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Arthur P. Schalick High School Reviews

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My experience has been great! My teachers have given me lots of opportunities for different things. Making me do my best. Pass all my class. Get involved with different things. What I like is that they have lots of activities and academic things that you can get involved into. You make lots of new friends and it's just great!!! I would like to see change with the cafeteria with the food. The food isn't really that great. But overall, everything else is perfect!!!!!
I believe Schalick has a pretty nice environment. Most of the teachers are very qualified and know how to interest the students. Schalick also holds the Theatre, Dance, and Visual Art Academies which is a great opportunity for kids going on those fields. There are a lot of extra curricular activities. Though the school could be more diverse, a lot of people are very accepting.
Schalick is a terrific school. I enjoyed all four years I attended. The only problem is diversity. Although students of color are a minority in the school, teachers of color are an even bigger minority. If the educators were more diverse in racial mix, Schalick would be the perfect school.
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Schalick wasn't that bad for a high school. The school may have to work on all minorities, not just one. That has to do with handling issues with students of diversity. Issues like racism, sexism, and homophobic students are things that the staff could work on dealing with instead of downplaying a problem because they may not understand it or don't want to deal with unbearable parents. The school should focus on students not only being safe but to feel more comfortable to be who they are and possibly discovering what that is.
Schalick Highschool is a very limited school, the academics always come before anything else. Although there are various academies (art, theater, and dance), all of the student body is like family.
I liked how small Schalick is and how much the teachers care. There are somethings that you wont find at other schools like our spirit and drive for achievement. Over all I wouldn't want to spend my 4 years at any other school and I know that by going to Schalick I am the most prepared for college as I could be.
My experience at Schalick has been amazing! The staff is knowledgable and approachable. I would like to see healthier lunches served, but other than that I can't complain!
Schalick is an average small town school, while it lacks many advanced courses, it does offer a good amount of AP classes proportionate to its size. The administration is at times overbearing and seems to have a personal bias against the theater and dance programs. Sports culture is very big and it seems most of the school's attention goes to the football team, this often leaves other aspects of the school underdeveloped (ex. clubs and extracurriculars).
Good friends were made, along with plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. Smaller population calls for closer ties with all other students. You either love it or hate it.
I love the environment, the rural fields are extremely comforting and our sports teams may not win all of the time but we all know that we participate in the sports for the experience and for the people. While I love the science department at Schalick, I have to admit we are lacking severely in our english department. Schalick could definitely benefit from new material and approaches to better the students understanding of given concepts.
They are very good education wise and care highly about their students. I have never experienced a Principal who loves these students more than Mrs. Dubois-Trembley does. She truly cares about each child who walks through the doors every day as if they were her own child.
It's a small school with small classes so it's easy to get one on one time with a teacher, and meet new people.
Arthur P. Schalick is a peaceful school. It is small, each class composed of about 120 students. While, like all schools, it has its flaws and areas to improve upon, my experience there was one that I treasure and that impacted me greatly. Schalick supports and facilitates the arts. The programs in this area at the school are wonderful. One of my favorite parts of high school was learning how to play the guitar and discovering my proclivity for music. During the four years I attended, the teachers were passionate and truly wanted their students to understand the subjects. I would recommend this school for these things.
Schalick is a pretty typical small high school. Due to the size, there aren't many class options, with only 8 AP options to take part in starting junior year. There is a dearth of clubs to take part in, and there are only the basic sports to join. However, it is an excellent school to attend. The teachers, at least the ones I have learned from, are amazing at what they do. In higher level classes, the teachers thoroughly prepare you for college and/or the AP exams, and the classes are small, allowing you to get help from the teacher relatively easily. As for the sports that are present here, they are very worthwhile to take part in, with very friendly coaches and great teammates to have supporting you.
Teachers here are so amazing and underrated by this site. If you are a serious student, the teachers are better than those rich people at Princeton. In my AP classes, everyone got 4s and 5s. The school has students take a certain number of classes to graduate, like 4 English and math, among others. Schedules are sometimes flawed, but they get a bulk of what you want into it. The workload I have personally with 3 AP classes is difficult to maintain with a sport.
In terms of diversity, we are pretty good. We have mostly whites, many blacks, quite a few Hispanics, and a few Asians. Many gays and other oriented people here, and sports involvement is about 50% of students, so it is very solid. Nearly no bullying at the school and people stay in their groups, but we all know and are friendly with each other:
The health and safety at schalick high school is great. The security guards are very friendly and they know when or if they need to take action. The school nurse is trustworthy. Bullying is rare, although fights occur about every other week.
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The extracurricular activities at Schalick are quite extensive. There is certainly an option for everyone, and I wish that I participated in more activities. I really enjoyed the games I watched and this school is certainly competitive. We made it to state championships about once a year in some sports.
My overall experience has been satisfying. There are plenty of chances to participate in activities and the parents of athletic students are very involved in their education. As for other students, most of their parents just want to see anything higher than a c/d.
Most of the teachers go above and beyond. There are a few that won't even confront you about a serious problem. My overall experience with them has been satisfying, and I would recommend them to others.
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