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Despite the negative thing that are said about it, this schools is good school. There are a wide ranges of classes to choose from. Collegiate academy is also offered to those who qualify to get a head start in college.
My experience so far at armwood high school has been okay. The only reason I am not saying good is because of the rude and disrespectful students that go to Armwood. But the teachers and staff are so nice.
Everything needs to change. The academic is good but it doesn't really prepare you for college and also the safety for the school needs to be more strict because a lot of fights happen and the AP's comes late. We needed more deputy in Armwood.
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I enjoy a lot of the faculty and their attitude. Facilities and resources could very much use an upgrade due to the fact that they’re outdated or not functioning properly. The theatre department really needs more funding
Armwood High School is a culture shock because it brings students from all over the world to one place and it can be very overwhelming. Armwood can bring out the best kind of experience of a young nervous ninth grader.
I like all the teachers because they are very very helpful and understanding. The school spirit is awesome and I'm proud to be an Armwood Hawk.
I like the activities and how everyday they made school more entertaining. They need to work more on ways to help students with their classes
During my time in Armwood I have experienced much support and guidance along the way . Administration is always ready to help and intervene in situations because they truly care about your well being. Especially in the Colligiate Academy it's a great preparation for the real college life.
I did think it was fun, there’s a lot of school spirit but it’s definitely a lower class school. There was a lot of fights and drama and on more than one occasion someone brought a weapon to school.
Armwood high school is a VERY great school. One of the top football programs in the state of Florida. Caring administration and teachers. Various clubs and other extracurricular activities. I made many friends there and the students there are wonderful
I've always found Armwood to be clean, as safe as any other high school (safer than some!) and helpful to the students. Staff seem to actually want the students to succeed.
Very welcoming school due to the diversity of its students, with a positive and nurturing climate. The only issue is the lack of commitment by some teachers.
It's okay being in armwood. You won't get in any trouble if you hang out with the right crowd. The teachers are pretty good when teaching the class. And the activities and clubs are fun as well
The problem with this school starts with the Principal whom lacks basic knowledge of running an effective school. The only the thing that concerns me more than his inability to manage the school is his lack of caring for the well being of the students. His main concerns seem to be buddies with the kids not a figure of authority. He lacks authority, good judgement, and morals, all of which I feel is needed to be a high school principal. I entrusted my child under his authority at Armwood High School last year, it was a disaster. He was in the collegiate academy, which for the most part is ok. My child whom never EVER has had a minutes trouble at school is now the target of bullying and cyber bullying. When your child can be filmed going to the bathroom at school and it being shared via social media is disregarded as "oh it's no big deal you couldn't really see anything" you know something is very wrong with the Principal.
I love it here. I love how there's no cliques, or not a lot of bullying. The staff seems to really care about our well being. I would change their trust level and flexibility with us however, regarding what we're allowed to do.
High school was high school. It's what you make it but i found it difficult to do extracurricular activities since there was barely any.
My experince at armwood was fun. If you really want the independent type of experince armwood is right for you. I felt like the teacher always gave me choices on my assigment, but to one condition that there no slacking and always have my work done by the end of the class. The principle is a very good person and a big help. I know the school isnt the highest grade in scoring but i feel like i really learned alot at armwood.
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My experience at Armwood High School will be an experience I will never forget. The Staff and Facility all provide a welcoming school to come to and provide the help to any student that may need it. Armwood works to their best ability to help all the students succeed and go on the right path.
I love this school, it is very diverse and has such an amazing environment. The best thing about this school is their JROTC program which im one of their very leaders of the program.
I like the teachers were very respectful. They gave me a opportunity to learn as well as have fun at the same time
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