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This was a great school that offered many connections. I just believed that they showed a lot of favoritism and it mainly depended on if you were the best of the best in arts. I was sadly in the middle so I didn't receive as many opportunities as many other students received. Also, there were many other things that the school left out when it came to college.
The school offers many opportunities for those who are interested in design fields. The give offers to art clubs, events and internships to set you up for college and your career in the arts field.
The friends I've made here have been amazing, the atmosphere is great, and the teachers really care about us.
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Art and Design High School is an amazing art school where all students are different, and unique in their own way. Everybody has their unique style of art that makes our school so diverse in ideas. Our school has 8 different art art majors, challanging courses like AP classes, clubs, teams, etc. Everybody is so welcoming here that it makes me feel like at home.
id like to see more organized events that each student can have an opportunity in having fun. also more communication between staff
Art and Design High School is one of the most diverse communities and teachers are always willing to help students achieve their best. Majors allow students to prepare for art careers with internships and college level training.
MY experience at Art and Design High School has been incredibly enriching both academically and artistically.
I’m in the fashion major and they offer trips to see other fashion work. For me only one period is not enough for me to finish doing what I want. The period always end too quickly. They also have CTE programs but I would like them to change the limits to 10th grade. They promised us that when you got to 10th grade they said you have to be the 11th grade to join. I even got my working paper ready but the schools told me I have to be the 11th grade. But the teachers for me teach very easy and fast. I’m able to get the most out of my class. Also the teachers are always there so you can earn more points. I have a better experience in high school than middle school. In an art high school you’re always practicing your skills as an artist. It’s not that as art student we have bad grades. The truth is that we get a lot of work in major so it takes up our time to do homework. But for me I don’t have difficulty completing homework.
It has very varied art majors and programs and allows students to present their works in galleries and compete in state-wide competitions.
Everything about Art and Design is great, there were some stuff that needed to be change as the lockers, bathrooms, but everything after that as the teachers, the students, the staff members they were all great. You can always count and see Art and Design as a home place.
Its an okay school and an okay enviroment. Has everything you need if you are looking for drama, study and everything in a school. Its also has a good area to wander and explore.Great school for studying arts. Lots of stairs as well.
Great high school for learning and understanding industry standard for students that really want to pursue a career in the arts. The school holds academics to a high standard while still supporting the creative bone in every student. A perfect balance.
When you enter the school you are placed into Design Foundation (alongside academic classes) which gives projects that helps you the student decide where you want to be for the next 3 years. Personally my favorite major is cartooning because it is all imagination based. You will see this is either cartooning classroom. Best tip is enjoy yourself and go with whatever major you feel best with.
I love the diversity and the different artistic style of each student. This school offers many art majors such as Illustration and Graphic Design.
I had a great experience at Art and Design HS.. I was given the instruction and direction to pursue my interest in Fashion Design. I will be attending Parsons’s School of Design this fall , and credit my teachers.
I used to love going to school but Art and Design has a way of draining you. The teachers and support system you have in this school are absolutely amazing, as well as the art program for different majors. The students at this school however are too rowdy and immature, and in dire need of common sense. The work load can be a bit draining (depending on your classes) and some methods the teachers use for required classes and inconvenient. Other than that Art and Design is a true learning experience, I grew up a lot here.
I'm grateful that we took the PS exam and get paid internships. DO NOT come here with any expectations for above average academics. There are a few caring, knowledgeable teachers but it's not a guarantee, and even they sometimes seem to suffer working with cryptic communication and rigid, predetermined lessons. Usually it's just work to keep our hands occupied and their duty seems to be to keep the class quiet. Real harmful behavior with students AND faculty is buried in paperwork or flat out ignored. Students get suspended & punished for small things. The bathrooms (and lockers) are gender separated but the 2 bathrooms in the nurse's office double as gender neutral bathrooms. Some teachers and administrators try to enforce the racist + sexist dress code, eg. demand people remove durags, and cover bra straps. There are no metal detectors. There are school cops. There are 11 floors in this school and you might have to walk 5 flights in a row. There are elevators but you need a pass.
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Your time at A&D will be short once you look back on it. The school is absolutely amazing at providing students with resources and material, if only the students took advantage of the opportunities. In general, the school's academics are alright. However, there are some excellent teachers at the school, that go beyond just teaching in the classroom.
All the art teachers are brilliant, and will teach you much about your major. Many of them either work in the field, taught the course at a college level, or both. I would say the clubs are limited, and the sports isn't a big aspect.
There are both good and bad kids in this school, like any other. It's become a bit more diverse in recent years, and have been preparing kids for college better. Really, the only downside is how the administration deals with the bathroom situation in the school.
It's a very great school if you want to pursue art as a career, and has a lot of job opportunities and connections. The staff can use some work, though.
The way the school works is very beneficial o the students attending and helps students stay on track/keep them on track. The school is always making sure that every student has many opportunities to graduate. This school is a school that always tries to make learning fun for the students.
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