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I am in the performing arts department and would like to see more school wide appreciation. I would also appreciate if the dress code either be enforced for guys and girls or not at all, it creates an embarrassing, objectifying environment for girls and at that age is not okay
Like a high schools the students are held in the highest degree. However some of the teachers and staff members can be considered as wardens and guards in a prison.
Arvada West is a great high school overall. It has a great athletics program, full of many passionate members of the coaching staff. The academics at Arvada West are also relatively good, but the teaching staff at Arvada West is absolutely phenomenal. All the teachers really do care about their students and how they perform in their classes. They want you to succeed. Excellence is there expectation. Arvada West also has an amazing music program. One of my only problems with Arvada West was the fact that the administration and the school as a whole were not very good at communicating with the student body. Other then that, Arvada West gave me an amazing high school experience that I wouldn't trade for anything else. Arvada West is a very friendly community of people. I met many great friends throughout my four years there and I would highly recommend attending Arvada West High School if you are unsure about where you want to go.
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Arvada West is a good school for students who are actively seeking improvement. While no better or worse than other schools in the Arvada area, the student is largely in charge of their own education, whether or not to take it seriously or participate in something outside of themselves. The teachers are among the best I have been able to work with, and some are regularly acknowledged beyond the local level for their dedication to their work. What did frustrate me about Arvada West was its intense focus on supporting the ever shrinking sports programs (specifically football, leaving many other teams to fend for themselves) while largely ignoring the quickly booming arts programs. However, when our administration was notified of a concern, they did everything in their power to correct their mistakes, of which the student body was greatly appreciative. Overall, Arvada West was a satisfactory school worthy of a matching rating.
I liked the clubs and activities at this school and it seemed like we excelled in this department. However, I did not feel like I was very prepared for college after the fact. I would recommend minor adjustments in the curriculum in order to prepare students for college.
I really love the staff and teachers. They are very kind and take your education seriously. The school over all is really nice. The building is lined with big windows to let the sunshine in. It feels very open. I would like to change the lunch meals that they serve. When I'm hungry I don't feel like paying $5 for two pieces of pizza that wont fill me up all the way.
I like the fact that there are so many different classes you could sign up for after freshman year to give you an education that you want while fulfilling the academic requirements for high school. I would like for there to be longer lunches since we now have half hour lunches. If you go off campus then you barely have time to eat your food, especially if you're the driver and can't eat while driving.
Arvada West High School was an overall average experience. The wrestling program had a dedicated staff. Sean helped me throughout the school year, if it wasn't for him I don't know if I would of graduated.
Great experience! Excellent dedicated teachers who are always available to help. I graduated with a 3.55 GPA almost half of the class was on the honor roll.
I love doing all four years I spent here. The staff was always so supportive and they made classes easier to deal with. They were always there to help and I'm so grateful of every moment I had and have in this school.
I love Arvada West, it has allowed me to connect with various people of various backgrounds. Compared to other schools in the district, where one social class dominates over the other, Arvada West has the entire mix, making the experience unique to all students. Arvada West has excellent staff that are committed to making our school and education better. The teachers genuinely care about the students, but also require us to engage in personal responsibility that enables us to be adults. The one thing I would love to see changed is the expansion of school clubs that aim to include all students. It is fun to have some clubs that are aimed at a very specific demographic, but it would be more inclusive if the school ran more outspoken clubs that engaged all students.
It was high school. I left before everything went to hell with the protest and such but still felt the rumblings. It was all right and about on par with my peers in college. Only thing I would say is take college prep courses out side of it. I only use two things I learned from highschool in my current college,
Arvada West is a great school with high level academics, and many competitive sports and music programs.
Arvada West has amazing faculty that teach in an engaging manner. The administration is not the best, but the faculty is what makes it great.
I loved Arvada West High School because of its location in Colorado; close to Denver but also fairly close to the mountains. The staff and faculty at Arvada West helped set me up for success at an academically rigorous college. I was also able to play varsity basketball at Arvada West as well as participate in numerous clubs including National Honors Society, DECA, and Peace Jam.
My overall experience with high school has been relatively stress free. The staff is encouraging and really wants all students to succeed in school. I believe I received an excellent education comparable to the higher income neighborhoods.
I graduated from Arvada West High School last spring. Overall, the high school is satisfactory and I received a great education. Being almost done with my first semester of college, I know the classes I took in high school really prepared me for my college courses, specifically in chemistry, physics, and calculus. Art was one of the highlights of my high school experience. The art program at Arvada West is great and I was able to cultivate my artistic talent. There was a lot about the high school that I did not like, such as unnecessary assemblies and other things that waste time. I never ate the school's food, but the school did feel very safe, especially for being such a large school. I feel fortunate to have attended Arvada West High School because I received a great education, but there are always improvements to be made, such as wasting less time and supplying the students with better food.
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It's different for some teachers than others. The good involved teachers are absolutely amazing. But others you can easily tell they are there for a paycheck and nothing else.
Ethnic diversity is slim. Sexual diversity happened after graduation and everyone was all of a sudden out of the closet and comfortable with who they are so I'd say high school was a little welcoming but not enough for some kids who are too scared.
I didn't experience too many extracurricular activities, I babysat a lot of the time outside of school and then had a job senior year. I did do art but mainly on my own time or in advanced art classes.
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