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The teachers? Great. The sports? They have the spotlight? Broadway Company? Talented as always. However, the area in which it's placed lacks diversity and everyone at school is the same. White, upper-middle class citizens who take their quality education for granted. Not the most comfortable environment.
I have loved being a part of the Arrowhead community. Although it may have its challenges, like any high school does, we always find a way to get past it. This school challenges its students academically and also in sports and in life. I've become a better person for having been a part of it.
Arrowhead High School has a great staff. The teachers were always willing to help students succeed in their course work. A diverse range of extracurricular activities are offered at Arrowhead. It is difficult to not find a club or sport you are interested in. Therefore it is really easy to find people of similar interest and make friends. The student body and faculty are not racially diverse but have a diverse range of personalities. Due to being in a wealthy area there are students that are spoiled and egotistical. In my personal experience that was the aspect of Arrowhead I disliked the most. The athletics department at Arrowhead is well funded and extremely successful.
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At Arrowhead, I really enjoyed most of my teachers and coaches. The majority of my teachers were willing and able to help me outside of class and truly enjoyed their job. I took 4 AP classes while at Arrowhead and 3 out of 4 of the teachers I had poorly prepared students for the AP exam. Practice tests were forgotten, class time was wasted and the grading scale was unclear/unfair compared to other AP classes.
I was (and am) very fortunate to attend Arrowhead High School as it has many fantastic academic and extra-curricular programs and activities. Many of the teachers are not only great at what they do, but care a great deal about their students and do what they can to help each student. That being said, there were also plenty that did not. I participated in Arrowhead's music program for all four years I attended. The program was very affective, fun, and inspiring. Overall the school could use improvements in it's priorities and atmosphere. The school spends an excess of money on sports when there are many facilities that need improvement, technologies updated, and programs funded. Although the performance of the school is excellent, the faculty need to focus more on educating people on not only the subject of the class, but how to study, how to be a mature person, and most importantly to love learning.
Arrowhead is a great high school with so many opportunities for all types of students. There is a wide array of classes to take, languages to study, sports to play, and people to meet. The teachers are very passionate about their subject matter, and they truly care about the students. Arrowhead is a place where everyone is welcome, and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to attend this school for my four high school years.
Teachers are very nice, but the school is so big you don't really get that one on one support from them. There is plenty of clubs and activities to choose from.
There are a lot of things that I liked about Arrowhead. I liked the teachers. They often encouraged me and other students to try to work through lessons on our own, but they were always there if we needed help or had questions. I liked the building. The campus always felt small enough to memorize and feel comfortable in, but it never felt so small that I was cramped and uncomfortable. Like every school, Arrowhead has its issues. Arrowhead is not good at communicating to teachers and students. They try but are often unsuccessful. Arrowhead also has a large population of students. There are always a lot of students in a class, and sometimes students have to push to be heard or seen over everyone else. Overall, my experience at Arrowhead was relatively positive.
I liked that there is something for everyone between sports, clubs, and after school activities but although there is something for everyone, no activity is as important as varsity sports.
The academics at Arrowhead High School are superb. We are one of the top high schools in the state in terms of academics. The school spirit is greater than average as is evidenced by our passion at athletic events. We have a wide variety of clubs; making it easy for many different students to get involved. However, we have very little racial or economic diversity. Our facilities are adequate, but the administration focuses too much of its attention on funding the football team. Other sports are not recognized to as much of an extent. I would like to see more funding go towards classrooms as well as bathrooms.
This school is horrible. If theres a problem with how they’re handling something they’ll yell and threaten with disciplinary action. Even if you just bring up that what they’re doing doesn’t help how the learning process. Teachers at this school will call other teachers on the phone and tell them that they can yell at students also. So unless you learn like the perfect robot student, you won’t do very well here. Don’t even try to argue your case. They won’t listen. Believe me. They’re stuck in their ways. It’s their way or nothing. They don’t care that each student has individual needs. That doesn’t matter. My child has had horrid expirences here over the years and I strongly recommend that you don’t send your kids here.
Arrowhead High School boasts that here at this school, there is something for everyone. This is fairly true. With dozens of clubs and dozens of sports teams, there is plenty for someone to get involved in. In my four years here, I have grown as a student, thinker, and overall person. One has the ability to be flexible in their studies and it truly sets up its students for success later on in life. If I had not gone to this school, gone through the special programs it offers, and made the friends that I did here, my post-secondary school options would not be as bright as they are now.
There are so many opportunities and resources for you to utilize as a student. I feel truly blessed to have gone here for high school. There are so many clubs and sports to participate in, as well as excellent academics and teachers who want you to succeed.
Decent school. Most people here are rather wealthy, but overall decent teachers and education. Sports teams are also dominant.
Arrowhead had a good education and was good for sports. Bad diversity and administration. It's is the Hartland area which has little diversity. Good classes that prepare you for college.
Arrowhead has provided me with a great variety of opportunities. There is a place for everyone to fit in. This is a great school academically. It is also good for those involved in sports. They do a good job of getting students ready for college. Like every school Arrowhead has it's good parts and bad parts. I think they need to do a better job plowing and shouldn't have such a high priced parking pass. Overall Arrowhead is a great school for everyone and anyone.
Arrowhead High School is incredibly wealthy and uses those resources to provide a multitude of resources to students. It employs top-notch faculty and staff, and maintains its academic resources. From a student point of view, it appears almost every teacher is wonderful, interested in their students, and genuinely wants to help them learn and succeed. I've had a fantastic four years at the school; I've thrived academically, and had a fun time. There are so many clubs and activities that someone can join that you're bound to find friends, with similar interests, and find something to enjoy. The school does a fair job of preparing you for the future.
That said, the school/administration often struggles to "fairly" (again, student perspective) balance how its resources are used. Athletics are heavily weighted at the school as opposed to other activities, such as the performing arts. Even less popular sports are often skimped; on occasion, this appears to cause safety problems.
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It had some good things, but overall didn't seem much better than other schools. Too much emphasis on sports over academics.
Arrowhead High School might be huge, but it is a very welcoming school to be a part of. It excels in every aspect of sports to athletics. I think the best thing Arrowhead has going for it, would be the staff. They have gotten a great group of teachers who care about the students and do everything they can to help them succeed.
Overall, the program is very good for me so far and has meet my needs. Arrowhead is a place where I never feel judged and it is a very welcoming place to go to school.
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