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The staff is amazing and the students are too! We all come from diverse back rounds are are all welcomed with open arms at this school. We don't have the typical "bulling" issues because we are a family.
This school is a great place to express yourself however, I wish that there were better classes and course selection to better prepare me for college
It's a very open and accepting place to learn. All the teachers there are available at any time to help you succeed in the future.
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I loved my 4 years at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush as an instrumental major. There's always somewhere to fit in, whether it be in sports, majors, or clubs. My old teachers have been very pleasant and respectful to us which made us respect them too which is something that cause a lot of disruption in other schools.
I love Benjamin Rush. Throughout my 4 years in high school I have never experience any kind of bullying. Everyone is like a family in this school. Since is a small public arts school, everyone know each other here. The students and teachers relationships are great. We are able to talk about our problems to the teacher because they are so trustworthy. We can easily make new friends from any grades. All the staff in our school are so nice. The school is super clean.
It's such a great atmosphere where you're constantly being challenged. Overall you leave prepared for your next chapter in life.
Dance program was amazing. I really love this high school and I was one of the students that opened the school in 2008. I was part of the first graduating class in 2012
I was always encouraged to express myself and my individuality was always respected. The school needs to be more adequately funded by the city of philadelphia.
I liked how involved the teachers were, they really knew how to make you feel as if they were teaching one on one.
The school is very diverse and accepting of differences and others. The school also makes sure to highlight the arts and everyone praises each other for their involvement of their arts. The teachers are also friendly with the students allowing the students to feel more connected and trusting of the teacher.
The Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush is one the top art schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a college readiness High School. All of our academics are well rounded and made to prepare students for college. You even have the chance to earn college credits during your senior year of high school. Teachers at the Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush are very welcoming and intelligent teachers. It’s hard for some students to develop a friendly relationship with teachers but, that’s not a problem here. All the teachers here at Rush are helpful. The teachers are always here to talk and work things out with you. Rush offers many sports and clubs that all students are welcome to join. The building is safe and secured at all times. The Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush does it’s job when it comes to the students. Rush pushes us to be our best and to develop opinions of our own. Rush teaches us to become leaders. The Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush is truly a great school.
This school is very diverse and you feel comfortable everywhere you are and you get all help you need.
I absolutely loved all my time at Rush. All of the teachers were so amazing and supportive and helped me a great deal to become the person I want to be. It was a great school and I liked being there so much.
I am so glad I got to attend Rush Arts, all of the teachers were very passionate and cared for the students, academics were great, and students were always able to express themselves.
AABR is a very good school, especially by Phila. School District standards. Academically, Rush is challenging enough to be fun but not so challenging as to be overly strenuous on your mental health. As it's an arts magnet school, it's filled with students that are not only academically talented but artistically talented as well. Most of the teachers are wonderful- I've only met two I've had problems with- as are most of the other staff. It always feels like the teachers care for you and your well-being, which is lovely! Sports is a little lacking, but is picking up- recently, a boy's soccer team was started, and many people were very excited about that! Other sports offered are girl's soccer, both boy's and girl's basketball, girl's volleyball, and a bowling team that is coed. Many more clubs have sprung up this year- for example, we now have multicultural club, model UN, garden club, dance club, fashion club, (I believe) an african-american cultural club, and a couple more.
The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush is a school filled wit amazing people and opportunities. It is a place where student's feel comfortable, cared for, and free to express themselves (particularly through the arts but in other aspects as well).
Nothing really needs to change. I feel like a lot of teachers end up leaving or changing do I guess don't get too attached.
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I love the teachers here and believe that they are all wonderful in what they do and how they help provide for the students here. The different art shows from dance, theatre and vocal always make me happy especially the annual Spring Musical. There are so many wonderful and bright-hearted people that I have met here in my grade, I just wish more than anything there was an AP History class at this school. That seems weird, but history is something I love more than anything and it's my strongest subject. More choices in a school schedule and electives would be great, too, but there isn't much I can say about that anymore since I am in my senior year, and I do love all of the classes I am in now regardless.
This is not your average high school it's much more better than that. The students are friendly and do not fight with their hands but with the power of their words. Everyone becomes mature while being enrolled in this school and create friends that might even last a lifetime. You can express yourself with either art or with your clothes and not be judged for who you are or what you wear. The teachers become your friends maybe even another parent to see you to strive and to see you succeed. This is a sanctuary and everyone is welcome. I love this school and will happily remember it forever.
I love this school! The teachers and staff are the best and care about my education. Everyone is treated as an individual and the students treat each other with respect.
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