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I love how music and art is everywhere. You are surrounded by people with different talent, which is incredible, and you develop and improve your own. I prefer to be in school instead of going home. Many teachers are very friendly as well as your classmates.
Arts High School has been a great school towards me. The environment is very friendly and caring. Everyone in the building deeply cares about each individual and wants to see them succeed. However I would love to see a more open idea towards different methods of teaching.
Overall the teachers and the majors are really what makes this school amazing. Everything else is either good or just gets dragged along. Mostly it's the organization and disiplinary action that needs work. The students don't take getting in trouble seriously and there fore act out in classes that they know the teachers won't say anything and that is both disruptive and disrespectful. The guidance councelors need to be fired as well. They get paid way too much to tell us to suck up our problems and get good grades.
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Arts high school was a unique and diverse community where students were able to express themselves in their art form. We were able to be ourselves and not have to worry about being called weird or different just because we were interested in things that other people outside of our school may not have been interested in. We were all special in our own way, and our major classes allowed us to show that, not only to those who shared the same major as us, but to those outside of our major as well. We got to share our talents on a daily basis, and this helped me grow as both a person and an artist
Arts High School is all around an amazing environment. It's a very diverse community, the teachers and student get along very well and everyone works together to achieve one goal. The amount of talent in one building is just very overwhelming and if anyone wants to express their musical, theatrical, artistic or even academic talents Arts High School is the place to be.
Arts High School is a very diverse school that connects people with the arts. Arts, however, does not offer many sports and or academic after school activities, such as debate or school newspaper or cheer-leading. The teachers are pretty professional but some of the staff are extremely rude to students. Staff should look out for students more, especially during high school, when they're most likely to be negatively pressured by their surroundings. Arts should advertise and push the academics a little bit more because Arts high students usually forget why they are there; to learn. Overall, it is a pretty good school.
Arts high is a very diverse school filled with amazing staff and students. The positive environment and energy you feel walking the halls, really gives a sense of safety.
Arts high was a family based school and they really put the student first, having many resources for struggling kids as well as lots of school preformances and evens that made the school a community.
I am at a school that is a visual and performing school. we have a lot of opportunities to improve our skills and perform. Also it is academically competitive. I enjoy all of the various opportunities that was gevin to me at the school.
Arts High School is an amazing helped me break out of my shell, I used to be really shy but getting involved in your major, the activities and feeling welcome I opened up. There are lots of shows and performances at Arts Hugh School because it is an arts school of course, the shows are great and enjoyable, I love the school. However, I would have loved to join the cheer team but due to budget cuts it had to be removed, we don't have football soccer teams either, but we're an arts school not a sports school, but it would still be fun to play these sports. Other than that little blemish Arts is an amazing school and I think anyone who goes or plans on going there can agree.
Arts High School has been a broad experience. When your surrounded by students as talented as you are it feels refreshing. However, there are some changes that needs to be made. Students should be able to express themselves more, afterall it is an Arts school.
I enjoyed the focus on different majors, how everyone can prove their creativity to either the school or outside concerts and shows. The food and supplies in order to show our creativity could be improved and updated.
This school mainly focuses on the Arts and creativity. However, I do believe that the academics can be improved. I want the classes to have a strong college readiness curriculum. In addition, I hope the school can find a way to get good resources for Clubs and Activities.
My experience at Arts High School has overall been a great experience. Being able to express my true feelings through singing, which I love to do has allowed me to become truly free and happy in who I am. Being around others who share the same passion that I do has driven me to become a more dedicated to my art. The school has opened numerous doors for me that I never thought that I would see. Also, the diversity in the school has exposed me to cultures that I did not think I would ever be exposed to. I have become close friends with Caucasians, Africans and Brazillians. Not only is the diversity great, the curriculum is challenging. The AP and Honors classes require critical thinking and extreme focus.
It was fun for a while we got to have and do fun things no its not like high school musical at all food isnt that good also
Arts High School is a very diverse environment that offers many opportunities to succeed in ones talent. I like the fact that the teachers are very involved with their students and take the initiative to help them succeed. I can't say that there is any changes needed.
I am a current Junior dance major at Arts. I can definitely say i love this school. It has taught me so much major wise as well as academically too. The teachers are amazing.
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I love Arts High School because we see diversity. Not only in the students but also in the different majors and specialties students have. However, I feel like the academics fell a bit short in getting students ready for college.
Getting admitted to Arts High School opened so many doors on so much levels for me. I had an experience like no other; Sadly students that did not attend this school accredited for it's immense talent weren't able to undergo the path of defining true flair that each and everyone pupil attained at my school.
Arts High Is a school consisting of family all around. When you walk in everyone feels like a family it's just a place of happy spirit. I have truly enjoyed my years at Arts high th only thing need fixing is the building it is old and tearing apart.
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