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Beckman High School is a top-notch school in the Tustin Unified School District. All of the teachers are hardworking and many put great effort into ensuring their students understand the material presented in the curriculum. The programs within the school such as Theater Arts, Marching Band and Color Guard, Choir, Video Production, Art, etc. are award-winning and led by fantastic teachers and student leaders. Athletics is equally well-coached and makes the school competitive within the district. The student committee (ASB)tenaciously works to increase inclusivity and strengthen the bonds within each individual group on campus. Overall, each students makes their own experience one to remember.
Beckman High School was a great experience. I gained so much in both knowledge and experience. Some of the teachers were amazing and have helped me find out what I want to do in life. Other teachers and administration are less helpful and compassionate. The school is academically driven and pushes many of it tops students to be the best. Ironically there are also trouble makers that the school pushes to graduate and sometimes are clueless about helping the top students. While Beckman does have its problems I do not regret attending the school and have some of the best times of my life there.
The teachers were very encouraging, the atmosphere was fantastic, and classes were challenging. The activities were fun and interactive. It has continued to grow into a beautiful campus and the student clubs and activities have become much better.
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Beckman High School was recently built and is currently still undergoing some renovations. It is a great school that allows all students to take risks and challenges in order to increase their opportunities. There are many wonderful teachers on campus who can help with students who struggle with the class as well as personal problems. Overall, as a recent high school, Beckman has been doing very well in academics, athletics, arts, and activities.
I would like to see less busy work assigned by teachers, which would permit more time for extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and spending time with friends or family. Beckman did not allow for a healthy and balanced lifestyle because students were assigned several hours of homework per night and the sports at Beckman were very demanding physically and emotionally. I worked hard and earned a 4.5 GPA, but my overall experience was an average one because I was forced to exert so much time and energy into my academics.
I attended Arnold O. Beckman Highschool for 4 years. It was definitely an amazing experience. First off, the teaching faculty exceeded my expectations when I was coming in as a Freshman. One of the best qualities all the teachers alike possessed was empathy. They weren’t there with the intent of just making an extra buck. During my 4 years they truly cared about my progression and ongoing education. The school also had an abundant amount of resources to help the student body succeed in their educational goals; wether it be the rental laptops, after school tutoring, and tutorial workshops. One of the last things I liked about Arnold O. Beckman was the ASB group that planned our three Highschool dances and Senior Night. Our Senior Night was an unforgetful event and was the perfect ending to a bittersweet experience.
So far my experience at Beckman has been great. I have met many people and without them I am not sure what I'd do. There are so many opportunities to get involved but I didn't taken advantage of them. I have had amazing teachers who have helped me in my classes. One in particular, a coach, saw how determined and how hard I worked to improve my freshman year. It may be a PE class but it meant a lot that he saw my hard work and my progress. He and the other students in my class are very encouraging as well as respectful. I went on to join Strength and Conditioning my sophomore year. Being one of the few girls in this class was a little intimidating but it really doesn't matter because everyone in that class works hard and is focused on their own progress. Strength and Conditioning is the best choice I made regarding PE classes. Beckman also has a Career Center and there is a lot of information about college, job opportunities, and ROP courses.
I really enjoyed some of the people and teachers I met here! Although some work and tests in some classes were not very well-planned, the majority was enjoyable and I had fun.
I liked how some teachers did more than their job and even went out of the way to help students. Also how diverse the students are that we are able to learn more about each culture through the person.
So far, I have had very good teachers who truly care about my progress in their classes. For example, Mr. Kim offers weekly Sunday study sessions from 10:00AM - 2:00PM, while Mr. Chow operates a non-school funded, yet a completely school supported Medical Certificate Program for all students who are, or might be, interested in the medical field. Both teachers are doing these and other selfless acts, just to support students like myself.
Overall, I really enjoyed Beckman High School. For the most part teachers were awesome. I felt that it really prepared me for college. Due to this, the transition was easy.
Arnold O. Beckman high school is one of the most diverse high schools in the country! I had the pleasure of being able to be surrounded by so many different cultures and ethnic people. I had a great 4 years at this school and taking Honors and AP courses my last two years of high school really helped me be ready for college.
I feel that Beckman not only has a great academic program but is also thriving in athletics, activities, and the arts. The encouragement that the school has on being a well rounded student really helps after graduation going into college.
The school itself has a nice campus and good academics but that is all it is, friendships there are hard to find and if you aren't a math wiz you will never get past algebra due to poor math teachers. There is no fun activities and the rules are so strict it feels like a prison, the only thing going for it is the academics. 67
Attending Beckman High School was such a fun experience, I miss all of my friends and teachers, I played football all four years and I'd have to say that made it the best four years of my life yet, I wish I could rewind back to it. The majority of my teachers were excellent and they all helped me out, science had to be my favorite subject because it was more hands on and I was really good at it and with that I made the decision of majoring in Biology. Being at Beckman High School was the best and I will never forget it.
Arnold O. Beckman High School is a very challenging and competitive school. However, the teachers need to be balanced as for example, our math department has a really smart teacher for higher level maths, but the teachers at the lower levels are not as advanced. This then caused me to drop to Pre-Calculus regular because I could not handle the honors teacher. Some of the teachers also need to be more considerate. One teacher did not give me make ups because I was absent for a school event. Some teachers also think that their class is the most important class while we students have other activities and do not have the time to do the amount of work they give us.
The opportunities that I have had at Beckman are truly once in a lifetime. I have been given the opportunity to march through Disneyland, participate in a Hallmark Channel movie's production, and help in building a nanosatellite that is set to launch tomorrow (fingers crossed). The staff at Beckman truly cares about its students' academic growth but even more importantly about their well-being and growth as a person. I am only disappointed that there are only twenty-four hours in a day. An additional hour or two would aid in completing homework.
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Beckman High School helped me greatly with my own transition into college. Their early college program helped me advance my studies and focus on classes I wanted to take from the beginning of my college career.
Arnold O. Beckman High School is overall a phenomenal high school with friendly students and school staff. The school teachers and the faculty always try their best to help students succeed their life beyond, and continue to encourage everyone to have dreams and hopes.
Overall, Beckman was a solid school for academics, sports, and extracurriculars. I felt that my teachers were kind and truly cared about helping us achieve our goals and do well in school. When it came time to college application, our school prepared us early and had us thinking about colleges even in junior year.
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