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Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School Reviews

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What I would like to see is a change in the teachers because they're always choosing favoritism. It was an overall great school. I loved the Faces for the Future internship. I liked how we got to wear scrubs Monday-Thursday and Friday was free dress. Didn't have many rallies also like most high schools also because they were kinda boring. We only had 28 seniors because most of the people had left. I was the only senior that had perfect attendance. I am so thankful that I was able to create a NAMI Club on campus but I had to pay everything outta pocket but at least the teacher that helped me create the club would at least help me pay for some things. I can't really complain about that though because I was able to put many smiles on peoples faces which made my day.
I am a current student at A.A.B Health Professions High School and my year that I've been there has been great they have one on one communication with teachers and is a really small school so everyone is like one family. The only downside to the school is it doesn't have the same experiences as a normal high school like dances, events, etc.
One thing that I really didn't like is that some teachers don't know how to teach the material that they're suppose to teach. However, some teachers really care about your success and help you to the best of their abiliy.
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There was only ever one major incident the four years I attended and the staff kept the students calm and safe which was amazing.
I was apart a few different clubs on campus but some clubs don't have as high of student interest as others, but there is always a tone of support for the clubs on campus.
I loved the fact that this school wasn't a regular big high school, it had smaller class sizes and a true focus for the students.
The teachers at AABHPHS are incredible, they are caring, thoughtful and dedicated to the students learning and improving.
The school has many options.
The school provides students with work experience.
The teachers at this school are very motivated.
There is a soccer club at this school, and its actually a very commitment club. Most of the students in this club are very athletic, and have good grades, and are very organizing at managing there time.
This school is an amazing school, because most of the subject is base on medical. My favorite experience at this school was going to most of the event that they host. For examples; Nursing day, and UC Davis event.
The teachers here at at Arthur A. Benjamin High School engage and care about their students. There teaching styles are very simple and specific. There knowledge is beyond, and can answer most of the students question.
Everyome takes care of each other. The teachers look out for the students when there feeling sick. Or even when there mad because they care about how they might react.
The after school program is great. They help you with homework and anything else you need. The sports are small because its a small school but it gets kids active and there fun to play.
This school is great. Id recomened it to any student who wants to go into the medical field. The school teaches you alot about medical. And mthe four years I been it it has been a privilege. Its a small school but if you like small school its great for you.
Most of the teachers give there all to the students. When you need help they are there to help you every step of the way. They are busy and its hard for them through the school year. But somehow they manage to get through it all
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We didn't have any sport teams to keep me busy
I met many new people and experienced many new things that i hadn't dreamed of seeing or having the opportunity of taking. The affiliated businesses and partners make available many programs to allow the students to get a feel for what the medical field will be like as well as the variety of jobs and careers it has.
Could be better but their are a variety of fruits and vegetables available and abundance of such things due to the small population at the school.
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