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My school is pretty average and not unlike many others in our district. I like our teachers and the resources available to us that may not be offered at other schools as well as our general school atmosphere and culture. I would like improvement on parental improvement to get students to behave better and be more involved and dedicated ti their studies themselves, as well as more care from the administration to better our school.
The thing that I liked about my high school was that in my senior year , I could go to “ roc” basically half of the day . It was like going to a different high school . It was called the Regional Occupation Center . You went to go study and learn about a certain job . I went for fashion merchandise and law enforcement.
I like the teachers, they care about their students, there are many clubs on campus and the school is safe.
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I really love Arvin High, because I arrived there in my sophmore year and I don't speak english, but the students and teachers made me feel happy to be part of this school. I really want that the school maybe can have more programs to hepl kids like me, and it will make this school the perfect school.
I really enjoy Arvin high school because I enjoyed all my classes that I was able to choose and I was in my favorite sports that are cross country and track and field. I really enjoy the clubs that im in which are link crew, where I’m able to help freshmen out and helping paws which is community service. I would like to change that they where able to have more different classes so I’m able to make as my elective
Arvin is a diverse campus where LGBT is not discriminated as we even have a club. I am not a part of this club but a supporter and that is one of the things I most like about AHS. We have an amazing fine arts program including choir, band and the drama departments. A thing I would change would be how the AP and Honors students get more attention and help with colleges and options for after high school. As an Honors/AP but also CP student I see the great differences and notice how counselors come out but only to AP/Honors classes, leaving the CP students clueless about great opportunities and programs.
They should include courses that prepare students for real-life experiences such as preparing for finance and how to get a job after college.
The sense of a tight-knit community is at large here, except it can be very conservative and close-minded.
The school is a very well rounded, place. All the teachers do their jobs well, and are often close with their students. The school is filled with mostly hispanic students making spanish a very common language on campus. Only major problem is a lot of students tend to engage in illegal activities such as smoking, and drinking.
My school shows PRIDE. P-Participation R-Respect I-Integrity D-Determination E-Empathy. I like how Arvin High has so many activities that every student can be involved in. My school provides CP and AP/H courses for students and that is highly beneficial. The school is full of positivity. Parents are highly involved in students' academics and also if they are in sports and/or clubs. I wish students in my school that are shy and feel isolated, should not feel tat way. They should make the most of their four years in high school, unforgettable. I wish every student in school were in a club or a sport.. In its academics and the staff. School counselors and teachers always help students when they need it and provide more information they think is necessary for students to over achieve. Overall, Arvin High School is amazing in every way.
Arvin High School is a welcoming to every teenager. This high school has many great courses with wonderful teachers that are willing to help. When I first came to Arvin High School as a freshman, I was afraid that there was going to be bullies, drugs, and all that bad influence. The school is safe because we have staff guarding the place. The staff and teachers are so amiably pleasant. I guarantee that every teacher in this campus will have a close relationship with you. The campus is in a rural area surrounded by fields. There is countless of clubs and activities to help the community and have fun. I would like to see change in diversity because the majority of students are Hispanic or Latino.
Even though Arvin High School is isolated and surrounded by fields, it is still a great place to meet people and to receive an education. At Arvin High, the student council holds events where all students can go to so that they could be more involved and have fun their four years. I had joined the track and field and I did not regret it. I met more people than I had expected and got to meet different people. I had become friends with most of them and some became family. This school is a great place to experience new things, but the one thing that I would change is the lack of diversity. It is a school of mostly Hispanics and Latinos. I am a Hispanic from Mexico and I know a handful of people who originate from the same place I do. This is a school that does not have a lot of diversity, and if there were more people from different ethnisities, more people would be exposed to different cultures, leading to a better understanding society.
Arvin high school is a typical high school. It offers aside variety of different activities such as sports clubs and fine arts. I really enjoy attending this school but if there was more diversity on campus that would be great. Having almost an entire filled with primarily one race is great, does not allow for exposure of other cultures.Despite this, arvin high school serves as a great school to many different towns and allows for a welcoming environment.
Arvin High School offers a variety of clubs that anyone can be a part of and enjoy themselves. They have one of the best girls basketball teams, wrestling, golf, and soccer team. The teachers are very easy to understand and help you whenever it is needed. The school also offers tutoring for those students struggling. Not only do they prepare you for college but they also prepare you for what comes after high school. The school also coordinates events for the community at the high school like free movie night. This is one of the best schools in Kern County.
My experience was good. I was an active HOSA member competing in state competitions about medicine. I enjoyed my biology and math teachers, because the class was interesting because we interacted with our classmates and not just lecture for two hours. What I would change is staff, not many teachers cared for their students.
My experience at Arvin High was amazing even though there were some obstacles in the way. I loved the environment of being on a sports team and feeling like a family throughout the whole season. All the academics and clubs are amazing also it is so fun to just be able to strive and do what you want to do. There is a variety of clubs and activities you could do after school and with your friends. The counselors are such a great help also they help guide you throughout you high school years and make sure you're ready to go to college your junior and senior year.
At arvin high school, I enjoy the involvement in activities and the many types of clubs and sports we are able to join. In addition, I enjoy the AP classes that students are able to enroll into. To make the school better they should have more parents activities.
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My experiences in Arvin High school have been great and it improves every year. Many great clubs available that include FFA, Grizzle outdoor, Ivy league and many more. All these are great and give many chances to explore new things while in high school. I was part of the FFA and it was one of the best clubs in my high school in my opinion. it taught me a lot and influenced me to pursue an agriculture major.
It is a really great school students are friendly and the teachers and staff are very caring people. They help their students achieve their goals.
Arvin High has great teachers who motivate students to excel in their academics. Counselors do their best to motivate students to work towards a higher education.
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