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The teachers at my school are compassionate and truly care for the future success of their students. The support I have received throughout my college application process from them is amazing.
it is a very good school. as teachers were great and guided us very well. student population was very diverse from being with the good students to being with the bad. you are able to learn many good things from one another on what to do and what not to do. a lot of great opportunities to be found if you use your resources very well. There was a lot of clubs and sports to join in whatever was best fitted for each student.
What I like about Arroyo Valley High School is the academies that are being offered. Also the friendly teachers that are interested in their students academics.
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It’s a great place to make friends.Also the teachers are great ready to help and friendly.The activities and clubs are very diversified and accommodate any one who wants to join.
I am a very involved senior, if you hang out with the right crowds everything will be okay! I have been here since freshman year and my MYP and AP teachers have guided me down such a successful app.
Its a okay school with a good amount of academy to get in for any particular pathway they just implemented this so late, so no seniors can take advantage of these new pathways which is terrible because it would've been so helpful back then when i was a freshmen
Arroyo Valley High School is always judged and criticized due to the fact that it is located in San Bernardino. Although, it is an amazing school with amazing programs, teachers, security, administration, resources, and students.
Arroyo Valley High School is a great school when it comes to academics. This school offers both AP and IB classes, as well as the MYP program, that will bring rigorous challenges to the students who decide to tackle these classes. Many people believe that Arroyo is a terrible school due to its locations, but they are completely wrong. Although the location of the school makes to school seem as the underdog, many students that assisted had been accepted into USC, UCLA, UCSD, and Cornell.
I have been attending Arroyo Valley High School since my freshman year . Throughout the experience of being in Arroyo Valley it has helped me to challenge myself by taking Honors and Advanced Placement classes. The school keeps a variety of AP courses open for the students and have more than 4 academic adacemies on school campus. In addition, most academies offer great opportunities for the students. For example, one of the academies on campus that is named Teaching Academy lets the students take college courses from our nearby college Cal State San Bernardino. Many of the teachers are very supportive and helpful when you need them. Especially when the seniors are going through the process of making the senior portfolio and applying to colleges and UC's.
I like the whole idea of all the small school events whether its school spirit week or pep rally's or school games and dances it was always fun. the staff is great and I loved my teachers but the school can use the help of a great principal and more security officers. I think all in all the school is amazing its just the kids that make or break a school.
AVHS is a diverse and hard working school. There's many academically challenging programs students can choose to be in (i.e. Advanced placement, International Baccalaureate, Core Academy, etc). Teachers and counselors work hard on inspiring students to graduate high school and attend college. There are many clubs for students to join (Best Buddies, Key Club, and more).
My experience at Arroyo Valley High School was very exciting. There was always something to do and I enjoyed that very much about the school. The teachers are amazing and they treat us as if we are all one big family which is important to me. The only thing I would like to see change at Arroyo Valley High School is our school spirit. School spirit makes high school so much better.
I like the academic options available to the big student body. I would like to see more initiatives taking from administration to better assist and support students who are trying to challenge themselves academically.
I attended Arroyo Valley for all four years. I've been attending clubs and school sports for the same amount of years.
Arroyo Valley High School is an extraordinary school. This school has impacted me in a positive way because of its friendly environment. When you walk into Arroyo Valley High, there is a welcoming atmosphere and it truly affects how you do in your academics. The front office are the first impression of the school, in my opinion, and they do not fail to keep a smile on their face whether they are speaking to a student, parent, or staff member and I think that is very important.
My experience at arroyo overall was great. I had amazing teachers for the most part. However, I preferred the school being more of a performing arts school than an academical school. The student were inspired on activities and help them get discipline and healthy habits. If I could change something it would only be that and having arroyo back how it was.
I have attended this school since my freshmen year and Iv'e loved everything about it. I love the teachers there, the programs, the academies, the clubs and the positive encouragement the staff members bring upon the student this school year.
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When I first saw Arroyo Valley, I instantly fell in love. It's architecture still amazes me, even as a senior. I love how this school recognizes its visual and performing art students as well as their academically rounded students from IB and AP. I have had the opportunity to be around all of the students and it has been truly amazing. It makes me sad when I think about leaving this school, but my spirits are lifted when I think about all of the fun I've had being involved in so many events and around so many remarkable beings, students and teachers included.
Arroyo valley is a great school. It has helped in many ways. It is very helpful and has many programs.
My experience was great. I had many opportunities to further my education and work towards my future. I would recommend changing the school meals.
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