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It is a good school, other than a couple fights and some drama here and there (but what is high school without it), it was a great experience and I had a wonderful four years at this school.
Arroyo High School is a must-attend high school. As it as helped me, this school and their faculty within are always ready to help a student in need. They helped me with my class schedules to take the more necessary classes. And being a student at Arroyo is a privilege, every week, the student council develops fun and interesting activities and events that allow the student staff to connect more. Personally, Arroyo has an excellent academic system; offering a wide option of classes that will prepare you for higher levels of education. The school is also known for its athletic system. Arroyo has many sports that the students can join which include wrestling and softball. Overall, my experience at Arroyo has been exemplary. Because of the classes I’ve taken, I’m now ahead in credits for graduation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can later attend a 4-year university and earn a bachelors in art.
Arroyo High School is pretty good, some teachers are very good and some are hard. The teachers and counselors in Arroyo are very nice and helpful. There are a lot of different courses you can take and there are a lot of different clubs you can do.
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The school offers variety of courses to prepare for college. The teachers here are very nice and enthusiastic with their teaching. Some even devise new ways to solve problems. The school has wide range of diversity with teachers and students.
It has better programs than the other schools in the district. There is an award winning band. There are also many sports and clubs to join. There are AP classes and honors classes. The kids are mostly nice.
Overall, Arroyo High School is a low-budget, but very helpful school to guide students to get into a university of their choice.
I had an okay time at Arroyo High School. There was nothing extraordinary and it seems pretty average. It has a lot of outdoor space and that's nice. There are some really amazing teachers there, but only a handful. I wish they would remove the bad teachers, especially the really racist one, and get some who actually teach. Furthermore, there could be better food and administrative services. There isn't a lot of school spirit and most students are superficial. The safety is fine and there are some good resources. The AVID program could be a lot better though, it's fallen in effectiveness.
Arroyo doesn't get a lot of funding, so it's no wonder no one really cares. I don't doubt the administration does what they think is best, but they are slow and there are too many things for them to focus on. I don't know if I had the misfortune of being in a testing period for the school, but that's what it felt like. There were academic and administrative changes everywhere. The arts don't get any attention from the school itself, and the athletes get the most (but honestly, that doesn't mean too much, but it counts.) Textbooks are old and teachers don't really care unless you're lucky.
Sports at Arroyo are great!! Very smart students and administrators put in so much effort to bring the students together.
The teachers have really good connection with students.There are many interesting activities to participate in.Besides, there is no discrimination among students.
What I like about Arroyo High School is the school spirit and that there is also tutoring after school.
It prepared me for college. I got to make some of the best friendships and wonderful memories. The teachers really care about the students future.
This school has the best AP Calculus teacher in the whole district! They also have lots of school spirit. The only thing I would change about this school is to have a more organized AVID program.
Arroyo is an average high school. The diversity consist of Hispanics and Asians. There are a variety of classes and AP courses. The teachers however are poor, but they have brought about 10 new teachers. The safety is average, they have supervisors around campus. There is much to choose from for lunch, but it gets boring and only some meals are good. Counselors, depending which one you get may be easy going or not easy going. Faculty/administration is alright, as a student you don't really associate with them. The principal is doing her job. Overall, average school.
My four years at arroyo high school were the best years of my life. There are so many clubs to get involved in and many join several. Our football team and marching band are OUTSTANDING. The parents are also quite involved here. Overall, my experience here was 10/10
Arroyo has extremely great clubs in terms of quality, even when their are not that many. Some teacher are great, and some aren't
I was extremely active at Arroyo High School. Throughout my four years, I took part in two clubs (class council and key club) and two sports (cross country and track and field). The classes at Arroyo vary depending on the level and subject. The ap and honor classes are very serious and a good environment to learn. However in the regukar classes, the students seem uninterested so in response, the teachers do not seem to care much about their education. The overall experience at Arroyo was very positive. The staff are extremely nice and care about the well-being of the students.
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Even before Arroyo was awarded the Gold Ribbon, I always believed it was one of the best schools. What makes it so great is that the majority of the teachers and staff are kind and caring. The variety of clubs and sports gives us the chance to be a part of the school and make new friends with the same interests. The events and games are so fun to attend especially with friends. I have had the privilege to also organize talent shows which have always turned out to be amazing. There are many students with hidden talents. The one thing I would like to see change is our teachers. It would be better to replace the teachers who don't care about our education with someone who actually does care.
Arroyo is an average school. For the most part the staff is very polite and helpful. The worst part of the school is the school spirit, because most of the students are to caught up with their own things.
I love how the school offers a diverse variety of clubs. Not only do they stress academics but extra curriculars as well by including band, theater, choir, etc into our courses. The teachers there genuinely want to help students to succeed and enter college.
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