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Arrowhead Park: Early College High School & Medical Academy Reviews

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I enjoy many things about Arrowhead... But, there are no sports. Kids need to be active, and they do not let us.
The school is amazing. The teachers are great and really do care about the students' success. It's understandable that there are no sports since they probably want us to mainly focus on our classes, however, having sports and the great opportunities at this school may persuade more students to attend. Aside from the lack of sports and activities, this school is great.
There is not many students, so teachers Have more one on one time with you or your parents. They care for your education as much as you do. Resources are also connected with nmsu. Books are mostly provided by professors so you don’t have to pay. These two years that I’ve been there have been very well my teachers have helped me become successful and help me in my career path.
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Arrowhead Park is an amazing school. You end up becoming best friends with the teachers and all the staff. I've never had any social problems. Because our school is so small, everybody knows each other and there is zero drama.
Arrowhead is less of a group of student and more of a family. It's a place where students are able to reach out for help to their peers and will always receive the help they need. The teachers work extremely well in order to push the students into reaching their full potential. The academics presented help broaden the way students think and though many come from all across town, and the skills they have learned in middle school are often very different, they create together. Overall, this is a great school to attend if you are willing to put in that extra effort; it will be worth it.
The college classes are great, but there are no sports or electives. Additionally, there is not a gym.
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