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Art & Design High School is a great school. I have been going there since the 9th grade and I have had the pleasure of being taught by a few well known teachers. They are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help in any way they can. The students are very friendly. I have also been exposed to a lot of activities, especially our annual fashion show which I was involved and had the opportunity of seeing one of my work and a collaboration piece modelled.
Through out the last four years I've had a great experience. I was able to learn so much about my major (Graphic design) and I would love to have a career in it.
My school is not like other high schools. My school has been awarded often for being the top school in the state of New York for art. In fact, Art and Design is a CTE Standard school, which stands for Career and Technical skills that can be put directly in the workforce. As someone who has been an honors student in both academics and art, I can state for a fact that there are certain advantages to possessing the mix of classes. Through the school, I made great people that I know will always stand by me, even into the far future. I made connections with people in the industry and showed off my skills, which will give me a heads-up for a possible job later on. I feel like I am ready to pursue my dream job to become an animator. My confidence in my ability to perform and draw, compared to the past and what I've been compared to before, has been restored to its former glory. I feel like a sounder person, ready to take life by the hand and begin walking.
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Art and design high school is a very creative and talented school filled with many artist. Art majors vary and have amazing teachers to go along with like to see the freedom of art be expressed and the school to be a bit more Organized over all the school is amazing
I meant some truly talented individuals here. The arts thrive here and it is very diverse. For this reason, there's someone for everyone, there are no bullies because everyone is accepted. The academics do come second though. Some teachers simply do not care about the students' well being. Since it is so large, there is little discipline and it's easy to fall off. Too big to be focused on. Great preparation and resources for the arts though.
What I highly enjoyed about attending the High School of Art and Design is that. Art and Design has taught me how to socialize with other people who are from different backgrounds, and who are of different races and cultures in our society. To learn about friendship, and the trustworthiness and bonds that one creates during their time in the school. It teaches the values of teamwork and the work ethic of the individual.
I like that Art an d Design gives oppertunity to all students and provides programs that help students with college and career readiness.
The students are what makes the school so great, the talent, unique styles and passion from everyone really has a affect. Although many of teachers are very rude and favorite students with "the most talent" which I personally do not like. As a fashion major student, my fashion teacher expected me ( as a junior student ) to create garments for paris fashion week which is crazy since we go to high school to learn and not to expect everything we create to be perfect. Although the "most talented student" to him was given a free sewing machine in which many other lower class students needed.
Art and Design high school is an amazing school, its a CTE school meaning that it gets its students ready for not just college but as well as careers in the areas we are learning. The school opened my eyes to the many majors, also showing me that I will love to continue doing art in college and many as a career. The teachers all love their jobs and their students, and I believe that in this school you could find friends for life. The has never been much bullying in the school and there you could find a diversity of races, cultures, and interests which is a very amazing thing. The school has a feeling of home away from home.
Applying and getting chosen for Art and Design High School was my biggest accomplishment finishing middle school. I was in love with art and this school seemed to offer so many opportunities and open many doors into the art world. My freshman and sophomore years were challenging and definitely made me realize art was not my passion anymore. Although these years taught me many things including the industry of fashion which was my chosen major, it also taught me skills i can take into any road in life i decide to pursue in. I've had an overall unforgettable experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. I hope the school continues to open many doors for students, but make them more confident in their careers other than scared.
I enjoyed the accepting community with the students and the rigorous advanced courses. I felt prepared for regents exams and for finding work, but I would love to see the quality of the food and the facilities improved.
You can scream with your friends with harmony outside the school and others will join you.

But on a serious note, the community is great. Bullying is not much of a problem since people just go with the flow whenever something weird happens. It's an art school after all. For the most part everyone is very supportive, including students and teachers.

A negative would be is that it tends to be disorganized, and some of the staff don't really listen to complaints.

But overall it's a great school with more opportunities you would get in a non specialized school.
I really enjoy the diversity in the school. The majority of the students are Hispanic or Black. A lot of the teachers genuinely care about what they are teaching and the art departments are amazing. Though the school could improve organization immensely.
I was an architectural major. Thought I didn't finish this major in college, I was prepared to succeed in a BA program. I wish there were other math options but could have taken college math elsewhere. I eventually went on to law school, always proud of my school. I learned so much about life and met all kinds of people. Education was worth the travel.
Our school gives many in and out of school opportunities which gets us ready for the real world when we graduate.
Everyone is very kind and accepting to one another. While everyone is different, we all manage to be respectful towards one another.
What I liked about Art and Design was the amount of resources at my fingertips and the great teachers that helped me along the way. If you want to do art go to this school! A lot of amazing talent comes from this school. Students regularly place in nationwide art competitions. We make LaGuardia's visual art program look bad.
Of course there will always be drawbacks to a school, especially one located in NYC. So if you can deal with the bad parts then go. Without further ado, the bad parts of High School of Art and Design.



trashy girls and boys


cringey art kids

Annoyingly feminine guys

People who get too emotional over little things

Not that many good looking people (sorry guys)

kids who dye their hair like their life depends on it P.S. The colors are usually awful.

If you can see past that (which I bet most can because it is a NYC public school) then you will enjoy your time at the High School of Art and Design.
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There's a lot I would like to see changed, too many things to list. There's a couple of great teachers who really care but many don't.
I liked how I was able to find my passion for art in at the school of art and design, and find what I wanna do in the future with art.
The school has great teachers that prepare students for university. The teachers are big on dicipline.
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