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I love the environment at Arvada West High School. The staff are dedicated to the self improvement of their students. I admire how friendly the councils are. I when I came into their office for advice on graduation, they were ready to help me. they gave me paperwork and packets I needed and it was very useful. the environment they provided was warm and welcoming. I felt like I could go to them for all my problems in school.
There are many good opportunities to succeed later in life through this school if you put in your time to seek the advantages. I've had an internship in a field I am interested in through a program offered here, and I have learned what more difficult course loads in college would be like through AP Courses, which makes me feel prepared for college.

The teachers here are almost always willing to help you, and you get many resources. There are also activity opportunities that certain staff is ahead of that will help you later in life, or with your own practice of skills.

The food is okay, but making my own lunch isn't a great impediment to this fine institution.
I love the theatre department. it’s an incredible family and so fun. the teachers are hit or miss, but i’ve lucked out with some wonderful people who surround my everyday.
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Arvada West is a great place to be around tradition and ritual from the passing of the classes to concerts and events. The academic broad structure plants a wide base for futures in just about anything. If there isn't a class for it, there is a club. The teachers are well trained and care about the student life. Arvada west sets up for success in many aspects.
Throughout my 4 years of high school I went to 3 different schools. Of these three different high school I can confidently say that Arvada West High School was by far the best I've been to. The councilors worked with me to get me caught up on their required credits and the teachers were all very passionate and helpful. Overall, this is a remarkable school, I just wish there was more concurrent enrollment opportunity outside of Warren Tech.
My experience has been good with Arvada West High School, I've liked all the classes that I enrolled in and like the diversity of the school. I like that they are hands on and send emails to our parents to report progress and if we are missing work assignments. I also like that they had a job school fair for you to go to for your future endeavors.
I'm graduating from A-West in May of 2018, and I really like this school compared to others. Sure, this school has problems, but what school doesn't? Most of the teachers actually care about their students and I really value that. There are a few teachers that seem to be indifferent to if their students are actually learning, but they are just a few bad apples in a basket of really good fruit. The security officers are rather rude overall, but they do their job well. The school in a whole is very clean! This school offers many clubs I haven't seen other schools offer, which means there is a place for everyone. The overall atmosphere of this school is good, I haven't seen much bullying at this school compared to others but there probably is. The assemblies are very high energy, even when most of the students don't want to be there especially when "Sparkles" preforms. If you are considering going to A-West, do it. I don't think you'll regret going here.
I enjoyed the music program at Arvada West. It’s an excellent program whose choirs compete on a national level and whose performing arts program never fails to bring home awards. I’ve never felt as though the academics were incredible but some of the teachers themselves helped me pave my way to success. I would change some of the attendance policies and the parking lot layout.
At first I was nervous about attending high school, and didn't really enjoy my freshman year. But, I joined the basketball team sophomore year and had a strong friend group, and started to enjoy the social aspect more. I has so many amazing teachers that truly cared about my learning, which was the best part. Being a freshman in college now makes me really miss my time at Arvada West.
Being Junior Class President and Senior Class President at Arvada west, throughout the four years I've gotten to know the culture and climate at Arvada West. I enjoy the diversity of the school, unlike other neighboring schools, people of different backgrounds, salaries and those with different interests in general actually genuinely interact with each other. Along with the recent safety issues and the events going on around the country, arvada west has done an excellent job upping their security measures. I have had the opportunity to join various clubs such as Link Crew, Student Council, World Affairs, math club and National Art Honors society. I am sure that every student will find their place at arvada west, this school has something for everyone!
My high school experience has been quite great at Arvada West High School. While participating in mostly AP/Honors courses I have encountered wonderful teachers whom care and want you to prosper. I also have had good counselors who have helped me to figure out my college plans. Overall, Arvada West is a great school, and has effectively prepared me for college and the real world.
Arvada West was a very welcoming and open community with very few clicks/groups. Personally, I had my best memories within the foreign language department, especially the Spanish teachers. Even after graduation, my Spanish teachers stayed in touch and have become good friends of mine.
The academics, coaches, and teachers were very good and I enjoyed a lot of my time here, but most of my complaints involve administration. They really like to disregard female sports, and continually take away practice times for cheers and poms, forcing poms to practice on cement floors (the NFHS even recognizes this to be a safety hazard) while basketball gets the gym whenever they want. Regarding the dress code- it’s targeted almost exclusively towards girls and the way violations are handled seem to be purposely embarrassing towards students. For example, an assistant principal stopped the entire senior class picture to call out a student for wearing a cold shoulder top. Things like thighs and shoulders aren’t sexual and shouldn’t be treated as such. Most of the student body has been fine, just a few bad apples here and there. Overall, I think A-West has its issues, but is a better choice than high schools in the surrounding area.
Arvada West has better than average teachers, curriculum, facilities, and resources, but average extra curricular activity, and below average sports and diversity.
I am in the performing arts department and would like to see more school wide appreciation. I would also appreciate if the dress code either be enforced for guys and girls or not at all, it creates an embarrassing, objectifying environment for girls and at that age is not okay
Like a high schools the students are held in the highest degree. However some of the teachers and staff members can be considered as wardens and guards in a prison.
Arvada West is a great high school overall. It has a great athletics program, full of many passionate members of the coaching staff. The academics at Arvada West are also relatively good, but the teaching staff at Arvada West is absolutely phenomenal. All the teachers really do care about their students and how they perform in their classes. They want you to succeed. Excellence is there expectation. Arvada West also has an amazing music program. One of my only problems with Arvada West was the fact that the administration and the school as a whole were not very good at communicating with the student body. Other then that, Arvada West gave me an amazing high school experience that I wouldn't trade for anything else. Arvada West is a very friendly community of people. I met many great friends throughout my four years there and I would highly recommend attending Arvada West High School if you are unsure about where you want to go.
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Arvada West is a good school for students who are actively seeking improvement. While no better or worse than other schools in the Arvada area, the student is largely in charge of their own education, whether or not to take it seriously or participate in something outside of themselves. The teachers are among the best I have been able to work with, and some are regularly acknowledged beyond the local level for their dedication to their work. What did frustrate me about Arvada West was its intense focus on supporting the ever shrinking sports programs (specifically football, leaving many other teams to fend for themselves) while largely ignoring the quickly booming arts programs. However, when our administration was notified of a concern, they did everything in their power to correct their mistakes, of which the student body was greatly appreciative. Overall, Arvada West was a satisfactory school worthy of a matching rating.
I liked the clubs and activities at this school and it seemed like we excelled in this department. However, I did not feel like I was very prepared for college after the fact. I would recommend minor adjustments in the curriculum in order to prepare students for college.
I really love the staff and teachers. They are very kind and take your education seriously. The school over all is really nice. The building is lined with big windows to let the sunshine in. It feels very open. I would like to change the lunch meals that they serve. When I'm hungry I don't feel like paying $5 for two pieces of pizza that wont fill me up all the way.
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