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Arrowhead Christian Academy's founding principles are what I like most about the school. They have a focus on bettering the student's walk with God and on helping the student improve academically.
The teachers are the best part. They all care one-hundred percent about your education and personal growth. The small number of students aids to being able to know almost everyone. One thing I would like to see change is the integration of technology. This is starting to happen.
The teachers are very involved in our learning experience and care about their students. The small student body leads to a very unified and comfortable atmosphere.
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Love this school. I have had 5 children attend this school. They scored very high in the ACT's. They have gone on to excellent professional careers including grad school.
I first enrolled into Arrowhead Christian Academy when I was in third grade. It has been a great experience. This school's staff encourages me and challenges me to be a good student academically as well and spiritually speaking.
It is a small school, so we can know our classmates very well. The teachers are willing to help if we have questions. I would choose this school again because I love the environment.
Being a small school, there is not a very wide range of extracurricular activities. Sports are very popular and fun in this school.
Choir and band are mandatory because of how small the student body is, but they both are very enjoyable. Choir is my favorite class. This school really gives the students an opportunity to learn basic music and have fun making music. I love it, even though it's a small school.
The small school environment makes for a great atmosphere for one-on-one learning and building relationships with others and the teachers.
The teachers at this school have a genuine care and desire to see their students learn and do well. They go above just lecturing to make sure you understand the what is being taught.
When I have children I will put them in this school
The teachers are very helpful and nice and caring.
Very safe and most stay pretty healthy.
I wish the school had more extracurricuar options, but I did enjoy that which they did offer.
I was at this school for 13 years. So I have seen it grow and change. Arrowhead is headed in a great direction. This school is unique in that it actually challenges the students academially and spiritually. My favorite experiences were my physics labs and the revival weeks. This school prepared my not only for college, but for life. I would always choose Arrowhead.
The teachers take the time to make sure we students understand what we are learning. My academcic ability and understanding were challenged. I grew all throughout highschool. I would not be where I am today withou the help of my teachers in high school.
I feel very safe at the school. Fire drills and lock-down drills are frequent, and the teachers and principal strongly condemn bullying.
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I have almost nothing to complain about in regards to the school. I enjoy the classes, the students, and the teachers. The only thing is that I wish there was a better athletic department and some more electives
I really like my teachers. They are all very personable, and I enjoy being around all of them.
It's really great! I love how close the student body is and the relationships we have with the teachers. The academics are challenging, and we're pushed to do our best.
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