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Arts Impact Middle School (AIMS) Reviews

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The Restrooms and other public but private places were very together and was clean most of the times. The school building overall was in great condition like it was brand new.
The dancing and the sports were great at my school. Mostly everyone participated and you could always find a place to fit in to.
I have had some great teachers in my middle school. They all engaged with their students and gave us acceptable work that we were able to learn from. They also worked with us outside of class to see if we need extra help and also let us eat lunch in their classroom to gain a closer relationship with them so they can understand us more and be able to help us more.
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There was not that much peer pressure like there is today. We did not have to chose between bad choices on a daily basis, we'll most of us. Everyone got along as well too and there was a great amount of diversity among us all.
At AIMS we had a bunch of extracurricular opportunities. We had dancing and singing, painting, and all different types of instruments. Plus on top of that we also had sports as well which balanced everything out. If someone were only talented at one thing they could test their skills and challenge themselves which made them a better person.
The health and safety at AIMS was tight and secure. I felt safe and there were no bullies and barely nothing to worry about.
It was a great school and I enjoyed everyday there.
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