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The teachers in this school is fantastic and all the TAC officers are incredible. However, drugs are prevailing in this school and the academic is very easy. Also, some of the students here are BS, they have they're little mafia here. The only this school care the most is money, you can see that from trash the students they recently accpeted
I began attending ANA when I was 11 years old. I was considered bright for my age and had some potential, but I lacked discipline and was spoiled. I've always been told that the military system is to break someone down and build them back up, but the incredible teachers and staff that I met never tried to break me. Instead, they instilled in me the importance of good discipline, a lifelong love of learning, and a strong sense of honor.

That's not something I would've gained at any other high school on the West Coast.

Every teenager has their ups and downs. Not every day was perfect, and I had to study hard, learn to accept criticism, and really commit myself to the school's mission in order to succeed. I still look back at Army and Navy Academy as one of the absolute high points of my life.
Should I be asked what in this live to do over again, I would go back to ANA. Not to fix mistakes done, but simply because I would like to relive one of the best times I have had in my lifetime and to meet all my class and schoolmates again.

Great teachers and staff not only qualified me for college, but tought other skills important for becoming a good, responsible human being too.

Clubs ranged from International Club, photography, to acting. Sports from Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf and Tennis and many, many more.

All in all, it was an extraordinary experience of a lifetime, one I miss and would love to experience again.
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2013 Graduate of ANA was a great experience prepared me for college and I have friends from all over the world
I came into the Academy with nothing. I was at the bottom as useless as could be and I remember waking through the hall and some guy freaked out at me yelling and I didn't know why... And the guy next to me said "you have to salute him"... I said "how do I know to salute him?" He said "from the gold band" (motioning toward the gold band on his Garrison cap) and I said "how do I get one of those?" And he laughed almost to say you'll never get one... I left a Captain, Platoon Commander, Delta Company With A Gold Band and a Gold Banded Saber with an Entire Battalion Saluting Me in Parades, Twice Corded Tutor in Advanced Placement College Level Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus, Government & Civics... That's not even getting into it ;)!
1986-1992 parent of Honor student. SWIM team, water polo goalie, soccer team goalie, and drill team.
We love this school. It’s a place where the faculty and staff are united in their mission to support BOYS. Every teacher understands how boys learn and what they need to learn: organization skills, active learning, clear expectations and consistency. They also know boys need to move and physical activity is required daily. The gorgeous setting right on the beach doesn’t hurt. The boys here learn about character and there are consequences when work isn’t handed in or behavior doesn’t make the grade in the form of mandatory study halls or detention activities. Discipline is demanded but the boys are also surrounded by people who really care. This school may have had tough times in the past, but under its new leadership it seems that things have really turned around and our son is thriving there.
My son went here for one year. The academics are average at best, about on par with public schools that I've seen. There are a large number of ESL students, so that could be a reason the school can't have a more rigorous curriculum. The daily cadet life is very lax, which shocked me because it is a military school. There are a lot of rules, but they are only sporadically enforced. The cadets have a tremendous amount of unsupervised free time. If your son is self-motivated and an excellent time manager, he will likely do well. If he needs some prodding here and there to stay on track, he will go off track quickly because there is very little oversight. Another big negative is the drug use, which is HUGE. Whenever I would talk to the administration about drugs, they would always claim "drugs are everywhere," and "we don't have a bigger drug problem than other schools." I strongly disagree! Drug use is much more common among students at this school than any other high school I’ve seen.
I am an employee of Army and Navy Academy. I truly believe in what the academy offers in terms of a quality college preparatory education and character development. I have worked at other schools, but I have never been so proud to be part of school as I am now. I especially admire the focus on leadership, honor, integrity, responsibility, compassion and gratitude.
My Son was class of 2015. I would recommend ANA to any parent of young men. The General is doing a wonderful job. He has shown parents and ability to listen and lead the school in a positive and progressive direction.
An extraordinary opportunity for extraordinary young men!
Making a difference in young men's lives every day!
I could have put 4 stars for those who expect enrolling in this school will guarantee success. That's like expecting to look like the next P90X spokes model while the DVDs you purchased sit on the shelf. A Cadet will only get out of this program what he puts into it, and that journey is different for each Cadet. This Academy is a wonderful opportunity for teenage boys to experience not only a great academic program but a leadership/character development program that very few schools (if any) offer. The military structure and discipline provide opportunity for the willing student to practically apply leadership principles in their daily routine. As they establish self-leadership they are afforded opportunities to advance and lead others. Obviously, in any program the key is buy-in. It may take some time for a teenager to understand success principles that are taught at the Academy and actually apply them to his life. But when he does, success is guaranteed.
Army and Navy Academy is a great school for boys wanting to elevate their education and be challenged. There is a diverse culture here and teachers really care about the students.
First I would like to say if your going to ANA to get away from your parents or because your parents Say you have behavioral issue, this is not the school for you. They take the military approach which helps develop leadership skills, pride in yourself and compassion for your fellow brothers. I attend ANA for the small class sizes, camaraderie and leadership skills. The attention that the teachers give you if you needed it was phenomenal and very helpful. They are available to you during lunch, mandatory tutoring and office hours. The average class size is about 15 students per every one teacher. The environment is very competitive but friendly at the same time.
To say you pay for your grades is dead wrong. My parents volunteer at the school and do what they can during fundraisers. I had a great freshmen year, but my sophomore and junior year were hard. So if your looking for a school for all the reason I stated above ANA is a great fit for you.
Great opportunities to thrive. The Academy gave me a chance to rectify my past and opened many doors that I didn't think were possible for me before I attended.
I went to ANA for the leadership and athletic opportunities. My mom also wanted me to have classes without a lot of kids so I would get more attention from the teachers. That was a really great aspect of class. There are usually only 10 or so kids in your class, so we get lots of help from the teachers. It's also a really good school for JROTC, we get high rankings every year. The best part of this school is the brotherhood. I have friends for life, they are my brothers, and I am grateful for them. They've got my back.
There are many ups and downs about this school.
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The food can be a issue
Good for the most part.
All most all of the teachers are very good and very helpful.