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Arts at the Capitol Theater Magnet School Reviews

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It's a pretty nice place to go to school. Good integration of arts and academics. Teachers are all great.
My experience as a black female wasn't the worst, but it definately wasn't the best. I experienced racism on many different accounts and was met with teachers that said "be kind" or didn't know how to handle the situation or discipline the people involved. On the bright side, I was involved in many shows, including the Cultural Benefit, Showcase, Coffeehouse and Video Fest. There are alot of classes to take, so it's kind of overwhelming to be at school until 4:25, however since I decided to take my art seriuously and really branch out, I learned that I was capable of alot more.
This school is the reason i’m happy with myself. in my art, in my person, and the choices i’ve made. I’m glad I go to this school, and I would never regret this decision.
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it's chill i guess..............................................................................................
ACT is about the arts. At our school, you will find strong, talented and dedicated individuals who want to grow and flourish in a dedicated art form. Art is precious and not everyone realizes that in the outside world. At ACT, you are protected by the art. I have the privilege of serving as Student Council President and I am more than grateful for the experience I've received during my time at Arts at the Capitol Theater. My time at ACT has been met with good and educational moments because of my friends and because of my teachers. The academics are very good, due to the small ratio of 6:1 that we have at the school. The teachers put their students first. It's a place your parents wished they could go to as a child.
My experience at ACT was one of a kind. Having the opportunity to attend a performing arts high school changed my outlook on life and set me on a different, and quite better, path. However, there is a lack of AP classes and I would love to see that change in the future.
I love performing arts and have done them since I was 5. I wanted to do what I loved before I went to college to continue my education in a completely different field. The parts given to me sometimes had to do with the fact that I was black, and when I was cast in parts that were originally for white women I was expected to give the same black woman persona. The people in the school (meaning the students) were just as ignorant as some of the staff were. To put it quite simple, if you your issues had nothing to do with theirs, they didn't matter. However, there were a few people in the school, staff included, who genuinely understood many different types of students and could empathize with them...they should know who they are. Overall I did enjoy this school, I accomplished a lot, experienced a lot, and learned a lot.
I love my school experience at Arts at the Capitol Theater! Or, ACT, as we students use an an acronym for the school. It's everything I could have hoped for and more. I'm accepted for my Gender and sexuality expression, and I get to learn about the arts! They offer 5 majors there, and my major is acting. The acting department is marvelous, and I wouldn't change a single thing about it! I also very much enjoy the singing classes I've taken there, as they have given me a foundation to how to sing properly.
That doesn't make the school perfect though. The academics lack, because of the commitment that students put into their work. It sets teachers and classrooms back when the majority of the students don't do their homework. Also, the administration is disorganized. Although this has improved over my 3 and half years at ACT, it's disorganized and messy at times. Students rarely know when events are, or if there are any rule changes.
When I was in 8th grade, I remember I was the only one interested in applying to go to this high school. This had made me happy, because I was bullied during middle school and this was an opportunity to start somewhere new.
At some times, it was pretty great. I got to actually realize my passion to writing poetry and I spent most of my time editing and perfecting my pieces, especially in the times we were preparing for coffee houses, where we performed our writing pieces live.
Honestly, though, I ended up having a new Math teacher every year, so I ended up failing in most of my math classes after my freshman year. My senior year I witnessed one of my favorite English teachers crying because the administration decided to fire her with the excuse that her contract is ending and they don't want to renew it. It was disgusting.
Our textbooks are outdated, we recieve minimum funding and are basically a cash cow.
Everyone is a special snowflake and tries to turn being transgender and gender-fluid into a trend completely invalidating the legitimate transgender people who attend the school.
The school nurse rarely came in and even when she did students found it more helpful to go to the secretary for health issues. Mental health issues are very prevalent at ACT and the teachers are very insensitive to that. Mental health is not covered very well in health class which it should be in this school especially. The school is downtown in a town with very high drug, crime and sex offender rates. If you look out the window at lunch often times you can witness a drug deal if you pay attention. The school does not offer transportation to the students who live in town so when we get out we are thrown into that. We get out at 4:25, during the winter we have to walk home in the dark. Also the school is only a couple doors down from a bar so sometimes after shows random drunk people have talked to me. There is no proper parking for our school so it's very hard to drop off and pick up students.
The school nurse only came every other day. The lunch also had plastic melted in it.
There are no extracurricular activity's. The Dungeons and Dragons club was alright when the staff member running it changed and certain alumni left.
The teachers at this school are some of the worst I've had. With one of the math teachers not knowing how to teach a class and doing all the equations wrong, to a teacher straight out rejecting ideas of students because they don't like them. My senior year one teacher switched his grading system to common core half way through the year which caused unnecessary stress.
I feel betrayed and cheated out of a wholesome education by this school and I would never do it again. ACT is a school open to public but it is a privatized magnet school which made many things go overlooked which would not in a normal public school. I thoroughly learned by going to ACT that privatization of institutions is very corrupt, especially in institutions that are supposed to be educating and preparing children for the world. ACT traps creative and socially awkward students and silences them and does not accommodate for differences. Only socially adept students that can charm the teachers have a place here. This is a school that attracts students with special needs and talents but does not provide resources for them to grow. I will say a lot of beautiful work has been created at ACT but it was due to the talent of the students not to the establishment.
As an artist I believe this school has done it's job in teaching me in what I need to know for when I pursue my art (mainly music and writing) in college and later in life. We go into this school being told that what we put into it is what we get out of it, and many students don't follow this, but in my time here I've learned a lot, and seen a lot. I've fallen flat on my face (literally and figuratively) and have dealt with my own battles against anxiety and confidence in the work.
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I defintly enjoyed being a part of a community where so many students take their art seriously. My specific major was Audio Video, and my school made it possible to attain many great skills that give me an advanced knowledge of the topic before I even went to college. I would go to the school again just so I can still have those skills. It gave me guidance in a career I want. My school is also unique because all the students there are very artsy and there really isn't many athletic kids, so no sports. Which is perfect for me, because I tend to enjoy the arts more than I enjoy sports.
The teachers are very talented at incorporating the arts into their lessons, which makes them very engaging.
It is a good school is has a ton of junk that comes with it but the good out weighs the bad.
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