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I cannot tell you enough how much we loved our time at Ascension, it was truly the best fit for our child who thrives to succeed in all she does.
Outstanding facility and very well resourced.
Fair and consistent discipline. Older students genuinely mentor younger students.
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Most are award winning, experienced faculty, very accomplished on their own. They are extremely dedicated the the student's success. Nearly all do what they do because they love it.
Real family feel to the entire school community.
Excellent, well designed campus with superior resources.
Ascension has recruited some of the best teachers in the area for every content area. They are caring, supportive, challenging and love their students. They work to bring out the best of each student in their classrooms. They are incredible mentors and role models for their students. You would be very hard pressed to find another school in the area or state that has this high of a quality of teaching staff.
Discipline is consistent and fair with much of it encouraged by peers. Administration is very involved and familiar with entire student body and families. Staff and faculty are all very involved and supportive of students and school on duty and off.
The best learning environment for our child...challenged, accepted, supported, cared about...mind and soul!
Mrs. Howk, the counselor....$2.3 mil in scholarship offers! Need I say more.
Caring, supportive, interested, respectful, approachable....need I say more!
This is the most incredible staff of teachers, all amazing in their own right and top of their subject area in all of the region...this is the best teaching staff in the area in all subject areas. Their knowledge and expertise is amazing, but more importantly they are great mentors and role models for students. They truly care about each child in their classroom!
Mrs. Howk is the best...$2.3 million in scholarships this year alone...a very hard working counselor. Students have everything they need to succeed in a beautiful setting.
Many academic, fine arts and sports options to choose from. All are exceptionally well administered and the entire school community is supportive of all activities. Everyone who wants to compete has the opportunity.
Anything a student wants to do they can find it at Ascension...Latin, Spanish, Strings, Choir, Art, Drama, Athletics, honor clubs, student council...
We left a very bad school situation and came to Ascension with a broken down child from bullying. Ascension brought her back and made her even stronger emotionally.
I am certain that Ascension Academy is the best school in Texas. The academics are top-notch and the main goal is to prepare you for college. Many alumni come back and say that they are so much more prepared for college than their peers and that they are actually finding college to be a breeze! The teachers and staff are so friendly and helpful. They are very skilled and will take the time to interact with you as an individual and really help you understand their lessons. The coaches, sports, and extracurriculars are also diverse and their is some activity for everyone at Ascension. And, the student body is wonderful! Everyone is welcoming and you are instantly part of the Ascension family the second you walk in the door. There truly is a sense of unity in this school. The students want to learn and the teacher want to teach. This is a school filled with some of the brightest, most dedicated students in Texas. Ascension Academy is just starting to become known, but in a few years, Ascension's true excellence will be known by the entire state of Texas. Our family loves Ascension and we know that you will, too.
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The teachers and faculty are wonderful. They all have a very high level of expertise and they truly do care about their students. The workload at Ascension can be rough, especially as you move up grades (it's a college-prep school; what do you expect?), but the teachers do everything in their power to help students and engage them in lessons to where they really learn the information and can apply it to every day life. Teachers are readily available and dedicate themselves to their teachings and to their students, and a small student: faculty ratio means that each student get individual attention and help from teachers. Hands down, best teachers in Amarillo.
Most of the student body is involved in some sport. The Ascension coaches are great and really push athletes to work and perform their very best, both on the field and in school. In addition, the teams are very closely bonded and are the beginnings of many great friendships.

Ascension has excellent facilities, including one of the best gyms in Amarillo and a brand new track field. There also are plans to expand the facilities in the future.
If you're looking for a school with great extracurriculars, Ascension Academy is the place! We have a wide variety of sports, including swimming, cross country, track, basketball, tennis, and volleyball, and we hold several State championship titles in both cross country and track. In addition, we hold State championship titles in many state-level academic contests. Our music programs include orchestra, choir, woodwinds, and even a Kazoo band that plays at some Home games.

Latin club is also very popular at Ascension and is recognized around the State of Texas for its excellence. There's something for everyone!
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