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Arthur E. Wright Middle School Reviews

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The food is not very good. The only options are really only snacks or fast food. The cafeteria itself is clean though.
Dress code was strictly enforced at this school. Loaner clothing was given out to students who broke dress code and students clothing was checked frequently. The counselors at this school were poor. They make no effort to get to know their students or check in with them. It is hard to even get time to communicate with them. Bullying is handled well at this school. It is strictly enforced and we have multiple assemblies a year to prevent bullying.
The academics at this school are good. The classes taught me a lot and most of the teachers are nice and approachable. The only bad thing I would say is that the variety of classes is not very diverse.
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Safety at this school was pretty average. This school is in a very safe neighborhood, so security was not needed that much. We had a lot of fire drills and lockdown drills. The school nurse is not good. I got sick only once. She checked my temperature to confirm I was sick and then she just called my mom. While I waited the two hours for my mom to come she didn't say anything to me to see if I was ok or even offer me some water.
I liked my time at this school, but some things could have been better. I liked the honors program and CJSF because it did a good job of preparing me for high school. However, overall I think there wasn't much school unity and spirit to make the experience more enjoyable.
The quality and condition of the buildings and classrooms were very good. They were always clean and spacious. Technology was not made very available to the students. There were computers in the library, but not enough to meet demand. Also the library closed right after school, so the only time you could use the computers was at lunch or before school. The guidance counselors at this school were poor. They were not very good at dealing with conflict in my experience, and I feel like they did not make any effort to connect to the students and get to know them. Parent involvement was very good.
This school has so many wonderful things, including a anti-bullying policy. They have an incredible music program and G.A.T.E. program. The children are diverse and although there are the typical cliques, the kids all seem to co-mingle. There are opportunities for positive student involvement in many areas of learning.
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