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I really enjoyed all of the wonderful people I have got to meet and become friends with. Over the years of going to Arp Independent School District I enjoyed the teachers, the learning experience, the amazing extracurricular activities we have, and the amazing people that go and work here. The teachers and people are friendly and are always ready to help you when you do not understand something and will sit with you one on one to help you understand and help you get it right.
Arp High school is a small school with very little to provide for the students. They don't provide information for college courses you have to do everything yourself because no one will help you.
We don't have the greatest of food, but we do have healthier food then my older schools. The teachers are pretty great though and when I moved here about 3 months ago, I didn't know anybody here. But when I walked in, I had made a friend before going to my first class. Everybody is really friendly and there is little to no bullies. I am a profound Christian and unlike my old school, they provide a Christian bible club on Wednesdays. I really enjoy being able to be open about my religion and my beliefs here at Arp High School. Thank You.
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I've been attending Arp ISD since 5th grade and it was a very exceptional school. I have excelled academically and obtained a 3.6 college GPA. I am in the top 25% of my class and the main thing that can change at Arp Isd is the food preparations.
I like how you can get along with everyone and that nobody says anything to you unless, you mess with them. I would love to see how they would change the cafeteria food because it's really not good for you and most of the time it's not cooked well, other wise Arp High school would be the perfect school to enroll your child because everyone is welcome, no matter who you are or where you come from.
I had great teachers that wanted us to succeed no matter what we did or were going to do. They really and truly were a great inspiration for many of us. My English teacher Mrs. Taylor was the greatest she taught me to see things the way we are suppose to see them and to speak correctly and to this day I still correct others when they say something wrong and that includes the people on the TV even though I know they cannot hear me.
Arp High School has been a very rewarding experience for me as a parent to know that my child is getting a great education from teachers that truly have his best interest at heart.
The security here is very good. There is always a police officer here with the staff/students. If there is a problem and the students can't find someone to talk to then most of the students rely on our officer because he is very well trusted with almost this whole entire school. The officer goes out of his way to make sure he meets the needs of the students and also the staff.
The Spanish classes are really good. Almost majority of everyone that takes this class is guaranteed to pass with a very descent grade. All of the extracurricular classes here at this school are very important to the staff and the students. Everyone tries their best here to make the school the best to their ability. They are so devoted to everything that they do.
Every time someone seen that I was struggling or having trouble then they would go out of their way to make sure I got the help that I needed. The teachers are very consistent with everything that they do. They try their hardest to make sure that the students try their best and to also make sure they are passing the class. Everyone here at this school are very passionate about everything that they do. This school is the best school I've ever been it.
The school staff is very devoted to their work. They are always here for the students when the students need them the most. They are very helpful. They try to help in any way that they can. Even if they can't help with something then they still try to the best of their knowledge. When they teach they make sure that everyone understands before moving on to the next lesson or assignment. The teachers are always able to help they students needs. The teachers are wonderful.
I feel very safe at my school.
The extras after school can be awesome. I was not involved in any because of my rodeo schedule outside of school. I would say you can be as involved as you want to be.
I would choose this school again because it is small and personable. The teachers try to help out each student.
We have a nurse that goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is taken care of. We also have many people that are taking certain steps to make sure that no one is bullied or mistreated.
There are many different varieties of extracurricular activities at school. We of course have the athletic department but we also have Theatre Arts, and Band, and things of that nature. All of our extra curricular activities have the support necessary to thrive.
What makes this school unique is that we have a very family like environment. Everyone works together as a team. No on is ever felt like they aren't cared about.
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All of my teachers at Arp high School have done their best to teach me. I have succeeded in every class that I have taken and I believe a majority of that is because of my teachers and their dedication to their students. Not only do my teachers do everything they can to help me succeed, but the administration does their best as well.
The policies at my school are extreamly strict. We have a uniform until we get to highschool, then dress code is inforced. We are also not alowed to wander the halls or go to the bathroom during class time at all unless the office calls you down.
The athletic oppertunities are very broad, from the time children are in elementary they are incuraged to be involved in sports. Our community loves football esspecially, usally our football game stands are always full. We also do all this encouraging so we can keep our kids fit and healthy.
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