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I am so glad I got to attend Rush Arts, all of the teachers were very passionate and cared for the students, academics were great, and students were always able to express themselves.
AABR is a very good school, especially by Phila. School District standards. Academically, Rush is challenging enough to be fun but not so challenging as to be overly strenuous on your mental health. As it's an arts magnet school, it's filled with students that are not only academically talented but artistically talented as well. Most of the teachers are wonderful- I've only met two I've had problems with- as are most of the other staff. It always feels like the teachers care for you and your well-being, which is lovely! Sports is a little lacking, but is picking up- recently, a boy's soccer team was started, and many people were very excited about that! Other sports offered are girl's soccer, both boy's and girl's basketball, girl's volleyball, and a bowling team that is coed. Many more clubs have sprung up this year- for example, we now have multicultural club, model UN, garden club, dance club, fashion club, (I believe) an african-american cultural club, and a couple more.
The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush is a school filled wit amazing people and opportunities. It is a place where student's feel comfortable, cared for, and free to express themselves (particularly through the arts but in other aspects as well).
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Nothing really needs to change. I feel like a lot of teachers end up leaving or changing do I guess don't get too attached.
I love the teachers here and believe that they are all wonderful in what they do and how they help provide for the students here. The different art shows from dance, theatre and vocal always make me happy especially the annual Spring Musical. There are so many wonderful and bright-hearted people that I have met here in my grade, I just wish more than anything there was an AP History class at this school. That seems weird, but history is something I love more than anything and it's my strongest subject. More choices in a school schedule and electives would be great, too, but there isn't much I can say about that anymore since I am in my senior year, and I do love all of the classes I am in now regardless.
This is not your average high school it's much more better than that. The students are friendly and do not fight with their hands but with the power of their words. Everyone becomes mature while being enrolled in this school and create friends that might even last a lifetime. You can express yourself with either art or with your clothes and not be judged for who you are or what you wear. The teachers become your friends maybe even another parent to see you to strive and to see you succeed. This is a sanctuary and everyone is welcome. I love this school and will happily remember it forever.
I love this school! The teachers and staff are the best and care about my education. Everyone is treated as an individual and the students treat each other with respect.
Great Academics. Teachers are good for the most part. Safe environment and neighborhood. Many shows during the year (dance, instrumental, vocal, theater, visual art).
My first year there was the original principal's last year at the school and it was amazing. It was also my first music teacher's year there. I loved Rush because of the amazing teachers and people I saw everyday. All 3 of my music teachers were great and the second principal is nice as well. Things are changing but its expected because of the pressure the new principal endures from the district.
Having an arts program is the best thing about going to this school because it really makes going here worthwhile.
Rush is one of the best schools ever. In my years of being a high school student, every year seems to get better. I am only in eleventh grade but it has been a thrill to be here. Everyone is like a family, we are all accepting, there is truly no real bullying because Rush doesn't tolerate it at all.
This school really prepared me for college, and tremendously changed my character. Not only have I learned great academic skills, and performance skills, I've learned important life skills as well.
During my time attending Benjamin Rush I found this high school to serve as a creative space for many diverse people. Not only did I feel safe in my environment, I felt well supported by staff members and teachers that provided me with flexibility to do my work so I could participate in the numerous extracurricular activities I engage in such as sports and music programs. Furthermore, with the school having a smaller amount of students we are able to receive individual attention that contributes to the quality of our work. However, the smaller staff of teachers does sometimes limit our classes, clubs and activities we can be offered. I hope one day that Rush expands so it can reach its full potential and offer several programs to prospective students. My experience there has been unforgettable and I have definitely perfected my craft in vocal singing and piano playing. In conclusion, I am proud to be an alumni of the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush!
Great performances by every major. The school is diverse but yet still small. All of the teachers are very nice and help you achieve high grades.
This school is a great school. The teachers are really supportive and as an art school, we apply our artistic skills a lot in projects and classwork. It has expanded my horizon on all different types of art techniques and it was an overall great experience.
My experience at Rush is great. You always feel accepted and will always have someone there for you. It is very diverse, and everyone is so kind.
Rush is a very open and accepting school, teaching the students through the arts and preparing them for the next steps of their lives. The teachers are like mentors and the students are friends you create strong bonds with over the 4 years.
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Great school with caring teachers and awesome curriculum. The students were always very involved with many opportunities. The school was also always open to new clubs and presentations for awareness of certain teen issues.
This school was great for my high school experience. I graduated a few years ago when the school was still getting off the ground. It has tremendous faculty and staff who have personal relationships with the students they teach. Being a focused special admissions school has its advantages, however, for a college prep school they need more college level AP courses or options for students. It prepared me adequately for college however not as much as other schools I have seen or are comparable to.
Rush is a interesting school. The academics are okay but the majoring art programs are really great with teaching you how to get out of your comfort zone and really go for everything.
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