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Arvin High School Reviews

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My experience in Arvin High School was great. I got to meet amazing classmates that would become my friends. Arvin High School shows PRIDE.
I love arvin high, I was in link crew it’s amazing. The best years of my life . It’s mainly one race and lacks diversity but an overall good school
i would like to see more programs and opportunities such as more ap/honors classes along with programs such as trio and Stem program
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My experience at Arvin high school was mostly a learning experience in which I learned how to adjust to high school and focus on my future. A program at Arvin high called Link Crew helped me adjust to high school and helped me become an independent high school student. I became involved in various clubs, since there is many clubs to be a part of at Arvin high. I’m also in the Health Careers Academy which is an academy for students who are interested in working in the medical field. In the academy we also learn about different colleges, as it prepares us for college. Most of the students at Arvin high are Hispanic. One thing that I would like to see change is the environment at Arvin high because students lack pride at our campus, causing problems amongst our students.
My experience at Arvin High was a outrageous. From feeling like I wasn’t safe to feeling like I was the happiest student. I am the mascot for Arvin High and that experience has been the best so far. I get to make little kids happy. What I would like to see change from my school is the negativity. At Arvin high, there tends to be madness between other classes & I would like to see that change into positivity.
arvin high school is a very good school it was very calming. the teachers were great and so was the staff. they helped us with every little aspect of our schooling and future. i love playing sports for this school because we were considered underdogs but we were able to prove people wrong.
What I liked was how passionate teachers in teaching their student and striving for the students to really understand the subject. What needs to change is how packed the school is with almost 3,000 students at one high school. As well as the dean being too strict over the littlest things.
The best thing about Arvin High was how the school give a lot of opportunities to the students and counselors are always for them, also there is a lot of help for immigrants and new people.
Arvin high school was fun for me, i was in cheer leading, and I made tons of friends. It was the only high school I attended, though there was some up and downs but all high schools are. But high school is the time were you make the most memories, college you make the greatest memories but high school you make memories with the people you trust or fall in love for the first time. High school does not entirely prepare you for the real world nor college it does give you the best time before becoming an adult
This school has opened up many exhilarating doors for the future of many students. The teachers strive to give every student a will to go beyond what they believe. They introduce a friendly environment and their dedication into helping us expand is evident.
Clubs in this school are also truly wonderous. Some involve helping the community, math, competition, languages, etc. The school truly dedicates itself for the future of its students. Recently the school has been associated with Bakersfield College and classes such as public speaking are available, as the school wishes every student success into achieveing every goal.
Sports such as tennis, baseball, basketball, etc., are available in this school and the coaches give every player a desire to go beyond the limits that bound us.
Many people who haven’t attended this school would label it as “bad”, but giving it a chance with personal experience in the end, will help develop you into a determined successful person.
Our school may be falsely labeled as “terrible”, but there is one item which resides among us, and is greater than any high school and that determination. Teachers, administration, and students themselves truly try to prepare us for universities as many of us aspire goals and careers. We have clubs that offer opportunities of meeting new people, enjoying the day with laughter, and blossoming our character. The variety of sports are truly magnificent as such as football, tennis, baseball, etc. The coaches are always determined into helping us reach our potential and beyond. The school’s mean is to give each and every one of us a outlook into our future and prepare us by trying to instill within us, a desire to aim for the best. What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right, as a student I have gained a strong will to go beyond the horizon because of this school and the people, and so can you.
This was my high school all 4 years of attendance. It served a large community beyond just the city of Arvin itself, but as well as Lamont, Weedpatch, etc. That being said, it was diverse in people from areas, but in general it's a very large hispanic population. I feel like many needs were met, especially for those who either want to have a career straight out of school, or preparing for college. Though I would wish that there was possibly some more technology in the classrooms.
My school is pretty average and not unlike many others in our district. I like our teachers and the resources available to us that may not be offered at other schools as well as our general school atmosphere and culture. I would like improvement on parental improvement to get students to behave better and be more involved and dedicated ti their studies themselves, as well as more care from the administration to better our school.
The thing that I liked about my high school was that in my senior year , I could go to “ roc” basically half of the day . It was like going to a different high school . It was called the Regional Occupation Center . You went to go study and learn about a certain job . I went for fashion merchandise and law enforcement.
I like the teachers, they care about their students, there are many clubs on campus and the school is safe.
I really love Arvin High, because I arrived there in my sophmore year and I don't speak english, but the students and teachers made me feel happy to be part of this school. I really want that the school maybe can have more programs to hepl kids like me, and it will make this school the perfect school.
I really enjoy Arvin high school because I enjoyed all my classes that I was able to choose and I was in my favorite sports that are cross country and track and field. I really enjoy the clubs that im in which are link crew, where I’m able to help freshmen out and helping paws which is community service. I would like to change that they where able to have more different classes so I’m able to make as my elective
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Arvin is a diverse campus where LGBT is not discriminated as we even have a club. I am not a part of this club but a supporter and that is one of the things I most like about AHS. We have an amazing fine arts program including choir, band and the drama departments. A thing I would change would be how the AP and Honors students get more attention and help with colleges and options for after high school. As an Honors/AP but also CP student I see the great differences and notice how counselors come out but only to AP/Honors classes, leaving the CP students clueless about great opportunities and programs.
They should include courses that prepare students for real-life experiences such as preparing for finance and how to get a job after college.
The sense of a tight-knit community is at large here, except it can be very conservative and close-minded.
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