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I love ASA Charter School! It is small but productive educational experience. Everyone is so nice and inviting. Every day is full of laughter, learning, and an all out blast!
The elementary portion is amazing all the classes have smart boards. The middle school is taught by teachers who teach the high schoolers and is run like it just with the curriculum that is appropriate for them. High schoolers have the option of doing seat time or independent studies.
As far as I know when I was attending we did not have official sports teams. This was/is due to having a school site that has no room for fields and a small high school student body. Although they have a new principal who is really great and all for the students, so they might have sports. Although they had many after school clubs for the elementary students.
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They cook everything themselves with food from the local food bank and have a student/community garden that they include in the food. They don't give you many options, so if you don't like what they've cooked that day you don't eat. They also are aware and take students food allergies seriously.
Everybody gets along with everyone and you have your fights here and there. Students are involved with activities, events, etc.
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