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Arroyo Grande High School Reviews

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Need better counselors and Admin. The school is not bad but the people make it suck. Some teachers are bad when it comes to listening and understanding what is going on in your life as well as counselors. Sometimes they say and make promises but don’t follow through and then you get screwed after you did all the hard work you needed to do
I liked the extracurriculars: Eagle Robotics, mock trial, and programming club. AGHS offered a lot of AP classes. I took almost all of them and loved a lot of the teachers.
All in all Arroyo Grande is a very decent school, average academics and staff. However, if you look carefully, you'll find some diamonds in the rough. The senior english teachers are the best. And the french teacher is wonderful. Our librarian graduated last year but she was wonderful. All in all, the school is 99% what you make of it.
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I graduated from AGHS in 2014. During my time at AG I had multiple teachers every year who went above and beyond for the students. Without all of the amazing teachers I had, my time at AG would have been sub-par at best. The school also has a very active student government, and everyone is very school spirited.
I loved my high school. There was always an activity going on in the quad as well as student involved games and theme days. The clubs are amazing and we have such a wide variety there is no way you couldn't find your perfect one. The sports teams are amazing and I loved it. So sad to graduate and leave.
My experience at AGHS was good but some things could make it better. The food the school offers is bad, there is hardly an options for a vegan or even a vegetarian diet. As a vegan student this made me feel excluded because at events and even just at lunch there was barely any food I could eat. The agriculture classes curriculum and teachers are weak and need improvement. I take several AP classes and I’ve passed every exam but I feel like if there was more teacher involvement I could of done better on some exams.
AG High has been a great experience. The system preps All students for their future by providing resources/classes which aid in identifying goals and interests. Courses are taught by experienced teachers, some who teach at local colleges.
I loved my high school experience at AG. The staff, faculty, and volunteers all care for the wellbeing and happiness of the students.
The school tends to emphasize sports over academics, but overall, a good experience, and there are a lot of opportunities for students.
Incredible school with amazing school body. Full of spirit and events that include all types of students. Very loving and caring community that is almost like a family, something rare among a public high school.
Safe and caring environment that prepares students for the social afterlife of college as well as the trials of growing up through the discipline and teachings of its administrators and teachers alike. There is always something to join or to participate in at school as no one is forgotten or left behind. A LOT of school spirit involved, great location with great people.
Arroyo Grande High School cared about their students and made sure our experience was stress free. Our staff was exellent in helping out the students with any concerns they had. We had different activites throught the school years that made it fun and create new memories. If I could change something from my school would probably be in having test on different days so that a student doesnt have more than 2 on on day. Overall my experiance was exellent.
I started Arroyo Grande as a junior in high school. I was coming from a pretty small campus but the students were quick to helping me adjust. I was welcomed with open arms and quickly made myself at home! This school is truly a 5 star choice for students, there isn't a class you can't take,
I liked how everyone was untied and a family. The best part was showing up to school knowing that everyone accepted each other for who they were. Arroyo Grande high is a great school.
Everyone is super inviting and welcoming. The staff and teachers are really nice and really try to make sure that our school is a safe environment for students to be in. Our leadership classes and clubs really help to make each event more fun and exciting and put a lot of effort into making sure that all students are appreciated and involved.
I love my school! I am on my third year here. It is amazing socially because there is a group/club/organization for anyone and everyone. I am especially involved in the AP program and we have a really great AP Capstone program and overall AP program that a lot of schools, especially schools in our area, can't offer. ASB is super active and great and spirit weeks like Greek Week are sooo fun. AGHS is a great school and I don't want to leave.
I've attended Arroyo Grande high school for 4 years now and I can truly say it is a pretty great school. Everyone gets along pretty good and are all pretty nice to one another.
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This school is good for the small town area it's located in. We have lots of classes and different pathways to take so if you work for it you can find your niche. The foods not great and things are pretty mellow.
Arroyo Grande High School has a really great and helpful staff, from the administrators, counselors, and teachers. Their athletic program is outstanding with great coaches. The environment is very friendly and safe.
Arroyo Grande High is a school with good athletics and academics but lacks good teachers in the sciences department. Also, the school's infrastructure needs to be updated along with its wifi network.
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