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This is my first year at Armstring. Its nothing like I thought, its not that bad of a school although many things can improve. If u ever been to blackwell or Thomson (Elkhart Thomson) then you'll be fine. If u haven't then it might be a new experience for u but just stay calm and be cool and you'll be fine.
By each student come from a different background they want something out of life but don't know where to start. You might think what you see on the news is right but you don't walk the halls every day like I do. I go to school with people who loses someone from gun violence. I have walked the halls with students who have died not a year after they graduated. We do have to students that become parents at a young age but they still graduate. I know that does justify why we riot or fight but some people do have to realize Armstrong is field with different project where kids are now growing up to claim a street they do not own or did not create but they fight and sadly kill over it. You cannot judge the school by what you hear on the news because there are some good students in the building they are just being shadowed by students I believe need more guidance base of the situations some of them been through.
My Exprience with Armstrong has been very interesting. I noticed that a lot of things in our school need to be changed immediately but in my opinion the Mayor in our city dosen't care about our school since we're a unaccredited school. We're also surrounded by four projrects in aour area so that kinda effects the way the students act in our school if you ask me. But if i could change one thing about Armstrong High School It would be the whole school because the school is really old to the point its breaking down slowly and the supplies we have are not up to date mainly becasuse the school doesn't have a lot a money to support that it. The teachers, principle, and staff can stay because most of them try at least help the students pass instead of failing.
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Armstrong is ok but I think it needs more adjustments. Teachers there are respectful but you will encounter some self-absorbed and careless ones as well. I have always been a student that most teachers love and gets the best help needed if not by the counselors themselves.
Armstrong high school has a rich history and background regarding African American education and this year it is our mission our mission to restore our legacy within the school and community. Armstrong is located in the heart of our urban neighborhood which provide a strong culture among students. The school used to have the name Kennedy High School which transfered to Armstrong-Kennedy to later on dropping the last name and keeping Armstrong for good. Although students from these urban areas attend this school, we try to make the best out of what we have and what is provided to us. Sometimes it may not be the best but we continue to push through and make full accredidation.
it was only okay because like my friends and stuff like that
The teachers are very okay only because it depends on what type of teacher u have
They keep our school very safe
The after school programs at my school are a great and safe way to keep many students off the streets. And the different types of programs makes it so much easier to explore creativity and personal interest
So far these 2 years that I've been at Armstrong have been fun, the different experiences are awesome.
The teachers at this school go above and beyond when it comes to educating us an making sure we have what is needed before we ever step foot on that stage to graduate.
If you are a dedicated student with a good head on your shoulders then this is the school for you because there aren't many kids with that mindset sadly, so there are a great amount of opportunities NOT being taken. The issue of its graduation rate and graduate to college ratio is not the schools fault, it is the communities that these students come from, the teachers care, the parents don't.
The classes are very versatile. We had a wide range of class for everyone
The school is a landmark, so the building is old. I think it could use a paint job and and a new bathroom. College advisers are great. They make sure we meet deadlines on time, and have everything we need .
Overall the school itself does not have a great reputation, but we are a working progress. I actually loved Armstrong, it will always be home to me. The School is working with community leaders, parents, and staff to help make the school a better place for all low income based children.
School makes dress codes, bullying, and and attendance very clear in our student code of conduct book. It is straight forward for the most part. It states all do's and don'ts and and disciplinary action taking if rules are broken.
Faculty and staff are very supportive of student activities once grades are met. They make sure we have all the necessities we need to be successful. Even on their days off they dedicate their time to us.
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Security is top flight. They are always on the scene quick, fast, and in a hurry. They make sure we are safe at all times. The school nurse is very rude and sometimes has a very negative attitude. The school neighborhood is not really safe, but the police work hard to make sure we are. We also have health clinics around the neighborhoods for students.
Teachers are very helpful with students. They are always there when you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. They are b=very knowledgeable on the subjects they teach, and use varies teaching methods to help us understand.
Mainly African american low income based students
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