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My experience at ARROYO VALLEY High School is that I learned on how to be more independent and do things on my own. Some teachers at the school helped me with information on scholarships and how life will be when you get to college. In ARROYO VALLEY they have this program that is called avid which really helps me with getting prepared for college and information on how to get into the college's. There is another program at Arroyo Valley that is called gear up which has tutor's that helps me alot with my homework and assignments. Gear Up also gives field trips to students to other colleges so we could understand how college life will be like in the future.
Arroyo valley was an interesting school that consists of many different things even thought it was horrid in most parts it was still people trying to bring up school spirit
I like the International Baccalaureate program; however, the entire school lacks academic spirit. I wish the food and sports were better. Most of the students here prefer to slack off because there is genuine care for the development of learning in the students. The academies are easy to excel in because the standards do not challenge the students enough to critically think about the world and themselves.
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I love the International Baccalaureate program at Arroyo Valley high school! I feel like this program really prepared me for college. I also love the teachers at Arroyo Valley high school because they help me find programs I can attend in the summer to help further my interests in science. Not to mention, they are extremely nice and caring people who are always willing to help.
I liked that at Arroyo Valley High school everyone was different and there were people of different ethnicities. There were different clubs that would vary from running club, game board club and even an anime club. The only thing I would like to see change is the students. They need to have a better mindset and always settled for less when they could always do so much better in school.
My experience in Arroyo Valley High School is excellent from the kind people to the helpful teachers. This High School changes your life when attending because you get to learn many different skills and techniques for college. The different programs they offer has a variety of skills from business academy(creating a business) to the hardcore IB program(attaining skills for college). It is a great school for freshmen to start and for seniors to end.
My overall experience over there was pretty good. Although, being the ONLY muslim and a race other than Black, Mexican, or White made me feel quite alienated from the whole school. However, a lot of people accepted me and there were all nice people; I wasn't bullied as much as middleschool, but there was still a fair share of those people who didn't accept me. One thing that I loved at the school was that the cafeteria had a cool theme a mixture of 1920's to the late 1980's, but some kids stole the props and messed with the vintage look it still had character. One thing I would like to see change is to remove the IB and MYP programs. I was apart of those programs and it felt like a trap to me instead of making me feel more confident and smart it did the exact opposite for me those who weren't fully in the program were basically shunned and it felt like status instead of actually learning or improving your academics just meaningless busy work and getting judged by the other students.
What I really liked about Arroyo was the coming together of various races wether it was at a dance or VAPA festival. I would like to see the schools overall spirit grow.
My experience at arroyo was good. But not great & it's not great because of the students that attend that school are most of the time doing drugs.
Arroyo Valley is known for its artistic talent; most notably having annual VAPA art festivals two times a year. With plenty of clubs around, there’s no doubt you’ll find a place to fit in. With all the moving bodies on campus (over two thousand to be exact,) everyone contributes something better to the school. The only thing I would recommend changing is the interior of the school, but the rest is stellar.
I attended Arroyo Valley High School all 4 years and graduated in June 2016, so it was almost 2 years ago. When I attended there I enjoyed it for the most part. A lot of the teachers were very nice and tried their best to allow students to bring up their grades if necessary. They would create these unforgettable bonds with their students which helped us achieve and strive for goals we never thought we could. I could see that a lot of the teachers that worked there loved their job just by the way they treated their students and took the time to help them with their school work.
Arroyo Valley is a unique campus. Although the campus was situated in a 'bad' neighborhood, I had the luck to be enrolled in an honors program- the Middle Years Programme and International Baccalaureate. Thanks to these programs I was able to stay out of trouble and remain on an academic track, which has led to the success that I have experienced so far. While taking this survey, I am keeping in mind those teachers in these programs that have helped me become who I am today.
Arroyo Valley High School is a very unique place. Personally, I enjoyed it because of the teachers that helped me achieve a lot through my time in high school. They inspired me to be more engaged with learning, as well as helping and leading the way with students who have some sort of trouble learning a certain topic. Another reason I enjoyed it is because of the football staff that molded me into the person I have become. I was taught by them to give 110% effort in everything I do in life.
This school has an abundance of inspiring teachers who are willing to get to know and help you succeed. The staff are willing to help and go beyond their job description to make everyone feel safe.
Arroyo Valley is part of the International Baccalaureate program and the AP program. There are always huge opportunities for college readines.
Arroyo Valley High School focuses on students to get educated and to be in their corresponding classes based on their knowledge. They have excellent academies, such as Global Leadership, Medical, Teaching, and Digital Media. They also have excellent teachers. In my opinion, I wouldn't want to go nowhere else if it weren't for the teachers and the academics. Like we say, "Above All the Rest."
Teachers are amazing and care about students but we need more team work to motivate all classman to get into a good college!
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The most thing I liked about Arroyo Valley High School are the teachers and coaches that have helped me through my battles. They all made it known that I am not alone. I would not of made it through high school if it wasn't for sports. What I would like to see change at Arroyo Valley High School are the administration. The administration are no help, all they have done for the past four years of MY experience is mess up my schedule multiple times, gave very rude;poor attitude when you need help. Not all of administration is like that, there about four I can say that are not rude to anyone. I would also like to see the sports change I would like to see more resources for student-athletes. This is a piece of my high school experience at Arroyo Valley High School.
The teachers at my school are compassionate and truly care for the future success of their students. The support I have received throughout my college application process from them is amazing.
it is a very good school. as teachers were great and guided us very well. student population was very diverse from being with the good students to being with the bad. you are able to learn many good things from one another on what to do and what not to do. a lot of great opportunities to be found if you use your resources very well. There was a lot of clubs and sports to join in whatever was best fitted for each student.
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