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It's an okay school. Every school has its ups-and-downs, and one of APA's best characteristics is that they do try to personalize everything for you. However, sometimes the administration is simply disorganized, or they'll force you into classes because the class you want isn't offered that year - resources are limited. It's a very small school, so if you wanted to take a class there and they don't have it that year, you'll probably be forced to taking something else you don't want to take or don't need to take.

Teachers are pretty great in general, but that on an individualistic scale, it would depend on the teacher themself. So on a gloss, this school looks pretty nice, but if you look too deep inside, there could be some disturbing things under the sugar.
Arroyo Pacific Academy is a gem among the private schools of San Gabriel Valley.
Not as well known as many other schools, it rivals the best college prep schools in the area.
And with its latest building opening this September, new classrooms and a state of the art science lab will join computer & media labs, music and recording studios, and theater and gym.
It offers challenging AP courses and a curriculum that prepares the students
for acceptance at any UC campus.
Our son entered as a sophomore and just graduated with a diverse group classmates, accepted to great colleges. Along the way were traditional sports, class trips, a variety of clubs, and, a special bonus, opportunities for daily tutoring on campus.
Can't say enough about the caring teachers, and friendly environment.
The administration can handle anything, with efficiency and ease, and unlike so
many private schools, without the drama.
Check out this great school!
Most of the teachers are wonderful and willing to work with students to make sure they are successful. The teachers in the Arts -- Drama, Music, Media are wonderful. They make school fun to be at. Students want to attend because they don't want to miss out on the productions. The small class sizes mean students know the teachers and vice versa. I could go on and on but have to go.
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The vast majority of instructors are dedicated professionals. They work with students to help them understand the subject. Teachers are available after school to answer questions. The AP classes are excellent. The instructors love their subjects and pass on that passion to their students.
Our security guard keeps a vigilant watch.
The student committee is dedicated.
While not as diverse as advertised--the major student population is either domestic and primarily white students or international students from China--APA does well in its creating of an accepting school environment. Due to the close-knit relationships between the teachers and the students, there's plenty of chances for students to communicate what they need from our faculty. Students are very accepting of one another too. The one negative past the dichromatic diversity is simply not enough interest in involvement from students.
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