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Arnold O. Beckman High School Reviews

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Very safe and diverse school. Split nearly 1/3 Caucasian, 1/3 Asian and 1/3 Hispanic. Overall competitive school, with lots of activities to be involved in. Friendly people and competitive curriculum makes this place a good school.
Beckman was a nice school surrounded by a nice neighborhood. The school is fairly new so all the tech is all up to date and the school looks nice
Excellent school with closed gates campus. I feel very safe all the time. Also over the summer teachers and staffs got trained by Irvine Police Department how to respond in case of emergency. They learned how to shoot and how to operate the locked door procedure. Teachers are devoted and care about their students. All the sport clubs are excellent. PTO at beckman are super strong. Together they raised a lot of money to support all department at school. The counselors are super helpful to get their seniors ready for common app and BCAP. BRAVO
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Amazing experience with great teachers. The administration is supportive towards high achieving students, although there is a little bit of neglect if you fall behind.
Beckman is a wonderful school with the right mix of academics, extra curricular activities, diversity and discipline. Beckman has excellent teachers who are fully committed to enabling students for college. There is a strong focus on academics but it is never overwhelming for the students like some other schools.

Beckman has been the reason why I have been able to excel at academics and prepared me for the rigors of college. I would recommend Beckman to anyone moving to this area as the school of choice. I will leave Beckman next year with incredibly fond memories of my teachers and classmates and remain forever grateful for all the learning
It is a pretty good school overall but some teachers in certain subjects do not teach well. Other than that it is fine
I liked the school events like dances, games and movie festival. It was a good high school experience. The thing students always dislike was the loads of work needing to be done over break. Students were not able to enjoy the break due to the stress of needing all the class assignments finished before class.
I had a fun time at beckman. The teachers in the stem field are all great. There are good ap teachers in general.
I really liked the teachers here at the school. Most teachers actually cared about their students whereas in other places the teachers could not have cared less. They only cared about their paycheck. It is no lie that teachers are really underpaid yet they would still go out of their way to make sure students were passing a class. I really like the involvement options students have. Whether it is a sport or a club or something else, there is something for everybody to participate in.
I like this school because it is apparently one of the best in the area, but there is a lot not being told. For example, the bathrooms are terrible and the students smoke everyday in the bathrooms.
Overall, Beckman high school is a very good school, due to the wide varieties of classes, they offer, along with offering clubs and other activities. In addition, Beckman has a very strong section in the science and history section.
I would like to see some of the teachers that don't have the best interest of the students be replaces, but on the other hand there are some very good teachers who successfully motivate students to do their best and be better.
Arnold O. Beckman High School is an amazing school if you are correctly suited for it. Personally, I am. To be successful at Beckman, you have to have a strong competitive nature, and be up for competition. The teachers will support any student if they ever need help, and the other students are so supportive of each other, even in the most competitive times. However, the competition also serves as a negative to the school as it feels like there is always someone better than you and that you will never be the best you can be.
I like the teachers at Beckman they make sure you stay on top of things and expect your best. They also will help you personally if you have any questions. Something i would like to see change would be the social dynamics in the school. People are too distant into their own groups.
My experience with Arnold O. Beckman High School has been an overall great experience. Beckman excels at giving kids the opportunity to shape themselves into well-rounded students by promoting the four A's: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Activities. The staff at Beckman goes above and beyond to reach out to students who may be struggling, especially the teachers. Although a public school, Beckman provides equal opportunity for all students thanks to the significant resources provided in each of the four A's. This safe, student-oriented, and fun environment is a great place for any kid to attend, no matter the background, intelligence, or success rate.
This is the worst high school in the nation and should be burned down. You cannot succeed unless you are a genius. The administration should be put in prison and the staff fired.
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Depending on the teacher, some teachers are very involved in a student's academic career and personally want them to succeed academically. The school provides a lot of resources and information to help guide students inside and outside the classroom, as well as helping them transition into college.
Arnold O Beckman High School provides the best education and faculty for students to learn and grab every opportunities possible. The teachers are willing to sacrifice their leisure time to students. I really believe that the staff is what makes Beckman so great. Although the student body is spirited, open, and bright, I would have to say that the teachers make the school shine as bright as it does. This is because of their heart and vision for the students and their future.
Beckman High School is a top-notch school in the Tustin Unified School District. All of the teachers are hardworking and many put great effort into ensuring their students understand the material presented in the curriculum. The programs within the school such as Theater Arts, Marching Band and Color Guard, Choir, Video Production, Art, etc. are award-winning and led by fantastic teachers and student leaders. Athletics is equally well-coached and makes the school competitive within the district. The student committee (ASB)tenaciously works to increase inclusivity and strengthen the bonds within each individual group on campus. Overall, each students makes their own experience one to remember.
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