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Arroyo Seco Junior High School Reviews

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My time at Arroyo Seco was great. The class was big but small enough to know everyone or atleast know who people were. The staff was super caring and helpful to everyone. the only thing I would change is probably the PE uniforms. The material of the shirts were too thick so when it was hot, we would feel hotter that usual.
Arroyo Seco Jr High is a pretty good school compared to others. The teachers were all incredibly nice and supportive. They all knew what they were doing, and what different techniques helped kids learn more efficiently. I did not think it was to bad a place to be, but now that I am in high school, I see how strict they are with everything. We had counselors, but they never really did anything to get us ready to think about college. The campus is predominantly white, as is the town Arroyo Seco is in.
There are definitely worse schools out there.
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It's really just luck of the draw. There are good teachers and OK ones. Some teachers are phenomenal, smashing my expectations of what a teacher should be able to teach (in a good way), while others teach by the book. Not doing a bad job, but it is no where near what some teachers can do.
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