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I have always enjoyed going to school, I enjoy starting my day off early with an hour to socialize with friends about our day or homework. It's also a time where I take advantage and study or do homework. The staff at my schoolisgreat, I know the lunch ladies are my favorite. With the school being part of a small community, it encourages others to get to know each other very easily. There are not much of the stereotypical clique.
Armuchee High School is the only school I would want to attend. Despite its lack of diversity among the student body, the school spirit, faculty and staff, and surrounding community make one of the smallest schools is North Georgia seem like the best and the biggest. Armuchee offers several clubs, activities, and sports for most interests. Students have been exceptionally prepared for the college or workplace environment through AP and Honors courses, dual enrollment courses, the Private Learning Center, College & Career Academy, internships with businesses and employers, and several other opportunities. Armuchee's test scores prove that these aforementioned classes, along with the teachers and administration, are truly working. Armuchee High is a wonderful school in a small, wonderful town, and my experiences there are ones I will never forget nor regret.
Armuchee is a great community with teachers who really want to see their students achieve not only in high school, but in life. The counselor really helped me with college scholarships and applying.
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I love the teachers and the people at Armuchee, but we need to upgrade technology and the overall building.
At this school, everyone is treated like famil and is respected. All the teachers are nice and everyone knows one another.
The roaches are a huge problem and need to be exterminated for good. Old plumbing in old buildings cause lots of issues. Students deserve a better learning environment and updated school
Armuchee high school does not involve every student, they only worry about athletes. Students feel as though they are not safe from bullies and the school is disgusting.
The small environment allows for great friendships and relationships with your teachers!! They are always here to help!!!
Some of the teachers were really nice. Others were not as nice. The roof was constantly leaking when ever we had a heavy rain. There were giant cockroaches everywhere. The school was not very diverse and placed more emphasis on sports than actual academics. If you were not in a college prep class then you really did not receive any prep for college.
I have enjoyed my time at Armuchee. The teachers definitely push their students to make sure they are ready for college. The students are friendly and invested in school. Even though we have the highest test scores in the county, the school and facilities are very outdated. The WiFi goes in and out, the buildings are falling apart, and the roof leaks, causing many trash cans to be placed out in the hall whenever it rains in order to catch a leak. Although the school is outdated, there are some improvements currently happening, like updating the security and improving the WiFi, and there are plans to renovate the school to bring it up to today's standards. Overall, Armuchee will receive some much needed renovation to match the great academics.
There are many factors to appreciate about Armuchee High School, but there are a few negatives too. The best part is a true commitment to improve the academics and to have any students planning to attend college as ready as they can be upon graduation. There are quite a few teachers and administrators who do a great job in supporting students who work hard to achieve.
My school has an amazing academic program, in fact its ranked one of the best in the state. The community is very mom and pop backwoods, a cute small town where everyone knows everyone and their parents. Armuchee has an amazing student body as well. There is an abundance of support and love radiating off of the student body. Two years ago we had a girl that attended our school that was diagnosed with cancer, everyone was extremely supported and she was cloaked in love from the community. She beat cancer towards the end of her senior year and was voted homecoming queen along with getting a full ride to college. Armuchee
It's a good school, but it could be made better. The academics are good for a county school, along with the administration. The facilities could be nicer but I've heard that we are due for an upgrade in two years.
I like almost every things about my school just wish we had more book that would interest in teenager who soon to become an adult
Though I did well at this high school, I did not enjoy my time there. The teachers and administrators had their favorites. Good luck reaching the level of success you wish for if you're not one of them. Not great with regard to college readiness, but it is a very diverse and safe school, and the facilities are being upgraded. There are also several very good sports teams there.
Not a bad school, not a great school either. Armuchee has flaws, but they make do with what they have. Definitely the best public school in the county when compared with how other schools get preferred treatment.
There is a wide variety of extra curricular activites.
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The school sticks together. My high school has a strong sense of unity and community.
All of the teachers at my high school go above and beyond what is expected of them as public school teachers. They show that they truly care about the education of their students, as well as their overall well being. I have been privledged to have the opportunity to be taught by great teachers through all of my years in high school.
everyone is mean to the different kids
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