn't always win but I was proud. The school's fields are amazing because we rent another school's field.
A lot of uniform policies and students aren't allowed to express themselves. "You're wrong if you don't agree" is pretty much what the school says.
I'm in college trying to get used to college and it's hard. I know I'm not the only Alumni who feels this way. The education is much more challenging. A few kids in every graduating class from this school don't go to college and about 5% make it to a really really good college. The rest go to average colleges.
Lets just say I went from B's and C's to D's and A's. I'm prepared for college in some areas but not in others. I have to get used to the college life as opposed to the school's way of babying the students.
My school was okay it's just a really old place. The faculty really care about the students for the most part and the students care about each other until they graduate. Education wise, the school prepared me for college wel in some places but poorly in other places. It's a very small high school with under 300 people. Self expression isn't allowed. It's also a religious, preparatory high school. I just didn't fit in well with the place.
Our sports teams are coached by the best, however we do not have the greatest facilities, as we have to use the local public school's track field and footlball stadium.
The faculty is kind, however they mostly spoonfeed us material instead of challenging us.
Some of classrooms stay freezing cold while others stay warm sometimes when they don't work but its a variety with air. Our guidance counselor is always available to us and makes sure she can help us any way possible. The technology is uprising and starting to become more helpful in classrooms. We have peer tutoring which is helpful because students can communicate with each other.
Our athletic clubs are great and becoming better each year. Our football team has improved over the year with the help of our new coach. The dance team is the most dedicated I would say because most of the time practice is every day 7 days a week sometimes. We have different organizations for anyone to join and everyone gets along with each other. Our band is the hype for football games and pep rallies. Our extracurriculars are wonderful and helpful to students
My overall experience at Ascension Catholic was a great experience that I wouldn't change because I made great friends and became a family with everyone that attended school. My school is unique because it is very small so everyone knows each other and we have special bonds that larger schools doesn't have. My favorite experience is for homecoming the news lady got hit with a bat on her leg but she is fine and she laughed about it.
Our school follows the State Legislation of school meals. The cafeteria has been expanded this year to allow more room for students to eat. They always offer a choice to those who may have any health related issues to a certain food.
The facilities are antiquated, but technology is priority at Ascension Catholic. Tutoring is offered in the morning, before school. We are a small private school with a lot of parental support. The school does provide busing but most kids are dropped off by parents or carpool with another student.
The principal is strict, but yet easy to approach. She is always willing to work with new ideas, and she will make appearances in the classrooms and interact with the students and teachers. The guidance counselor is easily accessible at any time, and is knowledgeable. The dress code is strictly enforced, especially on mass days when the boys have to wear ties and khakis, and the girls have to wear skirts. Bullying is something that is not tolerated at Ascension Catholic, and the Disciplinarian promptly deals with those issues.
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