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I enjoyed most of the teachers that taught. They mostly have great addittudes and teaching style. I would like to change on how some of the faculties treat the students. Especially if they might have gotten im trouble for something small. They need to understand when to do they're bad cop act.
Artesia High School is a great school with an amazing staff who truly cares and looks out for every student. The academics at Artesia are extremely amazing because we have amazing teachers.
I like that the school is very involving and tries to keep students involved with the different things that go on and are aware of decisions that are being made. I would like to see teachers become more connected with students and more welcoming.
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Artesia High School is very great school full of great people. Many may say it has a bad reputation, but it has changed a lot from what it was before. All staff helps student achieve their goals because they believe in us even when we don’t.
Artesia is an amazing school with many things, which makes this school unique. All the teacher are nice and explain everything very well. If someone doesn't get it, they explain everything in a different way. The teacher tries to teach differently since there are different types of learners. There's also a lot of help after school, they offer to tutoring each Tuesdays and Thursdays, for two hours straight. They also have special guests at student union after school. The speeches are mainly about college and why it's important. There are many clubs such as Polynesian, Spanish club, Key club, Artesia Choreography Team etc. A.C.T or Artesia Choreography Team is one of the clubs that stand out the most to me, not because of I'm part of it. Both Polynesian and A.C.T perform for rallies. Overall, Artesia is unique high school.
Artesia high school is a place we’re you can express yourself and be yourself. You learn a lot of different things and get tons of help from everyone around. There’s not a day we’re you can say that schools boring because there’s always something to do. Some changes I would like to make to the school though, would be to add drivers ed , or other fun activities that can help us more in the future.
A lot of the staff and teachers went out of their way to make a difference in students lives. They really helped me better myself, push myself and create goals!
Artesia High School either are the best years of your life or the worst years, I say it was best for me because the type of people I had as my teachers and peers are really nice to me, so I find it okay.
Artesia is a very good school to meet new people they are very friendly. At Artesia there are many people you can talk to if you are in need of help.
Artesia is an average high school. The teachers are very good as well as the administration. Teachers are also ready to teach classes as well as helping any students. The clubs and activities are great for students to participate and are welcoming. Artesia's campus is fair lots of space to walk around. However, its not the conditions that could reach if they worked more on. The class sizes are big. There is a lot of diversity. The sports are good but wish they would focus on other sports than football. The staff is friendly and welcoming.
Artesia Needs work, but is well above the standards of a Average high school academic wise. It’s a great fun,diverse, and academically challenging learning environment.
Artesia is really different from their "reputation." You would think there would be lots of fights, but in reality we are a really mellow school. Most of our students just do not care. I remember in 2016 for the district benchmark testing we beat both CHS and GHS, so I would say we are competent in academic level as well. However, the only thing we lack is probably school spirit. It has improved over the years, but I think compared to Gahr we lack in that area. Our sports are not the best as well as our band, but they are definitely not the worse. For band, they need an actually teacher that does not keep leaving every year same with art. The teachers are great, mostly the math department. The block schedule was also a great addition to this school. It really saved my grades this year. I went to a B student to a straight A student since I had time to do my homework, study, and go to sleep at 9. Also don't be afraid to ask the college & career counselors for help!
Artesia High School may have a reputation for being a bad school but in reality, it is up to a student and how they take advantage of all the opportunities the school gives. For me, the school is letting me go take community college classes and study at school at the same time.
The highlight of Artesia will always be the teachers. Of course you will always have the few that cannot be bothered to care, but throughout my 4 years there, I have had numerous teachers that genuinely cared not only about my education, but about my wellbeing. The administration is a slightly different story, however.
My overall experience at Artesia high school had been great. Its been full of surprises and fun experiences. I would totally tell people to come to our school because we have so many activities and fun sports rallys!
Artesia High School has a great group of students and staff that are very accepting and make the school feel safe.
This high school has taught me so much and it is an al out great experience to be there. They give you many opportunities.
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Artesia High School is a school which you can just connect with everyone around you, a place where you are safe, a place where you can call home. Overall my experience at this awesome school has been the best year of my life.
Things that I really liked about the school was the diversity of it and also the many different courses that were able to be taken. though something that I would really like to see change would be that ICR that they have for being late to class like they should eliminate that because students that are their frequently most likely do not like the class that is at the time therefore they should be forced to go to the class because if not it is basically just a free period. then also for those students that are rarely late to any class why would they keep them there to just get behind in their work when it is literally like 1-2 minutes late compared to an entire class of missing information and falling behind. but other than that it was a pretty decent school.
I had a very good time attending Artesia Highschool. The teachers, staff, counselors and Principal are helpful and nice. I was in the basketball team for three years and volleyball for one year and I enjoyed playing for Artesia. The Coaches help you play better individually and as a team. Artesia Highschool offers different choices of electives, extracurricular activities,CP, honors and AP classes.
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