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I liked the college readiness that the school provides not much schools provide that. Also college trips an colleges visiting the school to see students for on site admissions.
There are not very many high school options in town but Arthur Hill is better than what's lay out for you. The teachers for the most part can get you from point A to point B so you can get into a decent college, the officers keep the few bad eggs in line, food could use a LOT of improvement but overall it's a decent school. Again, it beats Saginaw High at least.
Arthur Hill high school academics is really poor. I did things at the hill that I already learned in middle school. It's not challenging at all. One thing they do make sure is that you score high on your SAT and we take a lot of field trips to different colleges and the clubs lets are amazing! They make sure you're on the right track and connect you wit different colleges.
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I really enjoyed attending Arthur Hill, the staff made sure you have what you need in order to graduate and they really care for all of the students. While attending Arthur Hill I have gain confidence in myself and have been working harder to reach my goals.
I would like for teachers at this school to change the way they teach, most students can't learn because of the way the way they teach. Also, I would like the food to be a little better than what it is.
The school is not very diverse. However, there were exchange students that contributed to the cultural exchange. The clubs and sports kept students active and involved. The academics were challenging however I wish there was more options to choose from. At the time there was only Calculus and AP English. All the teachers I had were encouraging and dedicated to their work and to the students. I was lucky to have such supportive mentors and role models.
i like that arthur hill has a no tolerating bully free zone. i would like the lunch to change. i would also like the breakfast to change to. i would also like the teachers to teach their class correctly and stop being afraid of the students and just send them out of the room if they are not acting right and disrupting the class. i am only speaking about one teacher and her name is mrs. tracy.
The teachers are very encouraging when it comes to your education. You always have some one to talk to in the Health center, and the councilors always have an ear open for you.
I like how our principal is so connected with each of us and makes sure that our academics are going well as well as our home lives, and he will make sure that he helps us out in any way possible. Also the teachers show us unconditional love by pushing us to apply for scholarships & colleges, but also make sure that we take the SAT very seriously.
I personally like Arthur Hill but I feel like it's really diversified at times especially when it comes to events and/or activities. I would like to see more engagement with students not just always the " popular " ones.
My experience here isn't bad. Of course, we are nowhere near the best school, but there are certain teachers that push us in ways that make us more successful than some of the other schools like us.
So far my experience here has been good. I have made a lot of friends. I am a part of a lot of school clubs and all of the members are nice. I have been getting good grades and I like the teachers. The teachers like me too.
Arthur hill highschool is a pretty basic school, with wonderful teachers who try to get you college ready and push you to your best self. The crowd.. I can say is pretty diverse depending on the way you look at it
I love everything, I feel nothing needs to change. I love the fact that you guys give me a chance at many different scholarships.
Having attended Arthur Hill for the last 4 years, I can honestly say that I have experienced the good and the bad. Arthur Hill insures the success of its students through the Lumberjack University, a college readiness and preparatory center that assists students in FAFSA, TIP, college and scholarship applications. The staff also goes out of their way for the students, but all of this assistance and more is often neglected by the students. When all of this is taken advantage however, Arthur Hill guarantees success by providing a cultural, and plentiful experience with many opportunities.
I love the school and the staff. It needs to be updated but overall an amazing learning environment.
My overall experience was great and very informational.. I truly love my school and the teachers there are wonderful...I chose this site because it had alot of great overall reviews..It is very Easy to fill out for scholarships and less stressful..I really appreciate this site..
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Arthur Hill high school has many awesome academic classes available to help build your idea on what you would like to persue in life. The teachers at Arthur Hill high school are very considerate of your grade and most importantly help you understand whats being taught. The teachers come up with different fun activities to help you progress your knowledge. The food not only taste great but its also healthy for your consumption. Transportation is strongly reliable as long as you sign up for a free bus pass ID. We have a variety of sports to choose from starting with the most common such as basketball: Football: or track. To cheerleading: Pom Pom team: and wrestling. Arthur Hill High School is very big on safety, which is why we have metal dectors and security guards. When most people think of Arthur Hill high school the first thought is Academics, which is why every year we provide the best of the best college readiness classes, study clubs that focuses on the SAT or the ACT.
I love this experience it helps me get scholarships and moves me closer to the college of my choice. To be honest there is nothing I can change its going great for me so far.
I've enjoyed my two years at Arthur hill high school over the 2 years I've been here had been an enjoyment. The teacher had a big impact in my life making sure I stayed on task and completed all of my assignments.There are many good opportunists at school and I've been taking every chance I get to make sure I'm successful. My school adviser been pushing us to fill out for colleges and I've completed 6 . Many colleges have been coming to my school to recruit all because of Mrs.Jones. Its a good feeling when you know your surrounded round peers that want to see you successful .
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