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Arvada High School is a great place to be when friends are attending as well. It has a great band director, but the teachers are pretty average. The school is changing to achieve a better outlook, which is a interesting transition. I wish the school would hire more teachers that care about what they do.
2 teachers did not show no interest in the students. No homework was given out for the four years I went there. I feel I’m not ready for the college world compared to other schools in my district. The sports coaches were the same. They had their favorites and it wasn’t right. On a positive note I completed all the required work and graduated with college credits.
In all of my years at Arvada high school I had a great experience with teachers and coaches who have come to be lifelong friends. It was wonderful place to attend school. Although Arvada, did have several issues I would not tell anyone not to attend. The teachers were always striving to make us better academically and for me, my coaches were able to clear my mind with extra curricular activities. We had several issues with security and students being at risk, i believe they need a better security group and the prinicipal could have stepped in much more and be more involved but overall i was able to look past at the flaws and focus on myself and being better.
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The teachers are great - really. All the teachers I've had care and seem to have an emotional investment in kids passing. Unfortunately, the administration is so out of touch with students and staff that it makes it hard for the teachers to help students excel. The administration, instead of just trying to be down to earth with students, is always attempting the new hip or trendy school style that'll supposedly bring the school out of the dust and into one of the top schools in Colorado. This has really had the opposite effect, where the disconnect between administration and students has led to an atmosphere of general uncaring about graduating around the school. And despite the best efforts of teachers, the administration continues to drag down the school.
I love how it's a smaller school so you really get to know others. Everyone truly becomes little families. I want to see more people come to Arvada and enjoy it like I did.
Arvada high school is an Amazing school. Im a Sophmore at this high school and in my opinion I call this place family.
Not great, not awful. First few years were better. Many teachers leave because administration isn't the best. I've made great friends and have never felt unsafe. Great school in terms of security, very few fights among upperclassmen.
I have participated in multiple sports every year of high school, playing three sports every year of my high school career and achieving many goals throughout the years like sports awards and honor roll.
Arvada High School was a school filled with tremendous teachers who actually care about each and every student. Their first priority is the students and how they can help the students achieve their goals. The teachers are what really made a difference for me while I was there. Typical high school stuff happened, but having the teachers that I did there was incredible. The students, however, are a different story. If I worked at Arvada as a teacher, I would quit teaching. The teachers care, but the students don't. Most can move past that if they have the drive, however.
All in all the high school is given a bad reputation for such a small portion of the school populous. But in reality the school is great because it is filled with amazing teachers and wonderful students-- sure there are some students that fit the description of "Arvada kid's" (Aka students that don't care about the school/their grades), but they are hardly a big population of the school.
Arvada High School is like a second home to me. Even though people think Arvada High isn't the best school in the district to send their kids they're wrong. Arvada is one of the less cliche-ish schools I've ever been to. "Jocks" don't just hang with "jocks" and "nerds" don't just hang with "nerds", the choir kids hang out with the cheerleaders and the football players are even on the chess team. The staff and teachers love and care for all of their students and we have amazing teachers that support us and motivate us to try harder and harder! I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else!
I liked the diversity in my school and the sense of family when it comes to students and teachers it is like every class is a new family. I would love to see my school's old reputation to be torn away and make into something great and new. I want my school to be something to be proud of that I can tell my little brother it is a great school
When I went to AHS, I really like that there was a lot of school spirit and the students and teachers seemed to be really involved in everything.
Arvada High School is mediocre as far as high school goes. The teachers are amazing and truly connect with students that put in time and effort, however, the academics and sports have a longstanding reputation for being terrible. The administration is ineffective, and clearly only show compassion for specific groups amongst the school. The diversity is great, but high school is high school, and cliques will remain loyal to their own cliques. The school overall isn’t terrible, but it needs some major improvements. My experience was great because of the effort I put into my school work and sports.
I really love the learning environment that I'm entering in the fall. My expectations very optimal at the moment. I'm hoping that will change for me in the near future.
I enjoyed my high school experience at Arvada for a number of reasons. The teachers really took an interest in me and my growth. I was really involved with sports and other school activities which allowed me to develop strong friendships and helped me learn to work well with other people. Looking back on my education I cant even believe how much I learned and how much I grew in those four years.
My overall experience at Arvada High School was a positive one. I think all of the teachers I learned from had my best interest in mind. I had a teacher who was also my coach and she always pushed me to be great and for that I am thankful.
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Arvada High School overall is a fantastic school, in my opinion. Throughout the four years I attended, I witnessed not large scale bullying or harassment. This is huge in my book, since I grew up in schools where things like that ran rampant. It was nice studying and learning in a school that has a friendly environment, high standards for students, as well as great school and team spirit! I grew up a lot in that school, and I was sad to eventually leave it. But easily my favorite part about that school was the extremely friendly and helpful staff and teachers. A large majority of my all time favorite teachers teach or taught at that school, and something like that always helps when trying to reach your academic goals.
I love the teachers. They are amazing and care about students. The students are able to have flexibility with their schedules and are encouraged to take challenging classes. The think I would like to see change is to have more variety of classes offered that will better the students and their future. I would also like to see a well-thought out attendance policy not but for being tardy but for absences as well.
I liked that the majority of the teachers I had were committed to seeing their students graduate. One thing I would say that needs to be changed is the requirement to attend rallies. Unless they're absolutely important, students shouldn't be required to attend. Another thing is the school needs to provide a little more discipline to the students. During my years attending high school, the underclassmen started to get a little worse when it came to fighting, cussing, dress code, etc.
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