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the students are great. the teachers were helpful and interested in helping us with learning. We have a small student body and that limits the available clubs and groups but the school does try and promote activates for the students. the small size helps the one to one contact with teachers and administration.
I've been a student at Arnett Schools for seven years. A lot of the time it seems that sports are taken more seriously then academics. Another thing is bullying, this seems to be a huge issue and all the school has done to prevent that is stuff all of the students 6-12 into a small room where there aren't even enough seats for every student to sit. Most of the students have to sit on the floor.
Athletics are a huge deal at Arnett High School. We have a pool, a big basketball gym, baseball and softball fields, and batting cages. The school spirit at my school is something to be impressed about! The school really ecourages all students to stay active and support its teams. This is just one of the many reasons that Arnett High School is a great school to attend.
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Arnett High School is like any other school when it comes to different cliques. Everyone is able to find a place among friends that make them feel welcome. Because of our small size, and small community I would say that we are indifferent when it comes to different sexual orientations, but we are learning to accept people for who they are.
I started at Arnett High School my 7th grade year. Since then I have learned to Iove school and excell in everything that i set my mind to! All of the teachers are great and are willing to help whenever you may need it and encourage everyone to do their absolute best. The school is small enough that you feel comfortable in the size of your classes. If I could have I would have chosen Arnett High School a lot earlier in my life, and if given a second chance to choose whatever school I wanted to attend, I would choose Arnett High School every time. Getting my education at Arnett High School had been an experience that I will chersh the rest of my life.
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