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Arts & Media Preparatory Academy Reviews

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It was a good school. Teachers that cares for the student, classes are easy to understand and school environment is fun to be around.
Its an okay school. Very small, feels more like you're in a a middle school building. The teachers are great.
It is a small school so there is not many opportunities clubs and organizations
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My experience was okay most of the teachers are great my favorite experience was when we took a physics class and went to six flags they connected learning with fun
Most of the teachers are very helpful and care about the students and also help with stuff other than classroom situations
The school offers little to no extracurricular opportunities.
My experience at this school was interesting. I didn't hate it, but I haven't enjoyed it either. The school is probably one of the smallest high schools in Brooklyn. If I had to do it all over again, I don't think I would go to that school again. I feel like it held me back more than it pushed me forward.
The teachers at this school all have unique teaching styles that I believe all work in teaching students the lessons appropriately as well as getting certain points across.
The work was never challenging
I believe that Arts Media Prep is a good school and the teachers their try more than their best to help the students. Arts Media prep is a very small school but everyone know each other and overall the experience at Arts Media Prep introduces you how the world is. Knowing that things aren't just given to you they have the most hands on teachers who help you reach your Goal.
My last day of school was actually sad and it shocked me. Realizing I was moving on to a new chapter in life maybe me a little sad but also happy. My best experiences from attending this school was meeting some of the best people ever: the people that are now my friends and the teachers who are like another mother or father. When it came to my school work, all of my teachers stayed "on top" of me about completing assignments, which showed me they genuinely cared and still care.
I never liked school lunch. The fruits are good, the only thing I ever ate from the school.
I don't honestly know much about the discipline in the school because I have never been suspended in the school. I know for lateness, you will get detention after school on Wednesdays.
The fan support the boys basketball team receives is awesome.
The communication I've reached from the teachers were outstanding.
The afterschool clubs were/are filled with fun.
In this school one thing I can say is that no matter where you're from, and whatever your background, you'll always receive respect and make friends. Even if your African you'd make a Puerto Rican friend or a Caucasian friend. We all respect each other, but then you have those bullies that are very minor and little that tries to bash the way they might dress, or talk or even how they see them praising their worshipper based on movies and etc.
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The new principal Deborah Glauner is VERY strict and she believes in having everything go her way and not hear others opinions. The old principal Robert Hall may not have done a lot of things but he compromised with the students when it came down to getting things done in the school, for the school, and for the students. He made sure that he spoke to everyone about their grades one on one and worked with them towards making them better. She doesn't do any of these things.
This school used to offer after school programs for in and outside of school. Now they offer roughly about 5 different programs inside school for after school "clubs". I am currently attending a after school program I've been attending for the past two years now called JumpstART which is a program of the Joan Mitchell foundation. And am now attending one of the 5 clubs in school after school called drama club, which is terrific by the way because of the teacher and the participants in it.
There is nothing to do but sports
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