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Arts high school was a good school. There wasn't much diversity in the school and there weren't a lot of resources for students to use and safety was pretty much nonexistent. It was an ok school overall.
What I like about Arts High School is that there is always someone there to help you. No matter the age or size, all you need to do is ask an you shall receive especially the majors. They always have what you need, no matter what it is. There isn't any limitations, the people there wants you so be creative.
The teachers are the kindest, most sincere teachers you will ever have (excluding two or three). The school offers a considerable amount of AP classes but could add more to the list. There is always a problem with schedules making it hard to put a student in a class they deserve to be in but the teachers fight for their students and find a way for them.
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I love that my school focuses on our talent and makes sure we have a path when we leave high school. I would like to see behavior changes in the school.
Arts High School allowed every student who walked through its doors for the first time a chance to experience something like never before. Living in Newark I've experienced diversity and it wasn't different in high school, but what I've never encountered before was the arts and it's truly an amazing thing how everyone is so focused and dedicated in their own art.
I enjoyed the fact that the school revolves both around academic readiness and the arts. All artistic differences are welcomed and tne environment is very diverse and open.
The school is very supportive and has recently been painted with beautiful murals. This is a good way to express creativity and i am grateful to have the experience i have had with them.
Although its named "Arts High", there is a huge lack of art in our school. Our principal is solely focused on more academic situations like testing, instead of allowing us to put on more shows throughout the school and express ourselves. It doesn't have to be the next High School Musical, but a little appreciation for our hard work would be nice. Also, our student body somehow gets worse every year. Many students just come to school to yell in the hallways, make out in the basement, and skip class. Its ridiculous. Its like the incoming freshman just evolve into more careless and immature people. This is supposed to be a magnet high school, not a plushy playground.

I'm just hoping that soon, this school can change and be what it used to be. A school that screams the definition of art and performance, and also dedicated students instead of disrespectful ones. We can be great, we just have to find the same motivation for the arts that we used to have, and even praise at our school.
I’ve had an overrall great experience at Arts. Teachers genuinely care about their students. Even though the school doesn’t necessarily prepare you for college, they are supportive of your transition after high school.
I enjoy our vocal trips and concerts. The HW assignment list thats given 2 wks in advance(a plus depending on your major).
Visualize a public high school with a deep-rooted passion for pursuits both artistic and academic; a high school with a long and distinguished history of producing talented, creative individuals who pursue their dreams with a fervent desire to make a difference; a visual and performing arts high school established in 1931, the first of its kind in the United States.

As the artistic flagship of the Newark Public Schools, today’s Arts High offers a rigorous program for grades 7-12 in dance, drama, music, TV production and visual art. The interdisciplinary studies in which our students participate enable post-secondary matriculation to many of the best conservatories, colleges, and universities in the country.
I love how music and art is everywhere. You are surrounded by people with different talent, which is incredible, and you develop and improve your own. I prefer to be in school instead of going home. Many teachers are very friendly as well as your classmates.
Arts High School has been a great school towards me. The environment is very friendly and caring. Everyone in the building deeply cares about each individual and wants to see them succeed. However I would love to see a more open idea towards different methods of teaching.
Overall the teachers and the majors are really what makes this school amazing. Everything else is either good or just gets dragged along. Mostly it's the organization and disiplinary action that needs work. The students don't take getting in trouble seriously and there fore act out in classes that they know the teachers won't say anything and that is both disruptive and disrespectful. The guidance councelors need to be fired as well. They get paid way too much to tell us to suck up our problems and get good grades.
Arts high school was a unique and diverse community where students were able to express themselves in their art form. We were able to be ourselves and not have to worry about being called weird or different just because we were interested in things that other people outside of our school may not have been interested in. We were all special in our own way, and our major classes allowed us to show that, not only to those who shared the same major as us, but to those outside of our major as well. We got to share our talents on a daily basis, and this helped me grow as both a person and an artist
Arts High School is all around an amazing environment. It's a very diverse community, the teachers and student get along very well and everyone works together to achieve one goal. The amount of talent in one building is just very overwhelming and if anyone wants to express their musical, theatrical, artistic or even academic talents Arts High School is the place to be.
Arts High School is a very diverse school that connects people with the arts. Arts, however, does not offer many sports and or academic after school activities, such as debate or school newspaper or cheer-leading. The teachers are pretty professional but some of the staff are extremely rude to students. Staff should look out for students more, especially during high school, when they're most likely to be negatively pressured by their surroundings. Arts should advertise and push the academics a little bit more because Arts high students usually forget why they are there; to learn. Overall, it is a pretty good school.
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Arts high is a very diverse school filled with amazing staff and students. The positive environment and energy you feel walking the halls, really gives a sense of safety.
Arts high was a family based school and they really put the student first, having many resources for struggling kids as well as lots of school preformances and evens that made the school a community.
I am at a school that is a visual and performing school. we have a lot of opportunities to improve our skills and perform. Also it is academically competitive. I enjoy all of the various opportunities that was gevin to me at the school.
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