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I absolutely love it here. As a singer and actress, it has provided me so many opportunities and I have learned so much. The environment is very freeing and the staff is incredible.
I love everything about this school. I learned to be comfortable with being myself because of not only the friends I made, but all of the administration as well. Anyone who attends this school would be extremely lucky.
After going here for two weeks I told my father if he ever tried to put me back in public school I wouldn't go
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Choosing to go to ACPA was probably then best decision of my high school career. I have been able to grow so much not only as a student but a human being. The diversity at ACPA exposed me to so many different people and has allowed me to have a further understanding and apperciation for the world around me. Acpa has provided me with every opportunity that I could wish for in a high school. The teachers and staff are probably my favorite part about the school. From each of my teachers I have seen not only a passion for teaching and their students, but also a passion for the subject they are teaching. This excitement only incited more excitement in me to learn from them!
I love that school I would not like to see nothing change. It's a non-bullying school so I was just able to focus on just my school work. By doing just that I got excellent grades.
I love the School so much and I love how they accepted you for who you were! It gave me the freedom to find out who I really was and who I wanted to be. I miss highschool it was my best experience yet.
There are hardly any bullying cases since the policy is so strict against bullying. The school does provide a bit more of an emotional protection than a typical high school.
The after school program provides extra help for students who need it, something to do while waiting on their ride, etc.
This school got me out of a not so great public school. This school is accepting towards everyone and attempts to ensure that everyone is safe/happy.
The teachers communicate with the students, ensuring that we learn what we need to and that we understand the material.
Need more security considering our location
I like what we have we need more
Theres is no nurse at school,but it seems pretty safe
I am not a part of any clubs, but I have heard they are fun
This school has a very safe environment both for studying and socializing.The teachers are very caring about their students' issues.They are doing their best to help you get the most out of your academic skills.
They are very friendly,helpful and nice to work with
If you walked into ACPA, you would not see the same type of person in one place. There is a very diverse background to ACPA and the students are what create its diversity.
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There is a variety of classes to chose from, including AP courses. There's psychology, AP psych, forensics, rock band, choir, musical theater, advanced classes, dance classes, drum line, music comp and the list goes on. Its hard to chose sometimes what classes to take because I want to take so many of them.
We have musicals, The fall play, glee club, different art clubs and mural workshops, we also have girls group and guys groups. There is just about any kind of club you can think of and if we don't have it, the students can create it.
I feel very safe at this school security wise. I don't ever fear of something happening or someone intruding our school. I feel safe around the students here. We don't have a school nurse but its never been an issue before.
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