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ALAH High School has been very good to me. I have never felt that have been at a disadvantage because it is a smaller school. They try incredibly hard to make sure we have all of the opportunities we need to succeed. The only criticism I have is they need to learn how to spend money. They have spent ridiculous amounts of money on cameras, TV's, and smart boards. These are all things that are nice but unnecessary at a school our size.
Very sports oriented rather than not.
Special study options have gotten more broad over the past couple years.
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Good communication and some good teaching styles. All teachers are interested in their students success.
Not much racial diversity or sexual orientation but mostly everyone is accepted.
School and facilities are in good condition, and the resources are somewhat limited.
I think my school could have a stricter policy for bullies. I know several people who have gotten away, without even a detention, for bullying. Some teachers walk away when they see it, unless it's physical bullying. Our school doesn't have metal detectors or security, but it has never been an issue. For the most part, our school is safe. No students have had issues with violence and feel safe. As for the school nurse, she's hardly ever at the high school, because she is normally at the grade school. If someone feels ill, they go to the secretary, who calls the student's parent. Then, they can go home if they get the parent's approval.
As said before, we have several sports. We are usually competitive in every sport. In the last three years, our Volleyball team has had a very good record, only losing about three games all season. The last two years, our boy's Basketball team has made it to Sectionals and the Football team has made it to playoffs. We also have several athletes make it to State competitions for Track and Field. Overall, my school does decent in the athletics department.
Most extracurricular activities are in the athletic department. My school offers Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Boys and Girls Basketball, Track and Field, Baseball, and Softball. There isn't much variety per season but enough to get the athletes involved. The academic organization we have is Scholastic Bowl. We also have Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering competitions but students must be recommended to be eligible. I think my school should offer more extracurricular activities to get students involved and keep them out of trouble.
My teachers do a great job teaching the majority of the time. The problem is my school does not offer many difficult classes. We have four dual credit classes, about five weighted classes, but the other classes are generally easy. The physical education teachers here do a great job of making sure students get involved in physical activity. Students must run a mile every week and jog and play sports the other days. Our school also has higher math classes, some being dual credit and weighted. The other courses are basic.
Our school usually offers three to four options a day. One option is always a peanut and jelly sandwich. There is usually a healthy option, such as a salad. The other two are random choices. They usually offer tator tots or french fries but are generally undercooked/not cooked crisp enough. The other sides are usually okay to eat. Milk at our school is the biggest issue. I do not even take the chance of drinking it due to the stories I've heard. Many people I know have said that they have bought spoiled milk and had to get water from the water fountain instead.
With our dress code, students aren't punished for wearing inappropriate clothing, they are asked to change. With bulllying, most students are able to get away with it. They may get a detention for verbal bullying, but most of the time teachers ignore it. Last week a student physically bullied three other students and only got a couple days of in-school suspension. I think our bullying policies could be more strict. Attendance is not a big issue at our school. Students know that if they miss a day of school, a parent has to call the school to let our secretary know or they must send a note with the student the next day. If not, the school will call the parent to find out what is going on.
Going to a small town high school is great in the sense that you know most of your classmates and teachers. However, small schools do not have as many opportunities as bigger schools. I love my school, but sometimes I wish I could have attended a bigger school to make success more achievable.
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