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This school is a very supportive and well funded school able to help students achieve success and pursue their goals after high school.
Artesia High School is a very supportive school to their students and safety is one of their main concerns. The school has many policies enforced such as the dress code and the driving policy to protect their students the best they can. Artesia High School also has a very supportive community which helps allow students to pursue their dreams in extra curricular activities. The teachers all push students to do their best and are great at interacting with the students to get them the best possible education!
Artesia High School has been a constructive place for me to prepare for college, especially with the AP and Honors courses offered.
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I loved everything about Artesia High School. The staff was great! The teachers and coaches had a very unique and distinct way of getting through to the students. The events held by the school were amazing! Almost every student got to partake! I felt very safe at Artesia High School. The staff made me feel as if I was at home! They were all very friendly and if I ever had any problems I was able to trust them to resolve every issue of mine. The staff even went a little further to make sure I was doing well in school and at times they gave me motivation and support that was much needed and very helpful!
My years spent at Artesia High were fun but I did not feel excited about learning. For the most part, the curriculum was lack luster and dampened my motivation for school. There were multiple teachers that made up for that though, they were fantastic and have shaped my life for the better.
The school overall I would say is about average; however, the faculty is really involved in students life and success.
Artesia high is a great school we have a great culture. Our traditions are one of a kind and our sport and extra curricular classes are great. Artesia has a great community that support’s our school.
Multiple seniors have been kicked out of their dual credit classes because the school cannot find their accuplacer test scores.
I had a great four years there. I got to experience many different choices and activities there that shaped me into the person I am.
Artesia High School has helped me grow in many ways. It has expanded my mind and intellectual ability with its rigorous classes and very attentive teachers.
Artesia High School is a very good school. The extra-curricular activities are excellent. Sports are amazing at Artesia High.
Artesia High School offers great programs and has excellent teachers. It is a very tight-bonded community.
growing up in a small community such as Artesia was such a blessing. great School programs who truly care about their students education.
It's awesome experience and great teachers, I honestly couldn't go to a better school it's a great environment plus artesia it's a such a loving community on Friday nights everyone supports the football team and it's just perfect on the way the not only the team it's playing but the whole county it's playing.
What I love is how we have so much school spirit. There are hardly any fights. Teachers are easy to talk too and cooperate with. there is nothing I would change.
Artesia High School has many positive attributes that benefit the learning environment for students. For example, the faculty member ranging from custodians to principles are friendly and welcoming. I have had many teachers over the past years help create many fantastic memories. These teachers have also remand persistent and never gave up on helping even through out any struggling. My school is supportive in any and all sport or extracurricular activities. There is a negative aspect on this and it is they the school could be more so interested when it applies to the the students that participate in the Arts such as drama, band or choir. My high school experience at Artesia thus far has been simple and fun-loving.
I liked my high school. I feel safe here, comfortable, and fortunate to be a part of such a hands on community. The students here at AHS are fortunate to have oilfield companies that donate money to future senior graduates. Although sometimes I feel as if we focus too much on sports and not enough on academics. This town is known for it's football success but other clubs matter to, like BPA and DECA.
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People were kind. Especially teachers. Although I had a bad experience with a couple of teachers, for the most part the teachers are really good. I loved the school. I grew up there and I like the sense of community. The fact that it is a small school was great because there wasn't many cliques. People hung out with almost everybody.
I have lived in Artesia my whole life and went to the Artesia High School. This school alright, but I had a good time here. When you get into senior year, no one cares anymore, like what you wear or how you look. Its a good school in my opinion.
Over all I think Artesia High School has really good oppourtunuites for their students. I have never had so many teachers that do everything in their power to help their students be succesful for after they graduate. There is nothing that I would change about my school. The staff always makes sure that everyone is involved and that they have the resources that they need. I have met some of the most interesting, outstanding students during my time here. Artesia High School is just an overall, interesting school that is known for it's students success and involment in the community.
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