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Armwood is a very open and caring school. The admin care about what you think, and actually take what you say into consideration. They are doing very well by rewarding the good, and preventing fights.
I am receiving a great academic opportunity but the schools environment is not very appealing. I have given it 3 stars because the school often has violent fights.
I made new friends who were really nice. The teachers are very good at their job. The teachers are always willing to help with any work. What I would like to see changed is the students. The students are rude and could be a whole lot nicer.
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Armwood High School is a great school the education is great they offer a collegiate program that allows you to graduate with your AA.only bad thing is the fighting but they are working on stopping it
All 4 years at Armwood high school, were interesting and most definitely different each year. I played soccer all 4 years and that was my favorite part about the school by far. my teachers were mostly friendly and very happy to have their jobs. the food could have been so much better, it was like awful.
I like the people there, their fun to hang out with and supportive. I also like the Colligate counselors because they take the time to listen to and help and work with you to solve your problem.
The administration out of the guidance is very good, but the students aren't really on track. This is not the teachers fault but the student themselves.
Armwood is unlike many other schools, a good part of the teachers care deeply for their students; however, others . . . not so much. Even one of the assistant Principals has admitted the school being "diverse" and the students do get treated with diversity at this school, which is why I brought it up. Other than that, the school is good and the staff are very nice.
Armwood High School is extremely but equally diverse and with it being a pretty big school sometimes you meet people you have never seen before. But the school is not exactly the nicest you will ever see. The bathrooms aren’t that great and that is simply because of the students. The classrooms if have been in are very clean, though. On the upside the teachers and administrators want to see you succeed and are very helpful.
Has a great collegiate program where you can earn associates and diploma at the same time. The teachers are okay not great. Has a really good football team we go to states every year
Armwood was just too crowded, the kids there are rude and some teachers too. I had some very good teachers at times but the others weren’t the greatest. It was hard to focus because some kids did not care about their education and played around too much.
What I like about Armwood is that it has many electives to choose from. Many being able to certify in that area thag they picked from. For example, if you take health science 1 an 2, you can be certified in CPR and certify as a assisant nurse once you graduate.
Just like any school you have teachers who care and those who don't. While I was at armwood I had the luxury of having a majority of teachers Who strobe to make a difference in their students. I had several teachers he went above and beyond what was expected and often got to know me outside of class. Armwood offers many AP and dual enrollment courses for students looking for a more challenging courses. There are also a lot of sports teams and clubs for students to join to get better involved in Armwood as a community. Many of the club's range from community service organizations to student-led clubs. Armwood has well fully equipped sports teams and an up and coming theater program. Armwood if full of opportunity to grow and change as more students come and leave their mark.
I love Armwood in many ways. Most teacher are very nice. My teachers were all about giving help to the ones that asked or needed it. The activities such as our sports are very outgoing. Football is our pride. With that being said I wish that some of our other programs would get funding and not just our sports teams. Another thing i want to see change is our student priorities. We have a lot of fights weekly. So that is what I’d like to see change
My high school years had its pros and cons I
Can say but I made it through the storm to see the light. I graduate with my high school diploma and not a certificate on time the work load and the nights I had assignments that was due the next day was the hardest I can say because everything camed with a rubric and the effort you thought you put in a assignment probably wasn’t much to the teacher buy hey something is better then nothing. I will also start college on a athletic level and on athletic scholarship thanks to my performance on the track field. One thing i will like to say that can change about this the school spirit we have over 2000 kids and there’s not half of the school participating in some of the school events because of the staff and the administration if they crack down a little on the rules Armwood will be the best in the county of Hillsborough
I just graduated from Armwood and I can say its a good school to be in, I just wish I put more effort into my studies.
Honestly, even though I only stayed in Armwood for my last year of high school, I can not fully describe how great this school has been. Main pros of this school would be the great diversity in both students and teachers which allows you to interact and socialize with all different sorts of people, and also the extreme lengths that the faculty will go for you. Whether it is you advisor or your homeroom teacher, they will always find time to assist you in your needs, and I get that this is granted, but over here it is just smth else. Main cons of this school would probably be a minor lack of scientific courses, especially stuff like ap physics or ap computer science, but other than that, I honestly did not notice there to be anything faulty in this school, of course, other than the food..
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Deciding to attend Armwood high school for their offered collegiate academy was a major decision in my life and one I am truly so proud to have made. Although far from home and local high schools, Armwood provided the independence, rigorous academics, and successfull sports and social environment for me whether between students or faculty. I enjoyed my time there and have seen just how well it has prepared me for my next step at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy!
Starting Armwood this year compared to my last school brought a change in society to my eyes. The diversity throughout the school is a big things many teachers are passionate about compared to nearby schools around us.
When I attended Armwood High School, I enjoyed that my learning environment made me feel as though I was a part of a community and family. What I would like to see improve is the teaching styles of many teachers.
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