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When I went to AHS, I really like that there was a lot of school spirit and the students and teachers seemed to be really involved in everything.
Arvada High School is mediocre as far as high school goes. The teachers are amazing and truly connect with students that put in time and effort, however, the academics and sports have a longstanding reputation for being terrible. The administration is ineffective, and clearly only show compassion for specific groups amongst the school. The diversity is great, but high school is high school, and cliques will remain loyal to their own cliques. The school overall isn’t terrible, but it needs some major improvements. My experience was great because of the effort I put into my school work and sports.
I really love the learning environment that I'm entering in the fall. My expectations very optimal at the moment. I'm hoping that will change for me in the near future.
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I enjoyed my high school experience at Arvada for a number of reasons. The teachers really took an interest in me and my growth. I was really involved with sports and other school activities which allowed me to develop strong friendships and helped me learn to work well with other people. Looking back on my education I cant even believe how much I learned and how much I grew in those four years.
My overall experience at Arvada High School was a positive one. I think all of the teachers I learned from had my best interest in mind. I had a teacher who was also my coach and she always pushed me to be great and for that I am thankful.
Arvada High School overall is a fantastic school, in my opinion. Throughout the four years I attended, I witnessed not large scale bullying or harassment. This is huge in my book, since I grew up in schools where things like that ran rampant. It was nice studying and learning in a school that has a friendly environment, high standards for students, as well as great school and team spirit! I grew up a lot in that school, and I was sad to eventually leave it. But easily my favorite part about that school was the extremely friendly and helpful staff and teachers. A large majority of my all time favorite teachers teach or taught at that school, and something like that always helps when trying to reach your academic goals.
I love the teachers. They are amazing and care about students. The students are able to have flexibility with their schedules and are encouraged to take challenging classes. The think I would like to see change is to have more variety of classes offered that will better the students and their future. I would also like to see a well-thought out attendance policy not but for being tardy but for absences as well.
I liked that the majority of the teachers I had were committed to seeing their students graduate. One thing I would say that needs to be changed is the requirement to attend rallies. Unless they're absolutely important, students shouldn't be required to attend. Another thing is the school needs to provide a little more discipline to the students. During my years attending high school, the underclassmen started to get a little worse when it came to fighting, cussing, dress code, etc.
Arvada has completely changed my life. Especially the choir and theater department. Everyone, including teachers, are extremely excepting no matter who you are. The academics push you to your limits if you are willing to put in the work. The counselors, mine being Kevin Falk, help as much and as often as they can. Something I would like to see change about Arvada High School is the organization and regulations of rules that the administration has to follow and enforce. Administrators will threaten punishments towards certain students their first offense and then let other students off with no punishment every time if a rule, for example violating dress code, is broken. Equality needs to be enforced greatly.
It was an alright experience. In the honors classes it was alright, but in general there wasn't really a great desire on the part of the student body to achieve academically or otherwise.
My four year experience at Arvada High School was very interesting. It wasn't the best school to go to but was the closest to me. I learned what I needed to know in all my classes. One thing that I would for them to change is the administration. Students and teachers have problems with them constantly, and basically we had no voice. I've seen teachers quit because of this as well.
Many of the mainstream extracurricular activities are much more appreciated than say an odd-ball. Football and volleyball are revered as opposed to things like drama and marching band where people only come if it is convenient. Much of this had to do with funding. Those programs are funded much better than more liberal after school activities. It's an unfair advantage.
My overall experience has been ordinary. This school does, however, have an exceptional amount of school pride in athletics for both men and women, always making the games of our athletic teams a top priority to both students and faculty, making it a particularly unique experience at any given game. If I could do it all over I would not attend this high school just because I know what to expect, I would want to experience new interactions, ergo, I would try another school.
My high school has a select number of teachers at a higher level of teaching such as honors or A.P. classes who go above and beyond, however, many of the teachers at lower levels of academic rigor I feel do not care. The students pick up on this and in turn reciprocate the effort given forth by the faculty. Our attendance system is extremely disorganized as well as any other event or action that the system deems necessary. This is only redeemed by the extent to which the teachers go to make sure the students are kept comfortable and up to speed. Overall the school is not awful but could use tuning in ore areas than one.
Since we are a small school, most students can walk on to a team and feel included and welcomed. Most sports have low participation anyway so when kids do come out, they are encouraged and helped along the way.
Since I was in the Honors/AP route, I can only speak for them. But what I did find that is that the majority of teachers that I had in the program tried hard and caused student success, but wanted to leave the school for one reason or another. They did not have loyalty to the school and jumped at the chance to get out. This made my teachers so inconsistent, even if they were quite skilled.
The security is average and the nerse does what she needs but we do not have health programs at this school.
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Most of our extracurricular activities include the same people making it hard for others to fit in or be apart of anything.
I would not choose to go here again if I could do it all over again I would have left as soon and I arrived. When I started attending Arvada High School I remember sitting in my math class struggling with my first assignment and all the kids around me not attempting to do there work but instead talking about partying and what classes they weren't going to show up too. Then i walked up to my teacher and asked for help her response was "ask the people around you" as I explained to her that no one around me was doing there work she proceeded over there sat down with them and walked them through each problem and doing most of them for the students but when I asked her for help again she continued to not help me.
Through the years of attending this high school I had quickly learned that the "average" students get highly over looked if you were not a sports star or had a perfect GPA, or even had a awful GPA no one cared the staff over looked you and even after attending here for four year still feel like no one is there to help you besides the wonderful counselors who seemed to be the only people who treated all the students with the same respect. Arvada high school has a bad reputation through out the community and the district its self and the students take the blame, however the students have very little to do with this reputation and the staff is to blame due to there lack of respect for the schools at the students who attend there.
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