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I would like to see more money be put into school facilities. This is like the bathrooms and some of the classrooms need remodeling. I would also like to see that the school day can start later. It starts pretty early and I think many students would show up more if the school day started later.
Artesia High School is a school that focuses on it's academics and has an abundance of resources to help out students with both college and current classes.
My experience at Artesia High School has been a good experience. It has been a good 4 years here at this high school. Teachers here are very helpful and are willing to go out of there way to help you to be a successful student.
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What i like about Artesia High school is that all the teacher are very helpful and help you with what ever you need. Also they have great sports and are very good such as soccer. Also the ladies from the front office help you with what ever you need and help. The counseling teachers are very helpful they help you with your grades and lead you to best pathway.
One thing that is excellent in Artesia High School are the resources provided. Such as programs that help students be guided for the future and can be well prepared for college, like AVID.
What I like about Artesia High School is that they have a lot of help foe everyone especially seniors. Not only that but they have good classes like the Pharmacy Technician that gets you prepare, so that the summer when graduate I can get my license and be certified.
Artesianhigh school has came a long way from what it was. The safety had improved alot and the people too have been more to caring.
Even though Artesia High School has a bad reputation, it is not a horrible school to attend. I am proud to be a Pioneer. The teachers are amazing and they do everything possible to get students to pass their class. I would like to see the Student Union changed so that more students can sit down and do their homework without being cramped up in a small room.
The faculty and teachers have been super nice and great. The teacher's that I have had care alot about students and spend extra time to help students who struggle or who want to know more. This school has improved so much throughout the years and I'm happy that I'm in this school and not any other school.
Artesia is a good school to be at staff is friendly and will help throught your years and sports is good at artesia high school as they have switched to a new league
What I like about Artesia High School is that every student around campus interacts with each other. Something that should change from that school is the environment like the restrooms and lockers.
Artesia High School creates a welcoming environment for not only the students, but for all those who walk through the school's front gate. Artesia High does its best to prepare and encourage the student body to pioneer through the challenges of life and pursue a higher education. It is the home of NBA's 2017-2018 MVP Player James Harden, and several other professional basketball players. Artesia High is a school for the students; changing class schedules from 6 periods in one day to having a block schedule, giving surveys to students to receive feedback about their classes and school activities.
At Artesia High there are ups and downs. What I enjoy is that the majority of the staff are nice and respectful. They have much going on in the school and always try to best as they can be. The downfall would be the some of the students who make threats and have fights but, they get suspended or expelled. Overall Artesia is an okay place but there could be room for improvement.
My experience was well worth it. I've been in athletics and extracurriculars and academic programs throughout my high school career.
The school is very good at celebrating higher education after high school. They make sure everyone has help to apply always. However, the school is very small and does not have spirit.
Aretsia high school is a very good school it’s a great place to be in and the staff and teachers are the best some I can say all though a lot of students wish that our campus was better and cleaner that is all I have to say about artesia high school
Attending Artesia High School was an interesting experience. I was able to excel in my academics, but that was mostly due to the fact that I did not have very much competition. Compared to other schools in the district, Artesia did not offer as many AP classes. However, most of the teachers were great and I could tell that they genuinely cared about the students.
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The school has a lot to offer and has many classes to choose from but there are certain elements that would need modification such as teacher hours for students who don't have a full schedule
I enjoyed most of the teachers that taught. They mostly have great addittudes and teaching style. I would like to change on how some of the faculties treat the students. Especially if they might have gotten im trouble for something small. They need to understand when to do they're bad cop act.
Artesia High School is a great school with an amazing staff who truly cares and looks out for every student. The academics at Artesia are extremely amazing because we have amazing teachers.
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