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I liked how everyone was untied and a family. The best part was showing up to school knowing that everyone accepted each other for who they were. Arroyo Grande high is a great school.
Everyone is super inviting and welcoming. The staff and teachers are really nice and really try to make sure that our school is a safe environment for students to be in. Our leadership classes and clubs really help to make each event more fun and exciting and put a lot of effort into making sure that all students are appreciated and involved.
I love my school! I am on my third year here. It is amazing socially because there is a group/club/organization for anyone and everyone. I am especially involved in the AP program and we have a really great AP Capstone program and overall AP program that a lot of schools, especially schools in our area, can't offer. ASB is super active and great and spirit weeks like Greek Week are sooo fun. AGHS is a great school and I don't want to leave.
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I've attended Arroyo Grande high school for 4 years now and I can truly say it is a pretty great school. Everyone gets along pretty good and are all pretty nice to one another.
This school is good for the small town area it's located in. We have lots of classes and different pathways to take so if you work for it you can find your niche. The foods not great and things are pretty mellow.
Arroyo Grande High School has a really great and helpful staff, from the administrators, counselors, and teachers. Their athletic program is outstanding with great coaches. The environment is very friendly and safe.
Arroyo Grande High is a school with good athletics and academics but lacks good teachers in the sciences department. Also, the school's infrastructure needs to be updated along with its wifi network.
My experience at Arroyo Grande High School was bitter sweet. The teachers and academics that are offered were challenging and informative and I feel have given me a solid foundation to build a promising future. Arroyo Grande High School is in a small town so diversity within race and economics is lacking. The teachers, staff and students work hard to make the school feel inclusive and positive for all. I feel privileged to have been able to attend such a school and will miss what was my second home after I move on to college.
Through my years over all, i believe it was a good school. Were very big on sports and encourage to get involved to help mentally and emotionally to do your best in your school work.
Awesome school. Lots of opportunities, excellent teachers, safe environment, awesome sports, great theater.
Arroyo Grande is a wonderful high school and is very easy to get involved in it! There are so many sports and clubs to join on campus that are perfect for everyone. It also has a large number of classes dedicated to different types of jobs students with to pursue.
My first three years in High School I attended Newbury Park, which is a great academic school and has competitive athletics. I transferred to AG my senior year. Being the new kid at school, I was extremely nervous about making friends and being alienated, but the first day three of my teachers came up to me and told me if that I needed any help making the transition that they would be more than happy to help. The two AP classes I took, AP Government and Literature, were both very challenging and informative classes that really prepared me for college level comprehension and study habits. The majority of the kids were very inviting and warming. The ASB club was inviting, and Greek Week was awesome The Greek Week at Newbury Park was kindergarten level compared to the class unifying competitions that we did. I had the best year of my life my senior year thanks to the staff and students at Arroyo Grande High School. I highly recommend anyone and everyone attending the school!
Great academics and sports, poor administration. Values sports above other things. Though has wide elective selection.
What I really like about arroyo grande high school is that every students gets accepted for the way they are. We got so many opportunities to excel in every possible way. It's a really good school!
I wish our school was more diverse--not just in color, but in the activities that we have here. My school is a really positive place to be and a lot more involved than other schools around my area. However, the faculty teaching at the time of my freshman year seemed to be genuinely annoyed by students and not interested in helping us learn. I am in my senior year now, and my only wish for the future students at my school is that the teachers care about them and their education.
The environment is very welcoming and friendly. I transferred my senior year from Newbury Park High School to Arroyo Grande and was extremely nervous. Within a few days I had more than just a couple of friends, all of the teachers were personable with the students. I ended up having the best year of my life at Arroyo Grande.
For a very large High School, AGHS tries to get kids involved. They believe that being involved is KEY to highschool success. Wish the science department was stronger
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Arroyo Grande High School has one of the best athletics programs on the Central Coast. Thanks to the athletic director and coaches my school has been able to win countless league titles all while offering over 20 Advanced Placement courses. This school has taught me how to balance my academics with sports and given me the opportunity to succeed!
it is a great community school with a great sport program it has been completly remodel and rebuilt, also for drama it has a theater availble for the students
The school does a good job at catering to the kids who need a lot of help, and catering towards the top 10%. The AP classes are there, the aid classes are there. The athletics are phenomenal and the coaching is great. But nothing caters towards the average student. The school does a poor job connecting with those who are not in need, but also do not excel.
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