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Arsenal Technical High School No. 716 Reviews

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ATHS is a big high school. It is set up almost like a college campus, being the way the campus is set up. I enjoyed Tech while my time there. I enjoyed the programs they have there
My time at Arsenal Technical Highschool was brief but it was fun. Some of the teachers didn’t take their jobs seriously but most where top notch. Other than those few guys and gals thanks to the other teachers I was able to learn a great deal and graduate with no regrets.
I had a wonderful experience at Arsenal Tech HighSchool. I had the opportunity to build strong bonds with the teachers, students, and administration there. The campus is a beautiful historic campus that gives you a feel of being on a college campus. While attending Arsenal Tech, I had the opportunity to gain college readiness and college credits before ever attending a college.
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My experiences at Arsenal Technical High School is a very great school time to time. The education is good there if you put your mind into it. The teachers has great personalities and want to see the best for you. They will do anything to see you succeed in life’s unless you corporate with them.
I like the diversity at the school and they have a lot of opportunities' at the school like cosmetology, fire and rescue, graphic design, architecture, welding ,animal science, computer science, law, culinary and many more.
Arsenal Technical High School is a typical inner city high school with a few stand out teachers picking up the slack. There's not enough security or motivation of most staff to push the students to go to class. As well, I didn't know where the social workers office was until my JUNIOR YEAR! Social workers are an important vent for kids who are less fortunate. There aren't enough counselors to go around for the kids, and all of my college application work has been on my own. I've only spoken to my counselor twice maybe three times this year.
The school one of those where you do you and and you should pass with everything doeing well. One thing that I would change is then hiring really young people they need to hire the best they can find and just a bunch young teachers
I like the big open campus but i would like to see the college readiness go up. I also like some of the classes that they give and the different route you can take during your high school experience. Another thing I would like to see change is the school lunch , I feel like they give us the poorest school lunch known to man and I think that to be one of the biggest and best schools we need a better lunch . Another thing that needs to change is the teacher and student engagement. The teachers need to try to be more engaged and willing to help a student in any situation .
what i liked about attending Arsenal Tech High School is being about to walk outside as i go class to class.
I love the beautiful campus and how the campus is adorned with trees and flowers during the spring. I do, however, dislike the dislike the forms of disciplinary actions that are present because they are not very effective.
I like that you were able to get your career started your senior year I graduated with my CNA license
I graduated from Tech and my middle child also we both had a awesome time learning and being involved with our sports and academics
My experience at Tech was a little wild, mostly because of the students I was surrounded by. But the different types of magnets my school had really gave students room to grow and helped students figure out what they might want to do with their lives after Highschool. I got the chance to take all honor courses which helped me a lot in achievement, I also got the chance to take 4 AP classes which challenge me even more. Now as a senior in Highschool I've got the chance to take Athletic Training which is currently putting me one step ahead into my future career choice since I want to become a physical therapist. The only thing that I would love to change at that school is the students and how they behave, if students we to change the way they behaved during school hours then it would have a great effect on the schools environment.
Overall tech is a very big and diverse school with some problems , the teachers dont really help you, you have to very responsible to succeed
I loved all of the different programs that ATHS had to offer. Most of them you are required to start your freshman year which is a downside for students whom are forced to transfer schools and want to enter some of the programs.
This school is good but there is alot of bad influences at this school. Alot of drugs and people bring guns to school. So as long as you stay to yourself and don't hang with them type of people you are good.
Arsenal Technical Highschool is a pretty good school. Most of the teachers are great! It all depend on what student you choose to be and who you decide to hand around. I've had 2 great years here. I just wish the teachers would focus more on teaching us than trying to get the rude kids sent out or arguing with them.
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I LOVE the atmosphere of my school! It's a big beautiful campus with tons of flowers and trees. I love being able to go outside and walk to my classes in the sping and fall. It's not the best in the winter, but it's a gorgeous place to be any time of the year. The MSA (Math and Science Academy) program has great teachers and hard working students!
I'm a recent Alum, Class of 2015 and I went here all four years of high school. I was in the Math/Science Magnet that the school had. It allowed access to AP classes that were unavailable to others. It also made sure that students could graduate with an Academic Honors Degree.
Arsenal Technical High School is part of the Indianapolis Public Schools. Arsenal Tech is a 78 acre campus. ATHS is unique. When people hear the word "Tech" they automatically assume that it's where the awful teenagers go. People are so quick to judge without realizing the great opportunities they can get here. Sometimes fights may occur but I believe fights happen at every school. There is always those students who are good and bad, and at Tech we have both of those. The teachers and staff at there are very friendly and humble. Joining a sport and getting involved is the way to suceed. Arsenal Tech may have their imperfections, but overall it's a great school where you will learn, succeed, and achieve.
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