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The admin is very helpful as long as you are a good student. Most teachers care about students and the classes are pretty challenging as long as you take the higher level ones.
I would like more music involvement and more clubs and groups. Overall, the teacher's are amazing and very supportive. You can always go to them and ask for help. I feel very safe going here and have enjoyed my time here.
Armstrong High School is a very simple school. With only 200 or less kids, we do not have much diversity. I am Hispanic, and even though I fit in, I do not have many others like me. Since we are a small school, we are very close; which can make up for there not being any other Latinas. Our staff is great, we are all very close and get along very well. I believe it is a well-rounded school, however it is just too small and underfunded.
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Armstrong is a small high school located in central Illinois being close enough to local towns to form community bonds and competitive sports teams, but far enough from large cities to provide a small student population that allows students to be better focused on and taught by teachers. This more personal learning experience makes Armstrong the preferred school by local towns which feed into the population compared to larger surrounding schools.
The lunches are so government controlled, there is not very much we can eat. For being high schoolers, we do not get enough to eat. The cooks would gladly serve more food but the government will not let them because the meal has to be a certain amount of calories. The food does not have very much taste, it is mostly bland. In my opinion, you will be happier and more satisfied if you brought your own lunch.
In the office, the superintendent does not do anything. He is just there. The principal did everything. The principal neve talked to you like you were actually in high school, he always made you feel like you were a little kid in grade school. The dress code is terrible. We are not allowed to wear anything except for jeans, t-shirts, as long sleeves basically. No tank tops, can not show your shoulders or arm pits at all. If you have a parent on the school board though, you can wear whatever you like. That is how it seems anyways. Those students never get punished for breaking the dress code.
There is no security but being a small town, nothing ever happens. Inside the school, there is maybe 3 fights a year. Walking through the halls I never have to worry about getting in the middle of a fight between 2 people. Overall, I would say Armsteong is a safe school even though there is very low to no security.
There are quite a few classes that are offered to the students at Armstrong. The faculty members make going to school a breeze, helping out along the way. The guidance councelor makes sure every student has the proper classes to gain the credits they need to be able to graduate. Scheduling is easy as long as you talk to someone in the school about what classes you want to take. Our high school offers a lot of honor classes so that really helps the students later on in life.
Teachers at Armstrong have a lot of knowledge on the class they are teaching. Every teacher teaches students equally and fairly. If students need extra help the teachers here give them the help they need to go further. The teachers explain each lesson thoroughly and goes at a pace the whole class can follow along with. Every teacher here is friendly with students and co-workers. Being a student at Armstrong High School is a great opportunity.
The food is definetley classic cafeteria food. Think cheeseburgers, corn dogs, and chicken tenders. The school is trying to push towards healthier meals. Fruit and vegetables are offered with every lunch, but students usually just opt for the main entree. Vegetarians and vegans should absolutely bring their own lunch. Very few meatless lunches are offered and they always consist of either bosco sticks or pasta.
The extracurricular variety is adequate. Mostly sports teams are offered, though they are a few academic and cultural clubs. The Quizbowl, debate, and speech teams are all active and quite strong. Recently, a Japanese club was started to introduce students to the Japenese language and culture. Anime and ATV clubs were also started, both by students, so as long as a supervisor can be found, any organization can really be started.
The athletic facilities are adquate. We have two gyms and a track. However, the swim team is forced to practice at the nearby middle school as we don't have a pool. There are an array of both traditional and more uncommon sports offered, though. Our football, swim, and basketball teams are all relatively active, as well as our rugby, lacrosse, and golf teams. Our football games are well attended, but that is really the only attended sports events.
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