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There is a class for everyone. No one is left behind. The school is welcoming to all students. It is a positive learning environment.
I love how many friends I made. I made some of my closest friends in this school. I learned life skills and some college lessons. Some things that I can change is that there are more bathrooms. Some days it takes like 10 minutes on line just to go to the bathroom and then it gets really crowded.
Our high school is 100% good education wise but everybody has their problems during the years. As a African American girl people start with the racist jokes and the name calling. I don't let it bother me though. Honestly I take it as a joke myself. But the main problem is they keep switching principals and they laid off some of my favorite teachers. The principal we have right now is really strict about everything, like as a senior I feel like we should have more freedom and more privileges.
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Arthur L. Johnson is a great school, everyone there is kind and always encouraging others. The teachers are always willing to give students extra help. But the only thing the school should change is increasing the amount of electives to choose from.
I'm telling you this school is garbage don't come here this school is filled with drug addicts no extra courses too many young teacher have have terrible teaching skills and diveristy is a joke there's like 10 Hispanic and 3 black kids in the whole grade. Not enough interesting electives to take after sophomore year unless you want to take stupid puppetry and art the rest of your years here. I'm begging my mom to move me to scotch plains to continue my education in engineering and technology
Good supportive teachers, although one on one office hours are hard to obtain. Some teachers rush subjects and teach what they feel neccisarry just to pass a student. Clubs are not very active and athletics are decent with dedicated coaches. The guidance staff are very helpful and will develop a relationship with each and every student, they're possibly the best asset to the school. The students display rude behavior and racist attitude toward students of other race, making a school day possibly intimidating. Otherwise a good school dedicated to preparing a student for the future and a good teacher/student ratio.
Great place to find friends, great teachers who truly care about you and strive to help you achieve greatness.
I enjoyed being a student at Johnson was a good experience. I feel that we had a large option of classes with a lot of great teachers. There are also many different sports options available and clubs as well.
they don't give us the weefeen

My overall experiences at Arthur L. Johnson were good. I will have fond memories to take with me. What I liked most about my school was the various clubs that it offered and being in the music program. I love and will dearly miss my music instructor and her staff that assists in marching band. We became one big, happy family.
If I could change anything, it would be my experience in physical education. I feel like the staff could participate a little more rather than bark out orders!!!!
The school is an overall welcoming environment, and is a safe place to be due to the installment of new security guards. Diversity is low but that is only due to the school's location.
When I came to ALJ a couple years ago, the community welcomed me with open arms and I immediately felt like I belonged here. The students are overall pretty open-minded but like every school, there is always those couple closed-minded individuals as well. Most of the teachers are overall excellent and care about their students. The sports are decent overall, but unfortunately, there is some favoritism with certain teams and people. There is an ample amount of clubs and activities at this school, but I wish there was a little bit more clubs. The school is not exactly diverse either, but people are accepting of the few minorities here. The school definitely prepares you for college, and they really push that on the students, and sometimes it is a bit too much (especially with certain subjects). Even though there is some flaws with this school, I would definitely come back here again in a heartbeat.
It was a great place to learn and grow but there was no cultural diversity so students dont get enough exposure to the different ways people live and think.
Arthur L Johnson high school has changed my life for the better. My courses were challenging, but never too difficult and my teachers were always more than willing to help me succeed. I truly felt that my teachers were genuinely concerned about my well-being and wished great success on all their students. The guidance department is extremely knowledgeable and hardworking. Everything I could have possibly needed or wanted from a guidance counselor, I was able to find in mine. My teachers helped me shape my future goals and allowed me the opportunities I needed to make those dreams come true. If I had to do high school over again, I would choose to go back to ALJ without hesitation.
They are good. Everything you want, ALJ has in terms of clubs and extracurricular activities.
I'm happy with my outcome. I have the classes I need for college, ALJ offers everything I need heher or not I use it.
The teachers are good. In the mainstream classes, some students are disruptive in class and that prevents the teacher from completing his task. It's hard for teachers to teach when even only a few students ruin it for everyone.
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Bullying is not a common occurrence in ALJ, and despite the fact that many students loathe ALJ, they generally feels safe within its walls.
The school offers many extracurricular activities that a lot of students fail to take advantage of. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the softball and tennis teams, and have countless great memories from participating in both sports.
There are a few teachers at ALJ that are very well-qualified, passionate about what they teach, and who teach effectively. However, most of these teachers teach honors/AP classes, so moat of the student body is not exposed to such greatness. Unfortunately, there is a large gap of the quality of teaching between these honors/AP teachers and the "average" level teachers.
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