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Our schools facilities aren't amazing, but we make do with what we have. We don't have a computer lab, but we have a tech department. We don't have an auditorium, so we put the stage in the cafeteria. Essentially, we do what we can with little space available.
There are several reasons why I enjoyed my Orono school experience, (from Asa Adams to Orono High) and several more as to why I would, given the choice, choose this school again. It could be the dedication and experience of the teachers, the diverse, Extra-Curricular activities, or the student body. Either way, Orono is a good choice.
Our teachers are amazing. They are always available outside of class if you have trouble. They are personable, and knowledgable, and the classes are almost never dull. And most importantly, they genuinely care about the students
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We are a fairly diverse school. Students are very involved, but there isn't much peer pressure. People are generally very accepting of peoples differences, and while there are some individuals who act out, most everyone is kind.
Our facilities, while small, are well used. But they are starting to show wear. We don't have a pool, so we share one with the college, our track field is cracked and old (but is getting renewed next year) Our equipment is second hand, but usable.

Our school spirit, however, is exceptional. We have a high student involvement, moderate to high team performance, and the community shows great support
There are plenty of clubs at our school, but they are not well funded. This is not necessarily anyones fault, our school doesn't have much money. It seems to me that sports get the most support, and that the arts get neglected. Also, I have pitched the idea for a LGBT club, but to no avail.
This school is relatively safe, but we live in a small town. We have had a bullying case that made it to court (the victim was a friend of mine), but in the ten years that I have gone to this school, we have never had an emergency. The school follows all requirements for drills, health, and police service, however, it does not go beyond.
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