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I enjoyed the academic and athletic programs. However, some teachers tarnish the school's reputation because they cause students to feel poorly about their self-confidence by creating challenging classes. Some challenging classes have topics that are not really taught in an effective way to the students.
Some teachers weren’t very good and didn’t offer much. The experience wasn’t the best and I think they can improve.
I had a pretty good experience at Beckman because of the relationships I’ve made and how I have grown as a person. The things that need to change at here are primarily the Math and Science departments. The math department is atrocious, and science is really a hit or miss.
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I loved the teachers and the education given to the students. However, as a incoming sophomore, certain summer classes were not available to me and only Juniors. I took Algebra 2 instead of Algebra 2/ trig and because of the one week of trig I missed, I would need to take Algebra 2 again another year!
The school is challenging in a good sense because it is very competitive and pushes others to work hard, however if you fall behind you are left in the dust. Overall, it is a very exclusive environment with the rich Asians being the ones who dominates the school. It is overly strict. There are a few good teachers, however most of them are very judgemental.
As a student who wanted more than just academics out of my high school experience, I was disappointed. the school has great academics and knowledgeable teachers but they lack arts and other experiences that help round out student life. Also, the Science classes and teachers are amazing but I suggest you take math at the local community college.
The teachers and administration at Arnold O. Beckman High School really want to see you succeed and they help you in every way. Most of the teachers teach really well and help their students earn a good grade. The people at this school are friendly as well. Overall a great, well-organized high school that takes their education seriously.
Most Teachers are so devoted and willing to help students and parents. They spend their extra time talking with students and caring for them. Amazing.
Personally, I think Arnold O. Beckman High School is a great learning environment for students. The facilities are great, there are strong academics, and overall it’s run pretty well. However, sometimes it can get very competitive for some students and many do go through a lot of stress.
Most teachers just assign busy work and make it too competitive for students. Also, 90% of students cheat on everything and don’t suffer any consequences.
Beckman has a great campus and is great academically. Their are many activities and the school focus on making their students well-rounded students.
I love that there are many opportunities here and all of the teachers and administrators are there to help you. I have made amazing connections with a lot of my teachers and my counselor and I am so grateful for everything that they have helped me with.
Arnold O. Beckman High School has many programs that other schools do not. The Graphic Design pathway is a great program. It focuses on the students personal creativity. The art department has many supplies and advanced equipment. One thing that I would like to see changed is to somehow grow as a community because there is a lot of separation.
The teachers all put in max effort into teaching the materials well and are very attentive to questions and comments that students have and are very reasonable when it comes to grading. The student body is very diverse and are all very smart. There will be competition in academics and it will be very hard to stand out among the rest. The athletics are great and all the sports are very successful in the league.
I had some amazing teachers during my time at Beckman who appeared to be invested in their students and their well being. I felt that they prepared me well for the next step in my life.
Beckman is a great school academically. There are great teachers and great students alike. There are many groups to get involved with and many opportunities to succeed.
Beckman High School was alright. There are many great teachers in every department and I have some really good memories with my teachers. The only negative experience I had at this school was the lack of school spirit. But, I believe, this problem will be solved as years pass and the school gains some kind of tradition over the years.
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Staff is rude, many teachers have no ability to teach and school won't fire them for some reason. You also have to be pretty and wear expensive clothing to be accepted with others. The LAX is also racist and biased, most of the sports teams were. I was not satisfied with my experience here and begged my mom to home school me or switch schools but she didn't let me. Absolutely hated it here.
The Arnold O. Beckman High School campus, located in Irvine, California, is very open. Students can enjoy the outdoors while walking to class next to various plants and trees with an open ceiling. The students are very much academic-oriented and strive for success.
Like any other school, there are definitely both pros and cons. Beckman is a very academically strong school. It's nationally ranked and has amazing teachers/staff, so you will get a great education here. On the other hand, this very academic environment makes students tense and is a breeding ground for intense competition. For clubs, sports, and activities, it's a pendulum. If you want to be involved, Beckman has an amazing clubs program, well-structured athletics, fantastic/award-winning arts programs, and provides many opportunities to participate. However, lots of kids choose to focus on academics – leaving athletics, arts, and activities behind. As for teachers, the majority of the teachers I have had have truly made a great, lasting impact on my life; most truly care about your success and well-being.
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