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Attending this school help me navigate what I want to do for my future. I came into the school wanting to pursue photography, while still having an interest for fashion. However a teacher from the fashion department saw something in me that I didn’t see within myself and it lead me to pursing fashion on a high level.
We were given a head start in the world of careers within tech and/or design. The environment was entirely inclusive and diverse which allowed exposure to all sorts of people and cultures, this has benefited me socially now that I'm older.
A&D has good programs for the arts. I just wish that we could integrate projects between majors more.
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This school offers a unique combination of the arts, academics and real world experience. Students have opportunities to engage in a variety of fields when choosing an art major to pursue for three years. Such fields include, but are not limited to, fashion, graphic design, architecture and/or film. Through internships, competitions, and use of guest speakers, Art and Design enables its students to forge a connection between their work and its application to the real world. Recently, our school has strengthened its emphasis on academics by implementing a more accessible AP classes program. This gives students an easier opportunity to challenge themselves and gain a higher education. However, this school would not receive a perfect rating from me as it tends to be disorganized at times which makes things difficult for students and staff.
This school has provided me with 4 years worth of experience, friendship and excellence. I learned so much about the art industry, and that it is easy if you love what you do. I learned to not sell myself short and to be nice to everyone I meet, as well as learning the necessary skills to make me a competitive worker in the field when I go off on my own in the real world.
People there are nice, friendly and accepting. Most of the staff is very helpful but others are not. The school is disorganized but also confusing at the same time.
Calvin Klein graduated here and inspires many others. This school allows you to choose a major and expand your knowledge and options for that major. While art and design is an arts school they also take pride in their educational courses. They have language programs as well as AP classes. Art and design makes sure students know the value of the arts and learn about how art can be not only used as beauty but as a movement. Students will learn everything a regular high school can give you along with extra class AND teach students art and its value.
Art and Design is one of the best art schools in NYC. The school doesn't discriminate against any kids. The school has a friendly atmosphere.
When I started in this school in 2014 it was really good and fun. Now I cannot wait to leave. The teachers are cool but the administration is trash. The only good thing about this school is the Art and creativity and diversity.
I like my school because all people are very kind, respectful. It's a great atmosphere and I really do not regret being in that school, on the contrary I feel lucky.
Art and Design high school has a wide variety of majors which is one of the best features of this school. All of these majors are related to art in some way such as Photography, Illustration, Animation, and so on.
Instead of focusing more on art, there is more focus on academics. I'd like art and design to be creative again, along with hiring teachers that can do their job right.
4/5 Stars
Throughout my 4 years at Art and Design High School, I can say that it was one of the best decisions. Although they are mainly an art based school, academics are still very important. They offer a variety of sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Fencing etc. They also have a variety of majors like Fashion, Cartooning, Illustration, Animation, Architecture, Film, Photography and Graphic Design. The school makes sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally. If you have any disabilities (Learning/Physical) they try their best to adhere to your needs. When it comes to college readiness they counselors work with you every step of the way to ensure you get to where you want to be.
Although the school can be a bit unorganized, you won't get the experience in any other school. Attending an art school you get to meet so many different people of different races, ideas, and talents.
Had a great experience here, even though I changed my major, I learned a lot about myself and my goals!
Art and Design has amazing art programs and art teachers that motivate and inspire the students. The graphic design program is strong, and a lot of teachers give students opportunities to participate in art competitions and events. The academics are not of a high standard, and many students are not motivated at all. There are not a lot of clubs or activities for students to use. A lot of the students are not motivated by their teachers, and though there isn't bullying, many students are isolated by others.
The faculty and staff are amazing people to learn from and trust. They make the learning experience worth while. The different types of majors available along with different activities draws in many students to fulfill their interests.
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This school should hire and keep the good teachers. Get more involved with each student and be more vocal about the changes. The students get a little chance to express themselves and talk to the principal because he's always busy with meetings and I feel like he should designate time to the students each week.
Art and Design is a great school that has heavily impacted my art and the way I analyze art work. This school has allowed me to improve drastically in many fields especially.
This school has their positives and negatives just like any other school. However this school's art education is quite impressive. The school teaches an variety of majors for freshmens to choose from and teaches sophomores how to use Adobe Photoshop.
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