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Arroyo Paseo Charter High School Reviews

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I graduated from Arroyo Paseo Charter High school and I enjoyed the small classroom size. The teachers had more opportunities to be one on one with you. The principal made a great effort to memorize every students name and was attentive. What made this school great were the teachers. They were unique and taught their material in a fun environment. Even though the school was located in a low income area, this school was wonderful.
The school has around 130 students, 90% being Hispanics. The school doesn't have a nurse but right located next to us is a clinic, If we are feeling really bad, we can get sent to the clinic, the school has our information, they can give it to the clinic so they can attend us, while they call our parents and they will meet us in the clinic. If it's a headache they give us pills for the pain. The students are very into knowing their medicine and when taking them, they go to the office and ask for their medicine. Without a school nurse,I think it's possible for us to manage health problems.
Due to financial reasons, the school can't afford to many activities. We currently have only 5. These 5 are fun for their level, teachers make them outgoing, like if they are basically saying "You don't need money to have fun". With today's technology it's, possible.
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As mention previously, the school has a huge money budget, but I would love to have the experience all over again. The teachers are amazing, the small and few clubs they had, the staffs made it possible to have fun. the cooking class gets to cook whatever they please. the teacher is supportive about that. Fashion class is out going, the teacher updates on the latest trends as well as the students on their free time. We are inspired to do our own drawings.
This school is known for credit recovery, the teachers here help us to be able to graduate on time. Their teaching ways impact students, they make the content understandable so when testing arrives, we remember what we learned. I have seen that the teachers in this school.have a great deal of patience with these students compared to my previous school. These teachers are more outgoing, they actually interact with the students and have their learning environment better. The problem that we have is that the school revives and small amount of money and it's really hard to have more activities. Yet, with this huge obstacle, the school manages to give us Prom, Grad Night, Graduation with the help of fundraising. The students at this school know the money crisis but help out for these activities to be a success
They are small clubs after school. Most students stay after school to get help from teachers or to study for a test. Students stay for after school soccer. They have a radio club they create in an elective class.
Since I is a small school you get a lot of personal help. The teachers are always there to help even if it involves staying after school or coming in earlier. They are tutours who are very patient in our lack of understanding in certain subjects. They have English learners classes to help other students learn English. The only defect is that they don't have A.C in the classrooms and it gets pretty hot. Parents are usually coming to the meetings mostly senior parents. The school always organizes events for students and parents to attend.
The only have soccer for guys. Girls had soccer teams but failed because of their lack of interest In sports. They are not a lot of sports team. But the coach is really nice and attentive. The school students and teachers even principal attend the soccer game weekly and are very cheerfull during games. Principal is very positive during games.
The food service employees are nice. The school food is just sometimes not we'll cooked or to hard.
The teachers here at Arroyo are dedicated, enthusiastic and really care about their students. I have received help whenever I needed it. The teachers are what make Arroyo Paseo Charter High differ from other schools.
This school is very good in terms of getting extra help where it is needed, however when it comes to extracurricular activities, there isn't much to choose from, maybe a few sports teams, yearbook and a ASB but that is about it.
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