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I loved the faculty at my high school but the school as a whole was too dark for me if there was bright colors, and more painting in the building it would be great.
This school was very helpful in preparing me to graduate and follow my path towards college. It gave me the necessary tools to achieve my goal and the teachers were very helpful, they cared about their students and they did not give up on us if were began to fall. I am very glad to have gone here.
My experience was okay. Could have been better. Non athletes had to work 10x harder than athletes who were always given the benefit of the doubt.
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I wasn't really a fan of Arundel even though I was very involved. I didn't feel like I was apart of the Arundel family, it just felt like I place I went to for four years. I would've liked to have seen more diversity and more unity amongst student
What I loved about Arundel was its diverse pool of students. There were many different groups of people that made the school an interesting environment. Additionally, you can clearly see that the staff cares deeply about the students; by seeing the amount of work put into teaching and making lesson plans, the students can certainly see that teachers dedicated countless hours of their lives to educating, not only in the school, but off the clock as well. Additionally, the school takes pride in their athletic department, which in turn creates this supportive atmosphere that can be felt by all students. While I do wish that there were more clubs offered, the ones in place are still very well put together. Although this school hasn't completely prepared me for college, I still feel confident in pursuing a post secondary education.
I like the diversity of Arundel High School. We have a very good athletic director and athletic program which made my athletic career at Arundel so memorable. if i could change one thing about Arundel it would be that the students views on things were listened to more.
Overall, Arundel High School is a good school. I felt like it really prepared me for my college experience based on the academics that I went through. The teachers are very good, and will connect with you on a personal level, if you let them. The administration team does a good job at maintaining the safety of students and dealing with issues when they arise. There is not really anything I would change about it, but that does not mean my experience was perfect. Of course there were flaws, it is high school, but there is nothing the school, faculty, or staff could have done to change it.
My experience at Arundel High School was thoroughly enjoyable. After Transferring from my previous school in Junior Year, I was welcomed by the staff and students into their loving community. Arundel felt like a family. The staff guided me to my classes, greeted me with smiles on their faces. The students included me in their groups, offered me seating at their lunch tables, and invited me to hangout with them outside of school. Arundel taught me how to be a better individual, by following their motto - Pride. There was never a doubt in my mind that transferring to Arundel wasn't a great idea. It shaped my high school career for the better and shaped me as a person, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to attend such an awesome high school.
As a graduating senior from Arundel High school overall I have enjoyed my time at Arundel. I have made many memories and learned a lot from different experiences. I will always be a Wildcat.
I liked the way that the day was set up with an hour break in the middle of classes to do tests or study or eat lunch. I also liked the school spirit we have and take pride in our sports.
Teachers were really nice and they make sure to provide enough clubs and activities to make everyone feel included.
I had a great experience at Arundel. I would like to see changes in some school policies and better healthier choices in lunches, and extracurricular activities. For the most part, the teachers were very helpful. I really enjoyed the senior/freshman big sister program.
Arundel High school is a great place to learn; with interesting and challenging classes. Each teacher cares about their students and will make time to meet with them one on one if requested.
I liked the fact that the teachers care about the students and are competent in their subjects. I don't like the large amount of mice and cockroaches, though, and there have been a few floods lately, as well as very inconsistent heating/cooling between different sections of the school. This is mostly balanced out by the supportive staff, which promotes individuality and supports diversity.
Arundel is a wonderful school with great courses and teachers but cannot figure out their schedule and do not know how to control their students whatsoever. Teachers are not allowed to enforce any rules essentially.
I would say Arundel is a very average high school. We don't have a lot of major problems, and all the kids are nice. One good thing about Arundel is that we all support each other regardless of your social status.
I moved to Maryland in 10th grade. I was so scared that the people here would not like me. I thought that I wouldn't fit in but to my surprise everyone was so welcoming and i could not be more thankful. My experience at Arundel was amazing. The teachers are great and very easy to work with.
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My experience at Arundel wasn't bad because I still have many memories that were a great lesson in life. What I like about Arundel High was the academic status, the teachers didn't really care what somebody did with themselves when it came down to getting your education but as soon as they see you have some type of potential they do they're very best to educate you. The change I would like to see is in this school wouldn't only be the teachers trying harder for young people to actually get an education instead of just talking in front of a classroom but to take the kids they see struggling the most and do something about it because I bet they struggle more.
I liked the school pride, everyone got behind the sports teams and really supported . We all bled green and white
Arundel Senior High School was maybe the most important four years of my life. The school is big on PRIDE. Teaching each student to be Positive, Responsible, Involved, Diligent, and Efficient. PRIDE is something that every student leaves with, and two years later i still have not forgotten or lost my Wildcat Pride.
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