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Arroyo High School is a very diverse school in El Monte. The only problem is that our school cares more about sports, rather than education, and I would like that to change. It would be more beneficial to students like me, to have equal care on both education and sports. The faculty on the other hand are very helpful. Our student resources can be better, with the help of more involvement from college alumnis, and college administrators.
Arroyo High was a really good high school, the teachers really did like engaging with their students. Felt like all the students were involved and didn't feel as though some students were excluded. I found my counselor very helpful as well, he would make sure I was on top of everything and made sure I knew my options for college. Overall I enjoyed my time at Arroyo High School and made some great memories and made some lifelong friends as well.
I really like Arroyo Valley because we have many academies such as Global Leadership, Digital Media, Teaching Academy and several more.
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There are ups and downs to this school. But, all I can say that it's decent. While the campus is great and most of the teachers are funny and cool, few of them aren't particularly good and sometimes the school can be unorganized.
In my own perspective, Arroyo High School is a good environment for teenagers. Arroyo High School possesses a huge number of teachers who have many years experience in teaching as well as helpful counselors that are willing to listen to students' stories and give a good advices. Moreover, as a student who has spent 2 years in Arroyo High School, I have never heard bullies, drugs, or something negative. It also has lots of meaningful and fun activities such as Key Club, Science Club, etc. In brief, I am really proudly to introduce Arroyo High School to everybody.
I don't like the environment at Arroyo that much, there are more of bad students than good students and those students caused pressure to the teachers.
My experience at arroyo high school has been amazing as of my grades and my friends. the most important part of a school is the education and Arroyo has it, the teachers are always their to help you and are really friendly. I also like the sports where the couches prepare you and push you to do your best. Sports is quiet competitive in Arroyo. If I could something in Arroyo High school is the food that they provide because it is unhealthy and doesn't taste good. Their is option for getting salad in Arroyo but it doesn't taste good.
My overall experience at Arroyo High School was pretty good. The school continues to upgrade classrooms and materials which is nice. It isn't located in the best neighborhood. There have been quite a large amount of scandals regarding teachers' inappropriate behavior with students which is terrible. Most of the teachers truly care about their students but others are just really terrible. In some cases, more than half the class would be failing and yet the students are to blame. This should be improved by having the teachers address the problem instead of just telling students to blindly study. They are there to teach and guide.. The cafeteria food is decent and have decent salad choices. It is a pretty diverse community.
Arroyo is overall a very good school. The teachers and staff are great and there are many resources available to us students. I would like for the school to be a bit more organized and plan things out better. I would also like them to stay up to date with things that need maintenance (like the toilets).
It’s the best school in the nation! I love the spirit and activities at my school are full of fun and excitement!
They need better teachers and faculty who care about the future of the kids. Focus less on sports and more on school.
It is a good school, other than a couple fights and some drama here and there (but what is high school without it), it was a great experience and I had a wonderful four years at this school.
Arroyo High School is a must-attend high school. As it as helped me, this school and their faculty within are always ready to help a student in need. They helped me with my class schedules to take the more necessary classes. And being a student at Arroyo is a privilege, every week, the student council develops fun and interesting activities and events that allow the student staff to connect more. Personally, Arroyo has an excellent academic system; offering a wide option of classes that will prepare you for higher levels of education. The school is also known for its athletic system. Arroyo has many sports that the students can join which include wrestling and softball. Overall, my experience at Arroyo has been exemplary. Because of the classes I’ve taken, I’m now ahead in credits for graduation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can later attend a 4-year university and earn a bachelors in art.
Arroyo High School is pretty good, some teachers are very good and some are hard. The teachers and counselors in Arroyo are very nice and helpful. There are a lot of different courses you can take and there are a lot of different clubs you can do.
The school offers variety of courses to prepare for college. The teachers here are very nice and enthusiastic with their teaching. Some even devise new ways to solve problems. The school has wide range of diversity with teachers and students.
It has better programs than the other schools in the district. There is an award winning band. There are also many sports and clubs to join. There are AP classes and honors classes. The kids are mostly nice.
Overall, Arroyo High School is a low-budget, but very helpful school to guide students to get into a university of their choice.
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I had an okay time at Arroyo High School. There was nothing extraordinary and it seems pretty average. It has a lot of outdoor space and that's nice. There are some really amazing teachers there, but only a handful. I wish they would remove the bad teachers, especially the really racist one, and get some who actually teach. Furthermore, there could be better food and administrative services. There isn't a lot of school spirit and most students are superficial. The safety is fine and there are some good resources. The AVID program could be a lot better though, it's fallen in effectiveness.
Arroyo doesn't get a lot of funding, so it's no wonder no one really cares. I don't doubt the administration does what they think is best, but they are slow and there are too many things for them to focus on. I don't know if I had the misfortune of being in a testing period for the school, but that's what it felt like. There were academic and administrative changes everywhere. The arts don't get any attention from the school itself, and the athletes get the most (but honestly, that doesn't mean too much, but it counts.) Textbooks are old and teachers don't really care unless you're lucky.
Sports at Arroyo are great!! Very smart students and administrators put in so much effort to bring the students together.
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